Bluetooth Headset Reviews; What is the Best Bluetooth?

best bluetooth headset reviews
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bluetooth headsetsSmartphones have made communication while on the go easier and it makes us easier to find as well. The time while commuting to work is not wasted sitting idle. Businessmen and working professionals utilize their time on the road for business communications. But new driving road rules bar using cell phones while driving. That is where bluetooth headsets step in as a handy alternative for people who drive to work or around town. These hands free mobile phone companions definitely provide for much safer communication on the phone while doing any activity.

While the older models were somewhat glitchy, newly launched bluetooth headsets have stunning designs, awesome sound and come with a tough body and battery. But there are so many headsets in the market that offer great features that we decided to check out and review some of the top bluetooth headsets. This way you can quickly and easily see which ones are best for you and your needs before buying.  We’ll also cover a few of the different types or options that are available for you as well.

This latest round of headsets can be categorized into three primary types of Bluetooth headsets:

  • First will be the traditional, mono or single ear headsets. These are the ones that we all know and have been around for awhile.
  • The second category are the stereo headsets which make a home in both of your ears. These are helpful if you are making calls.  I’ve personally found that people are able to hear you better when making calls while driving.
  • The third category is a new and revolutionary style of headsets, where voices are projected without attaching a device on your head. This is the newest option available in the marketplace.

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Based on our research, the best bluetooth headset reviews include the following options:

We’ll cover a few different options that will work well and last that you might want to consider in these reviews.

Mono Headsets:

1) ERA by Jawbone

best wireless bluetooth
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This one comes with a more refined design than its predecessors. It is discreetly designed with super power packed performance within a sleek built up look. The combination of discreet look and solid performance with a relatively low price tag of $99.99  has attracted the Editors’ team and it has bagged the Editor’s Choice Award for Bluetooth devices. It comes with a single button on the back which activates various functions in accordance with the number of times you press it. Simple, basic and designed to work!


Plantronics M55

bluetooth headset review
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This Plantronics option is a sleek and small headset with a superb sound quality.  It is one of the best budget bluetooth options tested recently. With the M55, Plantronics M55 has greatly improved its noise suppression quality. It is a very good looking set. Once connected you have the option to trigger voice calling by using the call button on the side.  Voice sound is rich and clear.  The voice comes out full and complete through the otherwise small headset.  For its price, under $20 at the time we reviewed this, it is quite a compelling headset.

Top Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

1) Plantronics Backbeat Go 2

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Priced at $79.99 at the time of this review, this wireless stereo headset is unobtrusive and comfortable. It works equally well for voice calls as well as for music.  For its price this bluetooth headset is quite solid and you can pair comfortable in ear headphones with decent mid to high end sound quality. The inline remote now has three buttons whereby you can adjust volume and change tracks in additional to answering calls. The bass may not be very strong but it has got a pretty commendable sound quality.

2) The Jabra Clipper

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The Jabra Clipper is a versatile stereo bluetooth headset that can easily manage calls when you are mobile. It can even stream music to your own stereo system.  The exterior of the device is done with silky finished rubberized plastic. You get a standard sized headphone jacket on the top and a power button at the rear end. The device is a good fit in the ear with three different rubber tips in the ear buds. So whatever your ear size, one of them ought to work well.  It is technically a bluetooth headset but you can even turn your home entertainment system into a loud speaker using Jabra Clipper. All these features for $59.99, so definitely not a bad choice.

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Top Bluetooth Speaker Phones:

1) Motorola Roadster

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This Bluetooth headphone is a full featured speaker phone which delivers performance as well as  it scores on comfort of use. Roadster 2 works quite well on the road. Controlling this bluetooth headset is quite simple. You can either connect or disconnect a call by just a voice command.  The built in FM transmitter is a breakthrough idea. It allows you to transmit current calls, stream music and you can navigate GPS promptly from your phone to the car stereo. This bluetooth headset is a two point device which allows you to connect two phones to it simultaneously.  Priced at $99.99 this hands free bluetooth speaker is worth the money.

2) Supertooth HD

best bluetooth reviews
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For those that are looking for a bluetooth speaker to use while in the car, this is a solid hands free bluetooth speaker option worth checking out. It offers plenty of options for volume and it provides some bonus extras as well. It has standout features like dual microphone, one touch pairing and voice recognition.  Your voice can send emails, text messages, Facebook or Twitter updates via your Super Tooth HD speaker.  If your car is with out hands free bluetooth support  this Super Tooth HD is the best choice.  Priced at $89.99 it has bagged the Editor’s Choice Award for in car bluetooth speaker headset.

We have covered our favorites that are currently on the market in each of the three Bluetooth headphone categories.  From these options you ought to be able to find one that is perfect for you and your use!  We’d love to hear from you as to which ones you like best?  Leave your comments in the comments section below.




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