Cool, Unique Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Actually Use

cool Mother's day ideas

When you have the best mom in the whole world, Mother’s Day is a great time to show some love and appreciation with unique Mothers Day gifts that she’ll use.  At times, knowing where to get cool Mother’s Day gifts can seem like a daunting task.  After all that she’s done for you and your siblings, she deserves something a bit more unique than the usual flowers, mugs and candy.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, you want to get a clever, practical and thoughtful gift for your mom that she will have fun unwrapping. Cool Mother’s day gifts should at least reflect her interests and everyday needs. If she is into photography and treasures family portrait, it won’t be a bad idea to get her that selfie stick.

No matter what gift you get her, she will definitely love it because it came from you. Yes, corny sounding but definitely true….it’s just how moms roll. However, it not a bad idea to do a bit of research on some unique Mother’s Day gifts to find the right items. Think in line with the things she adores most and you’ll find a great gift in no time.  Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for you this time around by compiling a list of Mom approved (yes, that’s right….as a Mom I approve these…) cool Mother’s Day ideas.

Let Her Organize Her Email, Books and Entertainment

cool mother's day gifts

Does your mom already have a smartphone? Then it’s high time you bought for her a tablet. The Fire tablet makes a perfect, cool mother’s day gifts for mom who love to stay connected with family and friends. This device will enable her to share cool things on social media, store photos, and read her favorite books all in one device. It fits perfectly in the purse and she can carry it around everywhere she goes.

Let Her Print Photos Straight from Her Phone

gifts for mom

If your mom adores taking photos, this Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer will come in handy. This nice battery powered mobile printer prints photographs from your tablet or phone and uses Bluetooth. It has apps available for Apple products and Android products. Loading the paper is fast and easy and printing out photos is simple. For the first time ever, your mom can now enjoy all the power and fun of Polaroid instant print cameras without the need for the actual camera.

Show Her How Much You Love Her with What My Mother Gave Me

gifts for mom on mother's day

It’s true that gifts can’t fully show the amount of love you feel for your mom, but a What My Mother Gave Me: Thirty-one Women on the Gifts That Mattered Most demonstrates the love you have for your mom.  What My Mother Gave Me is a collection of short stories that look at the relationships between mothers and daughters through a new lens: a daughter’s story of a gift from her mother that has touched her to the bone and served as a model, a metaphor, or a touchstone in her own life. You should expect the cliché of “I laughed, I cried” from these amazing short stories.

Fashionable Statement Bag – Petunia Pickle Bottom Statement Satchel

gifts for mom

Every woman needs a beautiful statement bag. Upgrade your mom’s handbag from those canvas totes she has been carrying around to something with some style. This Petunia Pickle Bottom Statement Satchel has enough room to keep everything she needs. This great statement piece is durable and will last for years. It comes in some amazing patterns and can complement any outfit your mom decides to wear. Its interior features 4 pockets, including 2 for bottles, 1 for small items and 1 larger pocket for diaper and changing essentials.

Make Preparing Waffles More Fun and Less Time Consuming

Double waffle maker

Does your mom love brunch? They will definitely need a Conair WMK600 Double Belgian Waffle Maker. I can personally testify that this is an awesome and fun gift to get and own.  We have one in our house and love it.  This waffle maker unique rotating feature ensures that both waffles bake evenly on both sides. So whatever you top them with – whipped cream, syrup, berries, peaches or ice cream it doesn’t compete with the crunch. This waffle maker can make two perfectly browned waffles at once. This is awesome because your mom doesn’t need to stay in the kitchen for long but she gets to sit down and enjoy the family brunches or, better yet, have the kids make them for her!

Keeping Fit – Sketchers Sport Women Fashion Sneakers

women sport sneakers

Your mom wants to stay healthy and fit so why not help her do that? Get her these super cool and stylish Sketchers sport women fashion sneakers. She can wear these sneakers when on the move with family, running or jogging. These sneakers are fashionable and her feet will not ache after a long day of work as they used to.  Plus, the ultra-soft stretch material will fit snugly to her foot for extra comfort.

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 Pedicure Right at Home

gifts for moms

Your mom will love this gadget. After a long day of wearing shoes, UTILYZE Electronic Foot File Pedicure Electric Callus Remover is what she needs to make her legs smooth and nice. This electronic foot file is extremely powerful with a motor that spins more than 50 times per second, this is by far the strongest callus remover on the market.  Your mom will not need to constantly charge the batteries because this gadget comes with an AC adapter for convenient charging.  If you really want to make her happy, offer to give her a pedicure at home.

Let Her Take More Fun Selfie Photos – Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

cool mother's day ideas

Does your mom love taking family portraits and at times, there is no one around to take it for you. This is where the Perfectday Foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick comes in.  This popular and Selfie stick has in built remote control and great battery that allows you take self photograph or group photos easily with a better photo sight.  Just turn it on, pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and snap away. The mount at the top of the selfie stick can be positioned at any point through a 180-degree arc, allowing you to adjust the position according to the specific shot you are taking.

Fashionable Ear Buds – Ladybuds Stereo Headphone Necklace

mother's day cool gift ideas

Does your mom love listening to music? Does she use plain, dull normal stereo headphones? Get for her these Ladybuds stereo headphone necklace. At first sight, they look like a fashionable beaded necklace but they are actually headphones.  These ear buds feature an in line microphone with on/off switch for hands free talking on the phone, 3.5mm audio pin that works with iPhone, iPad, iPod or other phones & MP3 players and a magnet to hold the headphones on your neck.

Remember, gifts for mom don’t have to be super expensive but these unique Mothers Day gifts and options will make her life easier and fun. Trust us, with the above listed cool Mothers Day gift ideas, you will find the ideal gift for your mom that she will actually use.

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