Best Android Strategy Games : Are you Ready to Take the Challenge?

Strategy Games 2014 for Android

Here’s a rundown of what we feel are the most intriguing Android strategy games that you can install on your device. As they are quite different and more challenging than the ordinary titles, you will require some very well-thought-out plans to come out on top. Once you download them, you may expect to see some of the best games that are tactic-based, with tower defence and boast of turn-based types of game play.

Either play on your own and challenge yourself or gather all your gamer buddies to spend an evening of fun and confrontations. These top Android strategy games will definitely keep you hooked onto them for a long time.

Beware of losing track of time and getting immersed in the amazing graphic worlds, as they are high chances of that happening. But as long as you are having fun, it doesn’t matter.

These are the top Android strategy games that are ruling the market now. Read on to know more.

Star Command

This is a sci-fi strategy app that comes packaged with a retro pixel art look. In this game, you need to command a spaceship that looks as if it has been borrowed from a Star Trek movie, recruit your own crew, upgrade the facilities, embark on adrenaline-packed intergalactic adventures that generally ends in fire fights with grotesque looking aliens and battle on!

Here, your battles will take place between spaceships that come with different mini-games for their specific weapon systems, or against other boarding characters, wherein you will need to move your crew members into their position, put out large fires, and ensure that your crew doesn’t get sucked into the cold oblivions of space during the time of a hull breach.

Great for single-player, light-hearted experiences!

Triple Town – Free + In – app purchases

The goal of this extremely addictive puzzle game is to build the greatest city possible. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to combine or match three or more game pieces to do so–like combining grass to make flowers, bundling up flowers to make a bush, merging bushes to make a tree and so on. You need to make homes, churches and palaces too.

The strategy building part comes in when the bears try to block your developments.

You need to make the city as big as possible before the game ends.

Devil’s Attorney -Free

Devil’s Attorney, an interesting strategic law game which revolves around a street-smart lawyer who practised his profession in the 70s (named Max McMann), promises to apply your gray cells in more ways than you can imagine. With befuddling charisma and logic twists he succeeds in dismantling lawsuits against shady people, earns a profit and then adorns his apartment with the gaudiest things that money can buy.

  • Boasting of a colourful art style, excellent voice acting and smartly-designed animations, the Devil’s Attorney manages to depict McMann’s depravity and sleaze in an excellent way.
  • Its game mechanics are also commendable and you will enjoy the court scenes, action points spent on skills like “Reverse Psychology, credibility of lawyers, witnesses and evidences, the decadence and vanity scores needed for unlocking new abilities and more!

XCom : Enemy Unknown – $9.99

This is a turn-based tactical game that is highly addictive and is considered to be one of the best Android strategy games .In this game, governments of most nations on Earth join hands to form a confidential paramilitary group that goes by the name of XCOM and fights against extra-terrestrial attacks.

You can engage in strategic combat, manage your troops, pool your resources and research various departments for alien technologies.There is a high replay value and the graphics are stunning. A must buy game indeed!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 -Free

Plants vs. Zombies—a venerable mobile franchise , is a top favourite for strategy game players of all ages, and for good reasons indeed. It introduces the bizarre premise of saving your back lawn from lots of sunflowers and pea shooters(more specifically pea plants that have turned into weapons) and planning out smart strategies through tactical thinking—especially with regards to plant choices, much before the attacks start coming to the fore.

Plants vs. Zombies 2, takes you back in time and requires you to defend against fierce zombies that are dressed in era garb. You have to try out all kinds of new mechanics are the zombies are smarter and keep challenging your reaction speed in many ways. Though you are armed with an entire new range of plants to use, you need to be aware of the new terrain features for keeping yourself ahead in the race.

All in all, the power packed Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers deep strategic game play in a colourful , fun-filled package.

Anomaly 2 – $4.99

A sequel of Anomaly Warzone Earth, this maintains the essence of its predecessor and comes with exciting new elements. In this strategic game, you need to guide a convoy through the remains of Earth in the year 2018, even as you handle alien machineries on the way.

There are a lot of tactical arrangements, interesting campaigns, stunning visuals and new game play mechanics in this app; along with a mind-boggling range of twists to keep you engaged for hours on. Enjoy!

Out there – $3.99

If you are up for a challenge that may last for hours, then this is the game for you. You wake up as an astronaut in a place far away from the solar system and out there, the only mission for you is to survive. This game will challenge on how you manage the available resources efficiently and get across all that will help your survival. With 50 different achievements to capture, the story-line is intense and has a high replay value with three different endings.

Additionally, the music is original and its graphics are breathtakingly striking.

Rymdkapsel – $3.99

Rymdkapsel combines real-time strategy management skills with Tetris-kind base building in a finger-friendly and minimalist package. Here, users are required to build residences, expand towards their objectives and feed the populace—even as they keep fending off one wave after the other of enemy air strikes that keep becoming progressively tougher. Rymdkapsel is unique in both play style and art and steers clear of all the extras offered by real-time strategy games—leaving you with clean, pure experiences.

The name of the game may sound very complicated but the mission of the game is quite simple. In this strategy game you need not worry about building armies, protecting cities or fighting enemies.

Instead, you have to focus on building the best base possible with the help of your helpers and discovering the galaxy around you.

It may sound simple but it is very addictive and will keep you busy for hours. It is designed really well and the controls are kept simple.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – $1.99

This is a highly addictive game where you have to defend your kingdom. You have to guide your troops through menacing dragons, man-eating plants and denizens of the underworld in order to protect your kingdom. There are new towers, levels and props as compared to its predecessor. You have to strategize on how your troops will move through all these obstacles and emerge victorious. The storyline is interesting and will engage you for long periods of time.

Plague Inc. – Free

If you are looking for a dark game with a weird plot, then turn to this game. Usually different games offer you the chance to save/protect something, this game lets you do exactly the opposite. Here, you can destroy a civilization by infecting the city with deadly virus.

You start with a bacterium which progress into man-made bio-weapons. It is extremely realistic with arresting visuals and interesting game play.

Enjoy creating havoc by spreading virus in more than 50 countries and disrupting worldly events in Frozen synapse this apocalyptic game.

Frozen Synapse – $9.99

This is a turn-based strategy game that promises to keep you hooked onto its interface for long. It has a deep and fascinating game play as well. The mission is very simple. You have to give out orders to your squad and plan the moves tactfully. As soon as the ‘prime’ button is hit, both you and your opponent’s turn will be executed at the same time. It’s a competitive yet intuitive game that offers the options of multiplayer and single player campaigns.

Autumn Dynasty – $4.99

Here, the players get to be warlords seeking to unify the land in a desire to become the Autumn Emperor. There are signature battle interfaces and the battle maps reminds one of landscape paintings. Here, there are innovative touch controls for unit orders too.

Apart from just capturing the land, you have to manage various provinces and cities and ensure to engage your diplomacy wherever required.

First Strike 1.1 – $3.99

This is a great strategy game that has a smart game play and an intuitive interface that makes it really exciting and intense. You get to be in command of the world’s influential nuclear powers and engage in an all-out war till you are alive. You can expand to different countries, increase your allies, manage research and development, build bombs, and dismantle/restructure your armoury.

You can win the game by having the highest body count and ammunition detonated.

Great little war game – $2.99

This is turn-based tactical game with over 60 mission campaigns to keep you engaged. You need to command your army to fight the enemies on land, sea and water and make wise decisions as the game proceeds. Your strategy needs to be right to defeat them. Take advantage of varying terrains, ambush spots and defensive wells to surprise your enemies.

It has a comical touch to it to make it more enjoyable.There are four difficulty settings with attractive visuals. It has a high replay value.

Ravenmark: Mercenaries – Free + In-app purchases

You get to build a mercenary army in this turn based strategy war game. You can wage wars head-on against other players in the game. You have to assemble your troops, adopt the right strategies, use the necessary skills and develop the forces to lead the army to victory. In this game, multiplayer battles tend to get very intense and engaging.

The app is free but the in-app purchase puts a stop to all the ads that keep flashing throughout the game.

Breach and Clear – $0.99

This is an excellent turn-based strategy game where you get an opportunity to choose a real world squad like US Army Rangers, US Navy Seals and the like to fight the enemies. You get full customization freedom where you can build your armoury and dedicate each soldier with a combination of tactics and inventory.

Keep in mind that every soldier and decision counts at every stage of this game. This tactical combat is very realistic and promises to keep you occupied for hours together.

Colonies vs. Empires – Free

If you are a fan of history and strategy games, then this is the perfect choice for you. In this game, you need to choose between the Colonist and the British during the Revolutionary war, build your army/ settlement, as well as fight for victory. The graphics are pretty attractive and story-line is fun. This is an ad-free game and can be extremely addictive.

Step into the past, be a part of it and change it every time you play.

 Are you ready to challenge yourself and others through these strategy games?

There are games that entertain you and then there are games that challenge you at every step. If you are a fan of such strategy games, then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of strategy games for Android that are available in the market, but their sheer numbers may confuse you, regarding which one to play and which one to avoid.

We have hand-picked the best ones that you should lay your hands upon as soon as possible.

They are extremely popular and loyal gamers swear by these addictive strategy games for Android.

Let the game begin…..


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