What’s IoT and How Will It Change Your Life?

Have you heard of IoT? It stands for “the Internet of Things”. When it first came into being, it was believed that it would only help new entrepreneurs by providing them with better technology solutions. But it really didn’t stop just there. It’s been a part of so much more! Things no one thought of like –  helping to develop a smart and well-planned future for cities.

IoT Possibilities

What’s most fascinating about IoT are the possibilities that it offers! So many possibilities that are only just now being realized. With the kick off of 2019, plans and projects are being developed that we’ll see the results of later in the year. The question is, just what are some of these developments and how will they impact us?

That’s why we’ve created this post! Below we are sharing with you six of the hottest IoT technology trends that you can expect to be seeing in this year. These technologies are going to impact several aspects of our lives in a positive way like how you work, use and configuration of traffic cones, how our infrastructure is developed, tech gadgets, and a lot more.

Hot IoT Technology Trends

More smart devices for consumers

Our life has changed in the past few years and that’s all because of the technology we have recently gained access to. It has made our life easier and better. In the year 2019, we can expect more such gifts from the IoT technologies which are going to make our lives smarter. This will include different gadgets and automated technology for our homes. From automated vacuum cleaners to automated smart kitchen gadgets as well as automated home security, these all are in the list for 2019. Which one is your favorite?

Edge Computing

This will make the life of tech supporters and IT users a little bit easier. Imagine real time processing of your tech tasks?  It can make complex data handling situations which requires immediate action much easier and faster to address.

For those that are in the shipping and logistics industry, this cutting edge computing will be very helpful. Cloud technology, until now, has been restricted in many of these areas of industry. The tech users will now not have to depend much on the cloud for transferring the data because of this technology. It has some really great data processing technology that is going to help in a lot of sectors.


Automation TechnologyIn terms of technology, IoT is also going to help by bringing automation to many areas. It has already brought automation technology into a few areas and is now planning to move to some other sectors as well. By using or having automation technology available, companies and businesses are able to decrease manpower or human resource needed in their businesses.

This has helped in reducing those everyday, mundane tasks which people had been doing for several generations. In addition to this, because of the automation, the chances of getting a human error in processing data or working on different technologies is also been eliminated.

The chances are that many companies and industries will be able to implement an automation process which will help in increasing their production resulting in increased profits in the business within a short time period.

Automation methods for traffic barriers is also going to be introduced in the year 2019. This will provide vehicle drivers a better technology that is actually running on a real-time basis.

2019Machine Learning

Machine learning is logically another technology that will come into play in 2019 because of IoT. IoT will help machines be able to handle work tasks in a standardized method as well as on a real time basis.

IoT will help in providing the technology to read or predict the requirements of the machines to be effective. Examples of this include: self-optimized production and as well as when the machine needs repairs or maintenance. Both will be easily handled under this technology.

This is a clear example of how IoT technology will help companies increase productivity while lowering their maintenance costs. In addition, less time and energy will be spent tracking what they need.

IoT Regulations

With this Internet of Things, comes a massive network of devices. And with all the devices, vehicles and appliances “talking” to each other, there’s going to be increasing regulation of the industry.

The formulation and implementation of new policies are required, and both the policymakers and tech developers will need to work together on this. Hopefully, the goal of both policymakers and developers will be to insure the safety and protection of end users as well as to see that the maximum utilization of these technologies in the years ahead.

IOTImproved expertise

To work towards full implementation of IoT Technology, research and knowledge is definitely required. And to provide knowledge many institutes are already working towards developing these technologies with their research programs.

Because of the increasing interest and demand for these programs, more are being offered. Students and faculty are learning and developing on the go. This type of synergy will help in the long run as there will be a greater number of IoT experts trained in implementing, developing and working with the right set of with IoT skills.

Final words

We are expecting to see these six IoT trends to arrive and come on strong this year. And when they do, we’ll be able to see a smarter, more secure, and a better future.

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Chris Giarratana is a digital marketing consultant at StrategyBeam.com and works with small business and nonprofits.

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