11 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2017 to Make You OMG!

Best Photo Editing Apps

(Updated July, 2017) Looking for the best photo editing apps for Android this year? Smartphone cameras are having breakthrough evolutions with each passing model. To start with, smartphones are carried 24×7, so in any given situation you can take your smartphone and a click a photo instantly.

Android cameras are in competition with digicams not only in terms of portability, but Android cameras also boast of high image sensors and optical image stabilization. If you are the one who loves to take photos from your Android cameras then have a look at this post.

I have listed some powerful & free photo editing apps for Android users which you can use to enhance the beauty of your photographs.  Best of all?  The apps are free!

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo StudioThis photo editing app has more than 100 installs on the android market. This is by far the most popular photo editing app 2016. You find almost every editing tools in this app starting from photo editor, drawing tool, photo grid, collage maker etc.

You have loads of options to manipulate your photograph with a variety of border, stickers, masks, text tools, clip art graphics, callout, frames, effects and many more. So with this photo editing app you can surely take your creativity to the next level.

The best part is that if you want your photography to be a part of a large mobile social art forum, then PicsArt Studio has its own studio networking service. Create a PicsArt profile, purchase the in app system and download various stickers to be used in your photographs.

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SnapseedThis app is the creation of Nik Software Inc. This app offers to transform your photography through advanced tune image features, auto correct and selective adjustments. In the Auto correct feature, by a single tap you can adjust colours, contrast and exposure according to your desire.

With selective adjustments you can highlight selective objects in your photographs to bring them in focus.

The tune image feature adjusts the white balance, shadows, brightness, saturation and other components.

Other features of Snapseed include frames, texture and tone adjustments. With integration to Google+ this photo app has become free of charge.

Pixlr Express

Autodesk PixlrThis a powerful photo editing app formed by Autodesk Inc. By this app you can quickly crop, resize, remove red eye, whiten teeth or fix a pic. You get power users tool with this app along with photoshop like effects. Photoshop effects such as pencils, posters, water colour, sketch and halftone are available in this app.

You can create interesting collage effects with Pixlr Express. It can produce wonderful effects like focal blur, denoise and more. The USP is its auto fix feature. With just one click the brightess, colour, exposure and contrast will be adjusted.

Photo editor Aviary

Photo editor AviaryThis powerful android photo editing app has a one tap auto enhancing tool. The cosmetic tools in Aviary remove flaws and blemishes in your photograph. It has got amazing image correction features whereby it can fix photographs clicked with dust on camera lens or if a portion of a pic gets burned due to over flash.

If you want to make this app user friendly you can drag and drop in your favourite toolsets.

Pixlr – o – Matic

phot editing apps PixlrThis app makes your photo editing fun with variety of borders, overlays, effects and filters. This app is best known for its three category photo filters, light filters and photo frames. This app can transform the entire quality and look of your photo.

The effect applying approach is slightly disappointing. You cannot use more than one filter from each category, so that means you have to save each time you use one filter option. But it is otherwise a very good ‘add free’ photo editor.

More from Android :

Befunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo editor app for androidIt is by far the best photo editing app, as along with appropriate photo editing tool you get additional features which are not found in other android camera apps.

In order to make your photo stylish you can use its photo frame features like Polaroid, Halfstone, Filmstrip. The most interesting feature of this app is that you have loads of ‘effects’ option to customize your image. This app is free but also has a paid version. The app can be run in tablets too.


It is a multipurpose app designed to be used both as camera and a photo editor. It is one in all smartphone cameras that allows you to capture and edit images.

Although it is possible to use Cymera for any type of photo, it is perfect for portraits. You can take pictures directly within the app or import them to your gallery. Cymera offers different lenses and four different recording modes to improve your photos.


The app has more than 20 filters, portrait features, decorations and realistic make up effects are available. Once you edit your photos, you can share them directly from the app on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Cymera is free but not free when it comes advertising.



Photo editor for Android PicSayPicsay is an award winning photo editing app which have basic editing tools coupled with few bonus features like Rainbow, Spotlight, Distort, Dizziness, Invert, Pixelate and Posters. By Picsay you can even add word balloon, stickers and texts into your pics. The ability to create word balloon makes the photo app class apart.

Also you can adjust contrast, brightness, exposure, colour and add other artistic effects as well to your images. You can get this android photo app free from Google Play. It also has a paid version. In the paid version you get more filter options and features like pressure sensitive drawing, red eye removal etc.


This app offers to extensively customize and edit your smartphone photographs. You can crop and rotate picture. VSCO cam has editing features like sharpness, brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast, exposure etc. You can use the variety of filters of this app to enhance the beauty of your picture.

VSCO Cam is one of the most downloaded photo-editing apps on Android. It has a combination of a dedicated camera app, solid editing features and owns an Instagram like user uploads page. This app is a photographer’s dream come true. One of the beautiful things about VSCO Cam is how it provides an easy one click to fix photos.

VSCO Cam has a minimal interface that makes it easy to grasp but its professional features makes it the best option for serious photo enthusiasts. This app comes with an outstanding editing dials usable on Android thus providing subtle improvement on an image without it looking garish. What’s even better is that it’s free to download.

Like Picsart, VSCO cam has its exclusive social forum where you can share customized pictures along with others.

Photo Editor Pro

As the name suggests this app allows you to enhance the beauty of your photo in a pro active way. It has got one touch auto enhancement feature which includes colour splash, filter, frames and other basic features.

It has got additional amazing beautification effects like Arizona, Avenue, Dean, Clyde, Lucky, Sage etc. You can insert fun stickers, draw on photo and create your memos.

Once edited the app allows you to share pics in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. This app is free to download and install from Google Play Store.

Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express

Adobe photoshop fix appMost people know of Adobe Photoshop due to its photo editing features. After the removal of the first touch screen version of Adobe Photoshop app, the app was labeled “offensive” by Adobe itself.

If you want good photo editing results then there are two applications that will prove to be really helpful, Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Express. If you want an app that will let you work easily on pictures then Photoshop Fix is a very good option for you as it has all the important,  basic and advanced,  tools and features of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Fix will give you accurate proportions while using the liquefying tool, it’ll give you an easy approach to edit your pictures and to retouch unwanted factors in a picture.  In addition, it  will allow you to make detail adjustments to your pictures with dynamics and clarity controls.

In contrast, you are likely to find that Photoshop Express has a wider range of features to offer and also handles RAW formats, coming from DSLRs, more easily.


Android photo editing apps VignetteVignette is basically not just an app for photo editing, instead, it can also function as a standalone camera app allowing you to use features like digital zoom, time lapse, and self-timer. This app primarily focuses on vintage effects and camera styles which will allow you to give your pictures a touch that will make it seem like they were taken with a Lomo, Diana, Holga or Polaroid.  Personally, I think that they are very cool and fun!

Although when you’re using vignette, you’ll be limited to only camera effects while cropping and rotating options are not available. Using Vignette will give you full access to its functions even when you’re not online, which is a feature which most other apps lack.

Google photos

Google photos appsGoogle Photos is an application that has just about what anyone needs, it will not only allow you to edit pictures according to your requirements but will also let you save your images onto the cloud so that you can free up space on your phone.

Google photos will give you tons of options for filters that you can use to edit your pictures.  Plus this app also allows you to set contrast, saturation, and other specifics easily. One bad thing about this app is that it overwrites the older version of a picture which you edit and save on the cloud which sometimes is not what you want.

Moreover, the sorting function of Google photos is pretty impressive. Google photos sort your images according to people, places, and other notable factors.  This feature makes it easier for you to locate pictures of a certain event, certain person or a certain place.


best photo editing apps for android FacetuneFaceTune is a very handy app for picture editing and is definitely worth checking out. FaceTune was basically developed to let you edit selfies and portraits – not that anyone is needing to do that these days, right?

FaceTune has plenty of fun and useful features. It allows you to widen the smiles of people in pictures, brighten teeth color and to get rid of dark circles. Retouching your pics to vanish pimples and spots from your face can easily be done by using FaceTune.

Hiding gray or discolored hair and changing hair color is also quite easy to be done using this app. You can redefine jaw-lines and other facial features as well with this app.


This list is exclusively the best free android photo editing apps. Would love to hear your experiences and if any photo app is your favorites.

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