Cheap Tech Products That Make Life Easier

Technology is a huge part of our entire day. From phones to laptops, GPS, cars – essentially everything we use on a daily basis has some element of technology.

Sometimes gadgets can be really expensive. The more the product does and the more technology needed to create it, the price jumps. With that being said, there are a few things that we can use to make our lives easier without breaking the bank. Today we came up with a list of some of the best tech products out there that will not only make your life easier but also won’t break your wallet.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

DashEggs are a staple in the breakfast food category. Not only are they really good for you, but they are also cheap and quick to prepare. Well, depending on what you are making they can be quick. It takes a few minutes to simply crack an egg on a hot pan and make some scrambled eggs or even an omelet, but what about the other stuff? Hard-boiled eggs? You need a few extra minutes to let the water boil let alone time for the egg to cook. Want to make deviled eggs? Still waiting for the water to boil before even beginning to cook them.

Save yourself plenty of time regardless of the hour by getting this rapid egg cooker. You can make omelets, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled, poached, or any other style of eggs you want, all within a few mins. For less than $40, you can take back the time wasted on waiting for the perfectly cooked egg. It’s cheap, quick, and versatile.


Picture the scene. You’re sick at home laying on the couch. Not only is there a glare just ruining the picture on the TV, but also blinding you at the same time. You either have to get up and fix the blinds yourself to save your eyes but risk more nausea, or just deal with it and hope you can see when the sun goes down.

Manual blinds are such an underrated annoyance. Every time we need to adjust them, we wish they could be automatic. Well, now they can with MySmartBlinds! Not only are these smart blinds able to connect to smart home devices so they can be voice-activated, but they are even smarter! With sensors on the outside of the blinds, they can track the sun’s pattern and automatically lower when the sun is trying to blast through the window.

They can monitor the temperature in your home and adjust the binds to allow more or less sun inside to keep the house at your desired temperature. You can even attach solar panels to the outside of the blind so they power themselves and don’t cost you anything on your electric bill! Keep yourself out of the sun’s harmful rays and let the blinds protect you and your home!

Kasa Smart WiFi Plugs

KASAWant a smart home but don’t want to spend all the money to make it smart? Get these Smart WiFi plugs and turn every electrically powered device into a smart device! These plugs connect to the WiFi and can be controlled by you. You can control the lights, fans, TV, toasters, or anything that plugs into the wall through an app on your smartphone. You can even connect them to any Amazon Alexa or Google Home to make them voice-activated.

It might sound like a knock-off version of a smart home, but nobody will notice the difference. Each plug can be found for less than $25 or you can buy in bulk and get a 4 pack of plugs for less than $50. Increase your home intelligence and make your life so much easier with these smart plugs!

Coffee Mug Warmer

CoffeeCoffee and tea are only good to drink when they are either on ice or fresh-brewed. Not many things ruin a perfectly good morning cup of joe than when you leave it alone for a few minutes only to take a lukewarm sip.

Leave those days in the past with a coffee mug warmer. Just place your mug on the warmer, set the temperature you want the coffee or tea to remain at, and enjoy! No more disgusting half warm coffee or tea for you. This is perfect for your home or office use. This is a must-have for any coffee drinker and it’s less than $30 on Amazon!

Final Thoughts on Cheap Tech Products That Make Your Life Easier

We all want technology to work for us, but it can be really expensive sometimes. Make your life so much easier by getting a few of these products without breaking the bank! Your time is valuable and so is your money. Save both of those precious amenities while also giving you more time to do things that you want to do!


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