10 Best Android Music Players 2016 for Smartphones of Today


Music is highly inspirational for many and a desired companion during work tour, travel and while relaxing too.

Portable music players are thus very much in demand who want music as a companion on the go.

Here android apps have entered big time as favourite music players.Traditional Mp3 players and ipods have taken a backseat as android apps are considerably getting more sophisticated.

There are two top reasons for growing popularity of top mp3 player for android smartphones.

  1. You can store thousands of music files in android apps, therefore huge capacity to store.
  2. Android OS gives you the luxury to try out different music players, thus you get to personalize your listening experiences.

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So go ahead, checkout the list below to experience the best android music players.


PowerampWith so many music apps being promoted weekly, you simply can’t go wrong with Poweramp. The user interface is very interesting, plus you can customize the app with various themes of your liking. You can integrate album lyrics and art to music players. It provides a ten band equalizer to help boost your sound output.

It is compatible with different audio formats. What more? You can save your EQ presets so that you can set specific ones for specific headphones.

If I have to point out a downside then that would be untidy display while browsing. While browsing it displays names of songs in files, which gives an untidy look.

Player Pro Music Player

Player Pro music playerA close second to Poweramp will be Player Pro music app. Similar to Poweramp, album lyrics and art can be downloaded and displayed while you play music. If you want to design personally your listening experiences there are many skins, themes and extensions to use for customization.

You can edit song tags directly from the app. You get ‘scrobbling’ support for favourite music sites like last FM, so you can sync your listening habits. You can get quick access to key functions with PlayerPro lock screen widgets.

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n7 music player

n7The best thing about this music app is that it creates a unique experience while usage. The user interface presents itself as a tag cloud with the name of the artist or the song appearing like a scrapbook on the screen.

On the whole n7 players offer an impressive interface. It comes with an EQ of its own which is perceptibly delighting. It is a thoughtfully created music app with each feature impressive in its own way.

You should definitely try it out as it has got some interesting multi touch features.


This music app can easily be rated among the top slots with its rich features. You will have too many options to play around in an add free environment. It has got various themes and templates to download.

The pro version can support some specific file format which the free version cannot. It offers an expansive search option to navigate smoothly along various tags, playlists and composers.

One drawback is that the interface is not as clean as its other features.

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Google music play

Google Play Music

Google Play Music HeadphoneIf you have a subscription to Google player then you can surf through loads of online catalog music. If you have songs stored in your smartphones then you can play those in Google play, in offline mode too.

Google play music syncs with your Google account, that means your Google playlists are accessible across multiple devices.

Based on your listening taste, Google play makes customized recommendation.

The material design interface comes with Android 5.0 lollipop.

doubleTwist Music Player

doubleTwist music player

doubleTwist is a solid music player with a long running certificate of excellence. With evolving designs and features it has managed to maintain its leading position among music apps. You can get a radio station, Magic radio with subscription.

If you subscribe to Magic radio, you automatically get access to the premium version of the app. This solid and stable music app comes with an alarm clock add on.



Equalizer Music PlayerBeing an MP3 player equalizer prominently keeps the equalizer distinctively displayed on your android screen. If you want to start or change songs, you just need to swipe couple of times.

The visualisation is enjoyable as it is very colourful.

The interface has a vintage design to give an antique feeling.

jetAudio music player

This is probably the only music app in the list to have tons of features. Features include plugins to help boost audio and twenty band equalizer.

Agreed that in normal circumstances no one would require so many features but it always feels good to have so many features at your finger tips.

The graphical design also gives a nice look.

Neutron music player

Neutron Music Player

It is easily one of the highest rated music app in the android. The UI is trouble free so you can easily figure out how it works.

It has got huge features with two most striking features. Those are: a)32/64 bit audio processing. b) DLNA support. It supports large number of audio formats. It has been placed among the highest rated android music app because of user popularity.

Shuffle+ Music Player

shuttle music player

This music player takes a simpler approach and has only the features needed to make a good music player without any other features. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of features.

Some of the Pros:

Standard features like gapless playback, tag editing, and a 6-band equalizer

Google style interface mimics Google Play Music, which was a good design

Cheaper than most of the competition

Folder whitelisting helps keep your music collection

Developer tells people when features get broken. For instance, tag editing doesn’t work on Android 4.4.

At the end of the day your favorite music player is as per your choice and requirement.

If you find this list and choose one as your android music app then do let us know!

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