Computer Glasses vs. Reading Glasses: What You Need to Know

Computer glasses vs. reading glasses, which do you need and why?  Isn’t “why” always the question to so many things?  In the digital age, people get confused as to whether they need computer glasses or reading glasses. Here is an overview of both and whether you need them or not.

Difference Between Computer Glasses vs Reading Glasses

Computer glasses

Dog Glasses Apple Laptop iPhoneComputer screens and mobile phone screens have the same light, and it can cause eye strain. For most people, working at a computer could leave you with eye strain, red eyes, blurred vision, sore neck muscles and other symptoms that are known for computer vision syndrome. The reason you experience this is due to the fact that your vision needs when using the computer are different from those of other activities. If you experience all the above symptoms, you need to have your eyes checked so you can rule out any vision problems.

It will also help to get your prescription updated if you already wear glasses. This is because small inaccuracies in prescription lenses can contribute to vision problems. If you already have an updated pair of glasses, you can consider getting a customized pair of computer glasses that are designed to reduce eye strain and ensure your eyes are comfortable when you are using the computer.

Computer Glasses Review

If you use the computer frequently, it’s quite likely that you will need to get computer glasses at some point. They optimize your eyesight when you are using the computer and prevent eye strain. Computer screens are usually in the intermediate zone of vision since they are closer than driving vision that is distance but farther from the reading vision that is near.

If you have eye problems when using the computer, you just might need to get computer glasses. They are specifically designed for use with the computer. Computer glasses have approximately 60% of the power contained in reading glasses. However, when it comes to optimal magnification, it depends on how far you are from the screen and how close you hold your other digital devices.

Those who need prescription glasses under the age of 40 usually get single vision lenses that correct the wearer’s condition. Conditions that are corrected include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The shape of the lens adjusts automatically to provide the extra power needed for near and computer vision.Do you need glasses computer glasses vs reading glasses

Without computer glasses, most users continue experiencing blurred vision, headaches and eye strain that are all symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Also, people try to compensate by leaning forward which could result in one getting a sore neck and back.

If you have astigmatism, computer glasses should be able to correct it. Precise measurements should be taken to ensure that the optical center of each lens is in front of your pupil when you are at the preferred working distance. Due to these specifics, computer glasses should be customized to suit the needs of the user. Getting a check up will allow you to have your computer glasses prescription calculation done so that you get the right glasses for the right use.

You can have lens coatings and tins to provide extra protection. Anti-reflective coatings will eliminate the glare effect caused by reflections on the lenses. You can also get photochromic lenses that will protect your eyes from strong blue light and sunlight. The glasses will automatically da4rken when exposed to bright sunlight but will clear when you are back indoors.

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Do I need reading glasses for computer?

It reaches a point where you find that you cannot read a book at the normal distance. You either have to put it farther away or bring it closer to your face. When this happens, you need reading glasses.  You can get full-frame reading glasses where the whole lens is made in the reading prescription. You can also get half-eye frames that are smaller and sit lower on your nose.

When do you need reading glasses?

Reading glasses and words bookReading glasses are considered to be most suitable for those who spend a lot of time reading material books. The full-frame glasses will help you read better, but when you look at anything else, it will be blurry. However, if you get the half-eye glasses, you will be able to read, and when you look up, you can see everything in the distance.

People who have never had to wear glasses will be more suited to wearing reading glasses instead of getting bifocal and progressive lenses.
When it comes to reading glasses, you can either get ready-made ones or custom-made ones. Ready-made ones allow you to own several pairs since they are cheaper and available in pharmacies or department stores. However, one major problem is that they are one size fits all. Everyone has different eye needs and just because they work for someone else does not mean the glasses will work for you.

For this reason, it is advisable to get custom-made reading glasses. The optical point will be adjusted so that it lies directly in front of the pupils. You will also get access to special features that are not available in ready-made glasses. These include:

  • Getting anti-reflective coating that will reduce eye strain that is caused by lens reflections.
  • Photochromic lenses that protect your eyes from strong blue light and UV rays. These glasses automatically darken when you are outside.

Reading Glasses vs Computer Glasses: Which one do you need?

Computer glasses and computerRemember that computer glasses and reading glasses are different. You cannot use reading glasses on a computer since it will cause eye strain. Also, you cannot use computer glasses to read a book.

If you are a computer, you should invest in a pair of prescription computer glasses that will provide comfort and protection from digital screens.

Readers, on the other hand, need to get custom-made reading glasses that will help them see the book print. They can also get progressive lenses that will help with multitasking. Progressive lenses will help you read and look around without seeing your surroundings to be blurry.

Before you start running to get a pair of glasses, you should first go for an eye exam. It will help reveal if there are any problems with your eyes. The need to wear glasses can be the result of the aging process or can be a sign of something serious. There are some conditions that do not show any symptoms until it is too late like glaucoma. Once you have had your eye exam, it’s then time to decide where to buy computer glasses or readers if that’s what you need?  And that, my friend, is the easy part! Online of course!  ????

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