TOP 10 Phones of 2015

Trying to figure out the best cell phones for 2016?  A lot of new technological innovations have been witnessed in the cell phone industry with cut throat competition between brands paving the way for new deals and options. A cell phone is an important gadget and as such, everyone wants to be in synch with the latest trends. The best phones 2016 have seen several new brands coming into the market characterized by marked improvement over their predecessor models and incorporating new and cool features.

iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone  Plus has a 5.5 inch with a higher 1920 X 1080 resolution. The Plus version has Apple’s innovative 3D touch system which detects the level of force you use to press the screen to activate software options.  Aside from its great size, iPhone 6s Plus has optical image stabilization which makes it a great for shooting photos in low light and taking videos.


This phone has a good battery life, 1.8GHz, dual-core Apple A9 processor with 2GB RAM making it a very good cellphone to invest in. This phone is lightly textures, slim and feels comfortable to hold despite its big size. Since there no awkward edges, it feels smooth and the curves fit nicely in your palm.

Iphone 6s Plus is bit heavy around 20g more compared to iPhone 6. This extra weight comes from the new taptic engine used with 3D touch which isn’t a bad thing. At first, it might feel uncomfortable but with time you will get used.

Samsung Galaxy S6

top phones Samsung Galaxy S6
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Samsung has led the pack with innovation of new and sleek smartphones. The latest Samsung Galaxy S6 saw the complete elimination of plastic from its designs. Covered with a Gorilla Glass 4 both at the front and rear side of the phone, the new model has a fantastic look. The colored metal beneath makes the Galaxy S6 have a sleek, glitzy and shiny look. The good news is Samsung has successfully included a new wide array of features without compromising battery capability.

A notable improvement with the S6 is an enhanced battery that has a wide f/1.9 aperture, better image stabilization and captures amazingly in all conditions. The edge of the S6 is undoubtedly attractive. Commendable best phones 2016 effort from Samsung; you won’t regret.

Nexus 6

Nexus phone
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When Nexus 5 was released, everyone thought Google was at its peak. Nexus 5 is definitely an impressive smartphone that managed to charm many users. The Nexus 5 price was reasonable compared to other smartphones; it penetrated well into the market.

Nexus 6 is a dream come true for users. Though it’s slightly larger than Nexus 5, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to functionality. Obviously, it will appeal more to those who love large Smartphones thanks to its 6-inch Quad HD display. Being a Google phone, you can expect that using it on the web will be definitely thrilling. Also, it’s the first device to receive any Android updates.

It’s worth mentioning that Nexus 6 is still the first top phone 2016 to incorporate Android 5.0 Lollipop. This is a huge advantage because you don’t have to worry or deal with the stress caused by slow skins. Aside from being zippy, the Nexus 6 is top notch for image capturing. It’s one of the phones with superior image capabilities. This smartphone also comes with a long lasting battery and the newest system chip.

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iPhone 6s


This is a good upgrade from the iPhone 6s. iPhone 6S has features include higher resolution cameras and an attractive sensitive 3D touch screen. 3D touch is an outstanding is an outstanding feature of iPhone 6s. This feature allows you to activate all sorts of features by pressing on the screen. This phone gives you the option to take a selfie straight away so you don’t have to select the mode in the app. iPhone 6S has improved camera which is up to 12 megapixels.


  • Great look and feel
  • 3D Touch adds interesting new dimension
  • Subtle but useful camera improvements
  • Outstanding performance
  • Clever front-facing camera flash

Key Features: 4.7-inch, 326ppi LCD; 7.1mm thick; 143g; 1.8GHz Dual-Core; 2GB RAM; 16/64/128GB storage ; 12-megapixel iSight camera; 5-megapixel Facetime HD camera

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5
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Despite the invention of the S6, Samsung S5 is still loved by the masses and rightfully takes its position as one of the top phones 2016 with so much to go for. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a sleek and pleasant look. It’s also large in size (5.1 Inches) and features a wide array of the coolest features designed for modern day smartphone users.

It is easy to expand the phone’s memory. The battery is user-replaceable, comes with a powerful camera that has both autofocus and face detection, HD video and image recording and geo-tagging are some of the features associated with Samsung Galaxy S5. Now the S6 has been released, the price of S5 has become more affordable.

With all these cool features, there’s no doubt why Samsung Galaxy S5 features on the list of best phones 2016. It’s an incredible smartphone in every way.

HTC One M9

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The M8 didn’t disappoint at all. Improving on the design and features of the M8, HTC debuted the HTC One M9, a fashionable, attractive and trendy smartphone. It’s worth mentioning that the internals haven’t been left out; the new model comes with a number of exciting upgrades. Some of the most notable upgrades include; Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 810 SoC. Furthermore, the phone comes with an enhanced camera of 20 megapixels compared to M8’s 4 megapixel camera. A series of new features dominate the new model adding a lot of value to its Sense Android launcher software.

The M9 is associated with a splash of color on the sides, an aluminum unibody coupled with sleeker design architecture. The M9 has the most powerful camera with 20MP capacity but critics still have issues with it in regards of image quality. However, HTC One M9 is an absolutely stunning phone. If you love taking selfies, this is the phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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The features of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge resemble Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Edge has a curved edge display. For those who treasure appearances, this phone is fabulous. The curved display makes it intriguing. But the good appearance comes with an implication; the cost is a little steep. The smartphone’s battery life and quality features coupled with the large screen are an instant attraction for users. For those who love large screens for both the web and games, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is definitely one of the most appealing and best phones 2016.

Apple iPhone 6

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If you’re looking for ratings for the top phones 2016, you will certainly include the new Apple iPhone 6. Currently, this is one of the world’s best selling smartphones. It expected that sales for this phone will be quite impressive and top the charts. Apple is a well respected brand known for producing top notch quality and extremely stylish smartphones. With a large screen and numerous functionalities, iPhone 6 is a treasured gadget for every modern technology enthusiast. If you crave large screens, this phone won’t disappoint.

iPhone 6 aluminum body measures 0.27 inches. The manufacture and design process was fantastically done. This phone boasts one of the most powerful smartphone system chips – dual-core Apple A8. Apparently, its single-core capabilities, in terms of performance, outdo Android rivals. Performance is nearly twice as high as well. For those who love graphics, iPhone 6 is superb and comes with a powerful camera that captures exceptional images despite the conditions.

Games and Apps are easily handled thanks to the powerful iOS that supports all these platforms. With all these rich features in place, iPhone 6 is definitely set to win the hearts of many. If you’re looking at the new phones in 2016 that incorporate both exemplary design and features, iPhone 6 is worth every dime.

OnePlus One

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The OnePlus One could be a name many have not heard of but it was a huge name in the smartphone market. With its price tag going for almost half of what other rival smartphones charged, everyone was excited. The shortcoming was that you could only be approved to purchase this smartphone after your invitation had been approved. The phone has always been in short supply and still is until now. The phone is Android run with Cyanogenmod and users love it because it offers the best value for money.

Motorola Moto E

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Joining the list of 2016 new cell phones is the Motorola Moto E which is a major upgrade over the E Motorola Series released in 2014. The screen is 4.5 inches compared to 4.3 inches for the previous version. The new Motorola Moto E offers users the option to enjoy 4G LTE connectivity. The 5 megapixels camera is not so impressive especially for users keen on having a very powerful and high performance camera. Other notable features include Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 system chip. There is also a 3G version that is slower since it comes with a slower 200 chip. This phone makes it to the list of new phones 2015 especially for users to who technology but aren’t so keen on having all the latest technology additions.

You’ve now got our top cell phones for 2016, which ones are your favorites?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!