What Is the Best Blackberry Phone?

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Blackberry has long been considered one of the top rated cell phones and were particularly popular with business accounts and users. Their history and products have had ups and downs over the years but they’ve managed to withstand much competition and changing market interests. So we’re going to check out the new smartphones and best Blackberry phones under the flagship of the Blackberry banner as well as have a flashback to some of Blackberry’s older model phones.

Let us start with the BlackBerry Classic, which has rocked diehard fans of BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Classic

With the Classic, BlackBerry has made a comeback to its best form, that is as a business focused phone with physical keyboard. The Classic has a metal band which is edged around and the back is sealed. That means you cannot remove the battery which is a plus and a minus depending upon how you look at it. For extra storage the phone has a nano card and SD card slot on its side. As with other recent smartphone arrivals, BlackBerry Classic is rather bulky with dimensions of 10.2 mm and 177g. However, It is easy to use the Classic single handedly as it has adopted old BlackBerry methods of action buttons and an optical scroll button. It has a pixel density of 294ppi. It doesn’t have the ppi as compared to some Android smartphones like Nexus 6.

Image Source: En.wikipedia.org
Image Source: En.wikipedia.org

BlackBerry calls the Classic a modified version of Blackberry Bold (and I used to own one of those…..). The screen is sharper than the 245ppi Bold. The screen offers a wide viewing angle and the images have a colorful result. What steals the show for BlackBerry Classic is its physical keyboard. Though dated for some, reviewers claim that BlackBerry Classic has the best physical keyboard and it is smoothly synchronized with alternate keys, shift and symbols. You can input text, punctuation and numbers easily. Classic does best what it is meant to do, that is process emails, send texts and messages. While only requiring a single charge per day, the Classic can undergo heavy phone usage. The Classic runs the latest software of BlackBerry 10 which has access to both Amazon’s and BlackBerry’s app stores.

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BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry Passport provides a lovely reading experience with its large square touchscreen. So you get to explore via an awesome wide screen. It is specifically designed to give you a seamless experience in web browsing, app usage and reading experience. You can read email here without having to scroll down for a faster response. You can almost view a desktop web page on your mobile screen. The iconic physical keyboard is a gen next keyboard. It definitely provides more typing accuracy and gives more screen space for viewing. It is touch enabled and responsive to touch, so you can perform many functions on the keyboard.

Image Source: Flickr.com
Image Source: Flickr.com

BlackBerry Passport offers an unmatched battery life with 3450 MAH battery. So with up to 30 hours of battery life, you know you can comfortably push the heaviest of workload on the Passport with one single charge every day.

BlackBerry Passport has powerful speakers and a quad microphone so it is a perfect phone to take calls. The natural sound technology of Blackberry is built in to adapt to wifi or a cellular call according to the position of the phone and in accordance with background noise. Therefore the talking experience over the phone is amazing.

Porsche Design P9983

This BlackBerry phone boasts of a QWERTY keyboard that continues to give you a nice typing experience. The auto correction is personalized and the next word suggestion helps you in typing faster. The keyboard also has crafted glass like keys for durability of synthetic material. It has silver font characters with special 3D effects. This phone brings you an exclusive Porsche Pin Id design which sets you apart from other Porsche phones. P9983 delivers an exceptional battery back up, so rest assured that you can be in touch with people and get you office work done too.

Image Source: Flickr.com
Image Source: Flickr.com

You can chat face to face in BBM video and share videos comfortably using the 9983 with amazing sound quality. BlackBerry 10 smartphones are created to keep you productive. It is reinvented so that you can browse mail faster, read and share videos with super fast speed.

BlackBerry Z30

If you own a BlackBerry Z30, make sure you update it so you can have the latest features. That includes BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Assistant and the ability to download Android apps. Updating is easy and you can do it free over Wifi. When you update you can also enjoy BlackBerry Hub, Calendar and many more fun apps.

Image Source: En.wikipedia.org
Image Source: En.wikipedia.org

If you download the latest version of BlackBerry 10 OS you can discover new features and an optimized battery life. If you update to version 10.3 it will give your phone a fresh look and feel. Also it will boost your phone’s productivity and communication power with new collaborating powerful features.

Got Blackberry Assistant? How does Blackberry Assistant Work?

BlackBerry Assistant will manage your contacts, email, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features. It helps you to respond to business emails faster. You can execute tasks or schedule a meeting instantly over your phone. BlackBerry Assistant responds to your situation in an intelligent manner. If you speak freely it will respond to you in kind.

If you type a query it will respond to you with the information on the screen. If you are in your car and connected to bluetooth, Assistant knows you cannot look at the screen. Assistant will respond while allowing you to remain eyes the road on the and hands free. Makes for much safer driving for everyone!

BlackBerry Hub with Instant Actions

Here you can manage your communication quickly and organize your Inbox without having to go to each individual mail.
Email – You can toggle the read status file and delete messages with one single tap.

Transfer communication – While composing a message, you can transfer the communication into voice mail, SMS or meeting invite.

Calendar – Here you can accept or decline an invitation without having to open it.

BBM and SMS – You can use this quick reply to respond to your messages.

BlackBerry now provides more enhancements to Calendar, Camera, Multimedia and Battery. So if you haven’t updated your system recently you are missing out on the opportunity to enjoy some really solid new features. When you update to the latest 10 OS version you will certainly get updates for all the above enhancements.

Blackberry cell phones have been a business and user favorite for quite awhile now. Which one is your favorite best Blackberry phone and what’s your favorite app?  Let us know in the comments below!

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