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We Bring Technology into Your Life

Technology—which was once considered a supporting factor for all kinds of businesses, is now at the very center of strategy building, innovation and our entire life. It is making news like never before and is attracting the attention of not just the media, technology watchers, geeks and wanna-bes in the world of technology but consumers, critics and everyday people like you and me! With all this and a lot more in store, we live in a world that is fast becoming a hub for power-packed applications, top-of the-line gadgets and products that promise to make our lives more exciting than before.

Techiesense.com A One-stop Shop for Tech Information

With this as a background, we at Techiesense.com have come together to launch one of the leading technology websites for your typical consumer.  Yes, we are talking about the Moms, Dad, kids and everyone that you know, regular folks looking to get useful and clear information, analysis and reviews of products they use.   From the latest news updates to reviews, features and expert guidelines on all avenues related to tech and gadgets—we have it all!

Techiesense.com is a premium online destination that focuses on news and commentary related to mobile phones, general consumer electronics, cars, laptops, tablets, gaming, Android platform, cameras, internet, home product reviews and much more. Our goal is to serve the interests of savvy technophiles, early adopters and casual readers alike.

Our Vision

At Techiesense.com, we have strived to pool together a pool of talent and desire to showcase their knowledge to the rest of the world. We have the vision of becoming the most active and largest community of tech and auto news bloggers in the near future and aim at delivering an accurate and crisp insight of the various verticals of the technology industry.

About Techiesense.com

Techisense.com presents information on all kinds of technology and products that make your life more fun, better and easier. We focus on home, lifestyle and working gear and gadgets for everyone in the family.   Our goal is to find the best tips, products and technology and showcase it in well-organized content and product reviews, with smart navigation and easy maneuverability and all that goes into the making of an innovatively designed web blogging portal.

The Team

Currently the team that is running TechieSense.com consists of 3 Moms that have a love of and decades of experience in various fields within technology.  From marketing, blogging, product development, software development and design, teaching, training, writing and reviewing…..we’ve got it covered!  Now, with our efforts at TechieSense, we get a chance to check out and showcase all the very cool and exciting technology that can be used in all areas of our lives!

TechieSense Team

Bobbi is our Chief Of……..we haven’t quite figured out all the roles that she’s covering!  Bobbi believes that she was born about 10 years too soon.  She is old enough to remember green screens and blinking cursors on computers as well as floppy drives!  So testing and checking out the latest and greatest in gear and gadgets is a natural fit for her.  Her career started with IBM (Big Blue) and has covered several areas of computers and software, marketing, product development, finance, technology and more. Bobbi loves to find products and “stuff” that makes all phases of life better and easier.  Because technology is growing not only in computers, tablets and the like but in traditional areas of the home as well and it covers everyone from babies to seniors.  Combine that with a love or writing and joining TechieSense.com was a natural fit for her!

TechieSense contributors
Jaime is a mom of two who is frequently found working in her office with a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone going all at once!  As a semi-“retired” professional photographer, she is a camera nerd who never has a lens far from reach. An avid writer and blogger, she loves letting her readers know what’s hot and what’s not for kids and busy families.  She’s amazing at putting any product or technology through its paces to see what works and what doesn’t.

TechieSense.com team

Nelly is a writer here at TechieSense.com – She loves reviewing, testing and writing about products. Over the years, Nelly has appeared in Fame Horse Wire, Talking to Nelly, The Pop Fiddle, Urban Twist Magazine, Rockefeller News, 5th Quarter Mag and Fun Advice among others. When she isn’t writing tech, she can be found busy in the kitchen testing out new products and gear.  You can look for her articles and reviews on those products that help make your lifestyle easier, better and just more fun!  Nelly also is responsible for our giveaways and follower development.

Website Developers:

Parampreet Chanana – Founder

After winning rave reviews and a very encouraging response for his first two technology blogs, Parampreet was greatly inspired to create a blog-zone by the name of Tehiesense.com. He drew further inspiration from sites like DigitalTrends, MakeuseOf and so forth.

Though he had little prior knowledge of the field of technology and has always had a tilt towards business processes and applications, Parampreet draws his passion of blogging from his love for technology, automotive industry and everything that can be otherwise labeled as “electronics”. His motivation behind making Techiesense.com was a desire to develop a long term relationships with his users.

Guramanpreet Sharma: is a repository of knowledge linked to computers, electronics and more!

Nupun Arora Insan: is well versed in various fields of technology and more.


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