12 Best Android Games for Kids 2015 to Make them Smile More

Android games for kids

Today, our technology-friendly world is challenging young and sharp minds and making them explore the ultimate pleasures of educational and feature-packed gaming fun. At Techisense.com, we simply love to pamper our little fans and keep bringing the best apps and games for their Android gadgets.

So, if you love Android and actually find it awesome, then there are strong chances that your kids will be twice as enamoured by the same too.

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Read on for some of the most popular Android games for kids on the racks—you will not be disappointed!

Fruit Ninja – Free

Here’s a fast-paced, engaging, slashing game that proves to be a dream-come-true for your hyperactive child. Fruit Ninja, perfect for small eager hands that are always on the lookout for some swiping action, is an action-packed game and is totally devoid of any form of violence –save the merciless opening some watermelons. Enjoy.

Kids Animal Piano – Free

This app is really fun-filled, hilarious and offers a story-line which your kids will enjoy to the core. Music and animals are the main characters in this game. You can select a song and choose an animal to get a unique rendition like a cat meowing to “Baa-baa black sheep”.

Yes, you may also select your favourite from vast albums of popular songs and involve a host of other cute-looking animals too.

Toca Hair Salon 2 – $2.99

In this game, your kids can run their own hair salon. There are 6 characters to choose from and your “little barbers” can cut their customer’s hair and/ or colour and style it by using different tools, like a comb, scissors, curling iron etc.

Different accessories like hats, glasses can be used too. At this hair salon, you can also take snapshots of their creations and save them for posterity.

Toca Cars – $2.99

Kids can have fun racing their cars in this game. Choose between two fearless drivers and drive around the way you want to–in a virtual world where there are no rules to follow. Kids can drive through ice-cream puddles, jump over lakes, run through houses and destroy them.

The virtual world is made up of cardboard, so the kids can recreate the world and destroy it all over again! Very interesting indeed!

The Snowman & The Snowdog – Free + In-app purchases

This game allows kids to enjoy a magical journey across UK to the North Pole, as they collect snowflakes, avoid different obstacles and catch other snowmen along the way. Your kid plays the role of a snowman who can be dressed in different attires.

Here you see famous landmarks of the UK like Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle too.

Magic Belles – Free


This game is designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 6. There are 6 magical and musical fairies that look after things that fascinate kids, like rainbows and flowers. These six mini-games promise to engage kids with their hidden treasures, music, magic and colours. A

special musical symphony can be created with all the six magic belles. The controls of the game are kept simple for the kids.

Despicable Me – Free + in – app purchases


This is a very engaging and cute game designed for kids and is based on the film ‘Despicable Me’.

The player plays the role of a minion and runs through different locations across various obstacles. In this game, your kiddo has to collect bananas and defeat the villains along the way.

He/ she may add costumes and weapons to customise the minion as well, one of the best Android apps for kids waiting for lots of fun.

Sketch – a – song – Free

Kids can create their own music in just a few seconds through this fun and interactive game. They can compose music by tapping and dragging on the touch-screen and can experiment with more than 40 instruments. Colourful patterns of music notations make this game all the more visually attractive.

The songs that are created in a particular session of game play can be heard back in real time.

Amazing Alex – $0.99


This is a puzzle game which makes the subject of physics very interesting. Alex is a whiz-kid who has to clean up his messy room and fight alien robots using the materials in his room.

He has to position the objects in a clever manner by using simple inputs from the world of physics.

Suited for kids above the age of 12, it makes them enjoy more than 100 challenging levels across four locations.

Cut the rope – $0.99


This additive game is about cutting the rope to feed candy to the cute little monster Om Nom. There are around 400 levels with brilliant graphics.

You can collect stars, discover hidden treasures or prizes and unlock new levels as the game proceeds.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame – Free

Sesame Street delivers a valuable and helpful educational experience once again with Breathe, Think, and Do with Sesame.

After installing this fun-filled game, kids quickly make their way across the five scenarios, but then, each is worth revisiting. This is especially true if your kids are struggling with particular problems and would like to find easy answers to the dilemma on hand.

You must take a look at the parent’s section too, which is full of free resources, video clips, tips and strategies alike. A great way to hand around with your kids and teach them at leisure!

Where’s my water – Free

The premise of the game is very simple. You need to tap and let the water flow through pipes so that the character can take a nice shower. The animation is clever and tests the kids’ problem solving abilities. Gravity and similar topics can be learnt through this game.

Passing on Hours of Fun

Don’t worry about your child getting bored or restless at home ever again. Keep them engaged through these interactive and fun games. Moreover, they will learn something too. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for any parent and child.

One of the many good things about these interesting Android games for kids is their wide selection of locations, gaming plots, characters, features and levels .

This makes them deliver hours of fun for everyone — especially children — and most of them are free to download too.

Are you ready to play along with your kids? Download these adrenaline-packed games now!  [Featured Image Source : M4]

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