Gamer Computer Chair: What You Need to Know Before Deciding

best computer chairs for gaming

Do you love playing games? Do you have a gamer computer chair?  How comfortable are you when playing your favorite games? If you spend a few hours playing games, you need to invest in one of the best gaming chair in the market. A good chair makes a big difference  in terms of your comfort and your overall health. Since we love gaming and many of our site visitors do as well, we thought that we’d check into what is the best computer chair for gaming these days?

Gamer Computer Chair:  In Search of the Best Computer Chair for Gaming

The ideal choice and the most comfortable computer chair should be ergonomic, needs to have quality components such as a backrest lock, height control, seat pan slider and armrest height control.

The best computer gaming chair should provide lumbar support. Lumbar support and general back support belts, made from neoprene or other breathable fabrics, that are able to improve back posture and even treat and manage low back pain. The chair should have different ways for adjustment that allow you to customize your chair to your height and body type.  From our comprehensive research, we have come up with a list of best gaming computer chairs that will enable you to play your favorite games more comfortably while decreasing any negative impact on your body from marathon gaming sessions.

What You Need To Consider About Gaming Chairs Prior Making a Purchase:

To be a successful gamer, you need a gaming chair.  So, you have your budget laid out and you are ready to dive in the market to find the most comfortable computer chair? Wait! There are several tips that can guide you to getting a chair without much hassle.  Most of the gaming chair manufacturers pay particular attention to meeting the needs and wants of gaming enthusiasts.  They know their clients and work hard to meet their needs.

Although cheap plastic chairs or stools might work when gaming (but not for that long….trust me on this!  I was sitting on a hard wooden kitchen chair for quite awhile before doing something about it), if you plan to play for long hours you need to invest in the best computer gaming chair that will not let you strain or cause any long term issue to your body and health.

Before making a purchase you want to:

  • Read the chair details and features as well as identifying the gaming features that you need. A perfect gaming chair needs to have a soft sitting space, comfortable movement ability and be ergonomic.
  • Check the gaming chair design, size and color that will be suitable for your body and space.
  • Read a couple of customer reviews to learn what others have found to be the best gaming chairs to purchase.

What is the Best Gaming Chair?

If you’re looking to buy a gaming chair, then it goes without saying you need a chair you can sit in and play for hours without resulting in back pain. When it comes to finding the best gaming chair, comfort and ergonomics will always win.

No matter what your budget is, a comfortable gaming chair should always be your top priority. There is a wide variety of gaming chairs on the market (and some even offer synced vibration for a full-body experience), and we’ve compiled a list of chairs to fit any need.

What Are the Best Gaming Chairs in The Market?

If you are ready to invest in a gamer computer chair, we recommend the following options. These chairs have been voted by consumers worldwide as the best gaming computer chairs that ever existed.

EWin Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair w/ Pillows’s a contender to consider in the gaming chair category! The EWin gaming chairs have several features that you want when looking for gaming in comfort.

The look is sleek and the chair fairly comfortable. It definitely measures up to many other options out there. Make sure that you check the sizing to find one that fits you. And verify that your desk height is high enough. Otherwise, the chair can be a bit awkward when gaming.

The material quality is as good as, if not better than, a lot of EWin’s compeitition. In addition, there are several colors to choose from which can allow you to create a cool look for your man cave, gaming room or bedroom. There are various adjustments of the seat back, chair height, arm rests as well that you can modify so you get the fit that will allow you to game for hours in comfort. And with the pillow, maybe you can even take a nap in it!

From a pricing standpoint, their product is better than many options and very affordable. Plus, they frequently offer coupons or discounts which can make it an even better bargain and allow you to get that gaming chair you’ve been wanting. ???? In fact, use the code TECHIESENSE to get 10% of your gaming chair.

SEATZONE Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Gaming Chair  – Best gaming chair under $100

SEATZONE Racing Car Style
SEATZONE Racing Car Style”: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This is an awesome, high-quality computer chair that is ergonomic and fits with the requirements for modern gaming. This gaming chair offers you soft and stable seating, which means you can relax and feel comfortable as well as roll smoothly on the floor without making noise using the 360-Degree swivel casters.

The Seatzone Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Gaming Chair imitates a race car style bucket seat that supports and protects the neck and spinal cord from pain or from getting out of alignment. You can even adjust the seat back. The chair’s  thick, padded back provides you with the right support to let you play for hours without experiencing back pain or hip pain.Buttons Chk Today's Prices

X Rocker Spider 2.1 Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys

X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1
X Rocker 51092 Spider 2.1”: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This X Rocker Spider gaming chair is definitely one of the most comfortable computer chair options that is perfect for a hardcore gamer. We also love the fact that it’s a great gaming chair for big guys!

This gaming chair is ergonomically designed, has soft-filled head support and gun-stock handles for long-term comfort and stability. The soft black leather provides long-lasting performance, and you can easily clean the covers.

If you want to enjoy top-notch gaming sound, then this gaming chair is perfect for you. This chair, which is priced under $300, has two speakers and a subwoofer that uses AFM Technology for a total 2.1 sound immersion experience, making it one of the most high-quality gaming chairs on the market. This gaming chair takes it a step further and add vibrations based on the game to your gaming seat giving you a full body experience.Buttons Chk Today's Prices

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

Cougar Armor
Cougar Armor”: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

The Cougar Armor Gaming Chair is yet another high-end gaming chair designed to support high weight. This gaming chair is made with breathable PVC leather, which is soft to the touch and will stay fresh while you keep gaming. The high-quality leather ensures comfort and softness and will keep you cool while you are playing. The arm rests can be adjusted into multiple different settings for a personalized experience.

The chair has two comfortable pillows for your head and lumbar region to make sure that you don’t experience any neck or back pain after a long gaming session. This chair has a higher back rest that supports the neck and spinal cord, warding off pain and discomfort. The Cougar Armor Gaming Chair has been specifically designed with gamers in mind, and it has a variety of customization features that let you truly make it your own!Buttons Chk Today's Prices

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 is one of the best gaming computer chairs that a gamer can invest in. This gaming chair comes with all the latest technology and it is ideal for playing games, watching movies, reading, relaxing and listening music.  It’s top notch for ergonomic features and has an amazing design and sound system.

best computer gaming chair

As a gamer, the chair has a back side style that gives the back relief by managing the posture especially if you are playing for long hours. The chair allows you to tilt and swivel for comfort and has flexible gun-stock arms that provide better support for the hand.

The pro X Rocker 51396 includes speakers in the headrest and a sub woofer to expand the sound quality. It also has a simple control panel that includes separate volume and bass controls systems.

In addition, this gaming chair has a built in wireless radio receiver and wireless transmitter. It’s design includes a long lasting and cool black color leather look that guarantees long time durability and style. It is only 54 pounds in weight and the product dimensions are 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches.  We also like the price point of under $200!Buttons Chk Today's Prices

DXRacer Racing DOH/RE128/NWGO/COD Ergonomic Computer Chair

The DXRacer Racing Ergonomic Computer chair is an awesome computer chair for gaming that offers high quality, ergonomic and fits with the requirements for modern gaming.  This gaming chair offers you a lumbar cushion and headrest cushion which means your head can relax and feel comfortable.

gamer computer chair

The DXracer Racing has an extra higher backrest that supports and protects the neck and spinal cord from pain or from getting out of alignment. You can even adjust its adjustable seat back. This chair has a 90 degree flexible with 3D straight armrests with height adjustment levels.  It also has advanced footrests made of heavy duty and strong aluminum support with tilting mechanism.

This one ranks as one of the “Bestseller top selling Amazon gaming chair”  and weighs only 55 pounds. The chair has amazing features, high quality material and it is durable. Making it perfect for the gamer in you or the gamer in your life!

Buttons Chk Today's Prices

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Gaming Chair

This X Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming chair is definitely the most comfortable computer chair options that is perfect for a hardcore gamer. This gaming chair is ergonomically designed, has soft filled head support and gun-stock handles for long term comfort and stability. The soft black leather provides long lasting performance and you can easily clean the covers.

most comfortable computer chair

If you want to enjoy top notch gaming sound, then this gaming chair is perfect for you. X Rocker 51259 Pro has extra wave motors sync technology that offers bass sounds to enhance fun experience while gaming. The chair also has in built radio wireless receiver and wireless transmitter that operate with any source with outputs.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 audio gaming chair is also excellent for other entertainment as well such as listening to music, playing video games, studying, viewing TV and relaxing.  At our last price check, we found that it was under $200 which we thought was a great deal!

Buttons Chk Today's Prices

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Chairbest computer chair gaming

The Arozzi Monza gaming chair is another one on our list of the best computer gaming chair for gaming enthusiasts. This gamer computer chair is made with soft PU leather which makes it easy to clean with detergent and water. The PU soft leather ensures comfort and softness when you are playing games and confirms long lasting usage.

The chair has a 360 degree swivel rotation and features lightweight construction from comfortable movement and five double wheel nylon casters. This means you can easily rotate and move from one spot.

The Arozzi Monza chair features a lock system that lets you set it in your preferred upright position. This chair has an markedly higher back rest that supports and helps protect the neck and spinal cord from pain and discomfort. And after a long run on your favorite games, that’s going to feel good!

Buttons Chk Today's Prices

X Rocker Video Gaming Chairbest gaming computer chair

And if you still are in search, well, then we’ve also discovered the X Rocker Video Gaming Chair is yet one more awesome choice to consider!

This wireless gamer computer chair presents a modern experience for the gamer. It has the latest technology and exclusive features that make playing games more enjoyable.

It features an ergonomic design with a complete back support that offers super comfort and relief from back related pains. It also includes a soft padding for the head and has a long lasting arm rest.

The heavy duty upholstery vinyl cover provides soft warmth and durability.

In addition, the X Rocker Video gaming chair has interactive sound system which means you can listen to music while playing your games.

Buttons Chk Today's Prices

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There you have it! These are some of the best gaming computer chairs that you can invest in. Any of these chairs will definitely meet your expectation and allow you to play your best while being comfortable. What are you still waiting for? Get a gamer computer chair and change your whole gaming experience.  Let us know which one you have or would choose in the comments below or on Facebook!

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