Why You Need to Do Them & Bonus Tips to Create a Good One

In years past, you used to ask a neighbor, family member or friend about a product service or company. Nowadays the internet is our go-to source for information on just about everything. And most of us use the internet as a way to make decisions about what we’re interested in buying. That’s why there are millions of review sites (like this one) that can help you to find out more about a product, service, school or business.

Computer glasses and computerNot only can you find out information or check out reviews, you also now have the option of sharing your own opinion on just about anything. You can choose to leave a review on that new coffee maker that you just purchased or your thoughts on that realtor that helped you buy your new home. Virtually anything and everything has someplace where leaving a review and sharing your experience is possible.

And before you say you “don’t have time” or “that’s for other people”, take a minute to think! Your viewpoint and experience is just as important as anyone else. What you’ve discovered or learned can easily help someone else down the line. Like you search for information and solutions, what you know can be of benefit to someone else. So isn’t two to three minutes of your time worth sharing to help someone else?

shopping cart storeOk, now that we both agree that a review isn’t that difficult to do and you’re providing benefits to someone else at some point, how do you leave a review that is worthwhile? We’ve all seen those reviews on Amazon or other sites where the reviewer says things like “It’s nice!” or “Don’t buy it!”.

Information like that is pretty close to useless. Most of us are looking for why we should buy or what are some features or points that make it less attractive than other options. At least, that’s what we try to provide in our reviews on this site and what we hope to see when we’re looking for products on other sites.

In addition, you can use sites like Anthony Mancuso reviews and other sites.  Sites like these are collaborative communities of purchasers and service recipients. It’s a great way for you to share your experiences with products and companies with other buyers as well.

QuestionIn order to provide helpful insight to others, you should make an effort NOT to make generic and vague reviews. Try to add as much input as you possibly can, answer questions that you had or others might have about the product. In fact, it would help if you follow the following format:

State The Name Of The Product, Service or Company – Make sure that it’s clear exactly what you are reviewing. And don’t forget to be polite throughout!

Clearly Define Your Stand On The Product – Be straightforward with your conclusion. Clearly state whether you think a product is good or bad. No vague answers; no in-betweens.

State Reasons Why – If you love the product, elaborate. If you hate the product, elaborate. You can’t just declare love or hate without specifics so that others can find out if that’s important to them and make their decisions with that information.

Recommend – Well, if you can. If you found something better, share it. Many users appreciate good recommendations!

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Bonus Tip: If you have some specific tips or suggestions for how to best use a product or something special about the company or service that you received, share it. This is the kind of thing that can make you stand out and really provide benefits to others. It’s also something that you should look for when you are checking out other companies and products. Make sure to only consider those reviews that are on a site that are actually leaving solid, honest comments.

There’s so many products and companies online now that many of us have never heard of. And being able to find legitimate reviews and leave solid reviews for others is important.


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