7 Laptops with Best Battery Life to Work Longer

laptops with best battery life

You might own a top notch, trendy laptop or notebook but what if its battery life disappoints you? Find laptops with best battery life is important to have. After all you need a laptop which you can carry with you while traveling or touring AND still stay on top of your work! We all know that your work keeps going and this way it can now come along via your laptop.

But it is irritating if you have to find a power socket to connect your laptop to a charger in between work. Of course you need the latest features, but not at the cost of a poor battery life.

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In this post I have collated top five laptops which renders extraordinary battery life service. Take a look.

Lenovo Thinkpad X230

Lenovo Thinkpad X230

This ultra 12 inch portable laptop gives you the choice of optional battery. It has a 6 cell battery that gives you relatively decent seven hours lasting time. But if you opt for the separate nine cell battery, you straightaway get the extension of increased battery life to the twelve hour mark.

If that still does not excite you then go for its sheet battery which when paired with the 9 cell battery gives you a record breaking 20 hours battery life. Now that should not give you any scope of complain.

Dell Latitude E6430

Dell Latitude E6430If you are looking for a notebook with a size of 14 inches with more than one type of staying power then Dell Latitude E6430 should be a strong choice. It has got a tri-metal frame which is built of magnesium alloy, steel hinges and chrome bumper. Now that makes a strong built up.

The keyboard is spill resistant and the MIL STD 810G provides protection from degrees, dust and drops.

With all of that, if you are willing to spend approximately $79 more (when we checked) you get a nine cell battery with a life of 10 hour 37 minutes. The durability and the long battery life of E6430, is worth the extra cash.

Acer Travel Mate

Acer TravelMateThis certainly an impressive powerhouse with the battery life of 9 hours 46 minutes. This is remarkable with its sleek look and has outlived many of its thin competitors for its battery life.

The model is well equipped with security features. Suitable for business users, this one is for you if you want peace of mind during your working day.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook AirThis Apple Mac Book has vouched to get better and better. It boasts of a compact 3 pound aluminum chiseled body. The compact Macbook fits in a faster Intel processor than the model before 2012. It has worthy integrated gaming graphics with an added USB port of 3.0.

But the best part concerning battery power is that it gives 8 hour and 10 minutes long duration. That calls for a thumbs up for Apple MacBook Air.

Toshiba Portege R835

Toshiba LaptopThere are professionals who are not always on the outlook for the slimmest notebook. This laptop is a perfect combination of power and performance which is a great companion for travel and work. It has got core i5 power, 4GB RAM and 640 GB hard drive.

In the battery life test Toshiba Portege R835 passed with battery life beyond seven and a half hours. So now you know why I claim it to be a powerful travel work friendly laptop.

There are a ton of great laptops on the market today.  However, not all laptop batteries are equal.  SO if you want laptops with best battery, this list of options is a great place to begin your search.

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