Role of Technology in Everything from Voting to Giveaways

Technology influences every facet of our day to day lives. Many of these changes we have come to expect and have become accustomed too. However, there are still many ways that we do not see it impacting our lives.

Automation Technology

While we know some of it’s effects on our lives we may not be aware of all the subtle areas where it is having an impact.

The ease of access and efficiency of technology has sped up our lives without us noticing. These are some of the many significant effects on our lives that we have become accustomed to.

This is a list of just some of the ways that technology changes our lives without us noticing.


Many voters and candidates use technology to learn about the other. Most candidates for political office have a website that you can learn about them on. Many voters use this as their primary source of information on their platforms.

Candidates can also use technology to find out how their message is being received by the public. This has continued to become a bigger part of elections recently.

Social media and using technology has become very relevant in today’s political world. Technology has been a way for candidates to comment on issues around the world.


Virtual reality medicineThe effects of technology in medicine reach farther than the machinery.

Better machines and more precise instruments have allowed doctors to treat more illnesses.

The software used for healthcare also has a tremendous impact.

Medical identification has changed the way people interact with doctors. Using applications that sort out patients makes identification faster and more secure. The faster health care is the more effective it can be.

Many of the machines in hospitals rely on programs to treat different diseases. The improvement of these systems allow for great diversity in treatments. While hardware is very important the software also improves healthcare.


The sports industry has adapted to changing technologies as well. Through social media and broadcasting teams can reach out to fans around the world. This brings in more money as well as expands fan bases.

Purchasing tickets online has also allowed teams to boost sales at games. Pre-purchasing makes getting into stadiums for games and events much faster as well.

Technology is also having an impact in the games which most of us don’t think about. Teams can use technology programs to improve their training. Better equipment also allows athletes to perform at higher levels safer. Technology has pushed athletes limits beyond what anyone expected.


Many people have become used to buying things online and having them show up the next day. From clothing to groceries, purchasing things online has become very popular.

While this may reduce customers in stores, many companies have jumped on the opportunity. Companies have begun marketing and offering more deals online to attract these shoppers.


Online Education ChalkboardOne to one programs in schools have become more and more popular. The use of computers and tablets is a controversial subject.

Dynamic classrooms and access to greater bases of knowledge are key pros for the program. Distraction and the expenses of computers are also some concerns in classrooms.

Colleges have begun to use computer programs to match roommates together. These programs attempt to match common interests with differences to create compatible matches.

Finding a laptop for college is now a requirement for most students. Some allow the use of tablets, depending upon the program of study.

Tests such as the SAT and ACT have switched to an electronic grading scale. Schools are also beginning to use electronic grading devices. This change has allowed for schools and testing centers to operate faster.


Technology has made a massive impact on the world of marketing. One of the greatest changes is target based marketing. Websites can track what websites you visit to decide what advertisements you see. This has become a major part of online commerce.

Giveaways have also become more and more common. By offering anyone the opportunity to enter, companies gain a wider market.

Outreach and communication has also become much easier. Marketing companies can use mass emails and phone calls, something that was not an option in the past.


lap desk for kidsOne of the most controversial groups affected by technology are children. Video games and social media are always under scrutiny. Recently video games became a medical addiction according to the World Health Organization.

Social media also has a significant impact on children growing up. Many of them can connect and communicate with one another more easily. The benefits of this, and also its shortcomings, are an important issue for parents in today’s age of tech.

Technology also grants children access to an infinite amount of knowledge. This allows them to answer their questions about the world on their own. Some people have concerns about whether not children should have access to so much.


The use of online gambling has become a huge source of revenue. There are more and more ways to gamble online with more and more users joining each year. Whatever your game of choice, whether it’s bingo or a casino strategy game, you’ll find it in the online options. Much of gambling has moved to an online scene as it is more convenient and easier to use. Online gambling peaked at $41.4 billion in 2015.

Additionally casinos use kiosks to let players redeem loyalty points and place bets. The use of technology has made casinos more convenient. This also makes it easier for players to spend money and place more bets.

Pros and Cons

Technology is always evolving and advancing. What we’ve covered here are just some of the impacts that we can see day to day. In all parts of life, technology has pros and cons associated with it. Its reach into just about every area of our lives over the last couple of decades is phenomenal.

What are your thoughts on technology and how it’s impacted your life?

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