Looking for Gifts for Tech Lovers? 6 Fantastic Gift Ideas

We are surrounded by many people or bonds which have a huge impact on our life. From a parent-child relationship to the friends-forever relationship, there are many people that help each of us and that are important to us.  One such bond is the one that a brother or sister shares.

Now, we realize it’s not always perfect between siblings! Far from it some days, months, even years, But there’s always a connection and always some tie that keeps us connected to our siblings. And it’s those ties that are important to remember and to honor.Holiday

So we’re covering a few perfect Raksha Bandhan gift ideas that you can give to one of your tech-loving siblings this year! We’ve scoured the options to find some gifts that are interesting, fun to have and are something that will show you care. Plus, they are super cool tech gadgets that any Techie will love!

Most of us are on the run a lot, so we wanted to find gifts that we can take as we’re moving through our day. Gifts that can help make our lives a little more fun and easier.

JBL Charge 3For those music lovers in your life, getting a waterproof wireless speaker might be a perfect gift! Not only can they jam to the music they love but it’s portable and can go anywhere, including pool or beach side. Our favorite brand for this gift are JBL waterproof speakers. These options make it easy to bring an all-new wireless speaker with long battery life and bluetooth connectivity. So, if you are on the search for a Raksha Bandhan gift idea to make your sibling feel special, then this might be an option that will let them know you are thinking of something special for them.


Oculus Rift ReviewThis head-mounted device is a perfect example of the latest in tech gear. With the introduction of virtual reality headset, now one can easily get an entry to the high-quality virtual experiences. Most of the virtual reality headset options comes with bundled features like a widescreen view as well as head-mounted touch control features, Bluetooth controllers, motion-based controllers and many more depending on the version of the device. For the serious tech lover that wants to be immersed in the virtual world, this is a gift that’s well worth considering.

Our favorite and affordable options for VR headsets would be the Universal Virtual Reality Goggles for Android and iPhones  (cost less than $100) or for a higher end model, you might want to consider the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset (found here for under $200)

Hive VRFor those with a higher budget, the system to consider is the HTC Vive Virtual Reality System.

Using a headset and wireless controllers, you can explore and interact with VR experiences, apps and games that blur the line between imagination and reality. There are over 2500 apps and games available for VIVE.

This one is definitely something to consider for those really passionate about VR or those that want to take their virtual reality experiences to the next level! You can find out more about the HTC Vive Virtual Reality System and pricing HERE.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

This holiday, surprise your techie siblings with a pair of brand new and exclusive, Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case. These air pods have been called one of the Best Gadgets of 2019, by technophiles and consumers.

These air pods come with an improved and better battery life and the ability to summon Siri with voice commands. It’s a wow gadget which will be sure to stun your siblings.

BagsmartIf your brother travels a lot, this might be the perfect gift this year! This is super cool gift to help with staying organized and lowering the number of cord tangling that we all have to deal with everyday.

The Bagsmart electronics organizer allows you to charge mobile devices without removing cables and keeping all your cords tangle free.

Make traveling easy and comfortable and your brother will remember you every time he’s on the road!


Nntendo switchDoes your brother like his gaming time? Then Nintendo has come out with the perfect gadget. The Nintendo Switch allows you to play games with family and friend using your tv. You can also disconnect and play your games on the console. You can even set it up on the stand to play with another.

For the gamer brothers in your life, this makes a great gift to consider this year!


FitbitDoes your brother love his workouts? Then consider getting him a Fitbit Charge 2 wristband. Now he can keep track of his heart rate during his workouts as well as ensuring that he stays in his fitness zone for optimal results.

And don’t forget that this wristband does more than just track his workouts! He can track his sleep and sleep quality. The wristband also offers call, text and calendar notifications as well. All in all, a pretty good deal for under $200!

Finding the right gifts for someone you love takes time. So, take a few minutes to think about your sibling and what’s most important to them. During this time of year, or anytime actually, choosing a Raksha Bandhan that will mean something to them is what’s most important. You’ve known them longer than most anyone, what’s the gift that you can give them to show them that you care?

Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!








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