What To Look For In A London Web Design Company

The City of London is a wonderful place filled with awe-inspiring art, remarkable architecture, and a colorful history. It’s a place of opportunities and dreams and everything in-between. Everyone knew that in this great city, will rise a strong and solid business community that loaded with startups and companies on the cutting edge of many industries. In fact, London is believed to have surpassed San Franciso, California in number of business start ups!

To add even more to this booming economy, web design companies have become a strong segment of this growing scene. With the popularity of the internet and increasing demand for online presences, companies and business organizations have looked into tapping the online market. In order to reach out to the online population, one must first have a website – a good website. This is where web design companies come in. Check this out: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/importance-having-website-48042.html.

However convenient, it is still hard to find the right help in today’s time. After all, if you are going to create a website, you might as well do it right – right? But good help is scarce.  Some will take advantage of you; others will outright step on you. And there are those who would completely ignore your request for help. The worst are those that take up front payments and only partially complete your projects before disappearing into the the dark night of the web. It happens far to often!

So if you are a business owner looking to have your website upgraded or redesigned, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. We’ll cover tips on what and how to move forward finding the right help for your projects and getting the results that you deserve for your business.

Today, let us talk about the things you should take into consideration when choosing a web design company. Starting with:

THE VISION                                                    

brain intelligenceIn many ways, you want to find a company that fits with your values and beliefs. It makes the process of doing business and creating your online dream easier and a lot more fun. However, isn’t it more fun to work with a company that follows the same ideals you do? This way, you can both stand on equal ground or footing.

It’s easy to support a company that you can resonate with. And surely, their ideas for your website will sync in with yours as well. Where the company is now and where it wants to be in the future can tell you a lot about that company’s culture or work ethic. Choose a company who aims to provide only the best services to clients like you.


The thing with web designers is that you’ll never know what they’re truly capable of up until you work with them yourself. Some will say they have “years of experience” and yet they’ are only 20 years old. Seriously? If this happens to be the case, you really have to raise your suspicions. Like, how can a person be 20 and have years of experience in this field. Maybe “years” is equivalent to just a little over a year or two years. If you want someone truly experienced in the art of making websites, you have to probe a little bit more. Better yet, ask for proof.

It could be that the 20-year-old is telling the truth and has started to study graphic design as early as 15 years old (that would technically make him an expert with 5 years of working experience). Check out their portfolio or see them in action (read more). You’ll be able to judge their skills and experience much better.


“If you don’t like it, we’ll redo it.” When a web design company promises you a job well done no matter what it takes or how long it takes, that’s a keeper right there.

If you’ve ever tried to design your own website, you would know just how nerve-wracking it is to start from scratch. It’s not as easy as you think so when a company is confident enough to give you a money-back guarantee, then that only shows how confident they are at what they do. If you’re a new client, don’t risk your time or money for something that is very unsure. A guarantee will help you rest easy; it’ll reassure you that your money is in good hands.


Computer Laptop Hnads“Oh, sorry ma’am. Didn’t we tell you that the service costs this much because we charge extra for blah blah blah.”

This is a line you never want to hear. A good company like City Tech will tell you exactly how much you owe them right off the bat – before the job even starts. If their quotation is a little short, it’s on them – it shouldn’t be your problem. After all, it is part of their job to price their services right. So always choose a company that’s transparent in terms of pricing, timing and who is actually working on your project.

You should also consider price.  You are paying for talent and skill here. A person who has that will know his or her worth – but will also not overcharge you in any way. Always consider the price range. If you searchonline, you’ll see the average costs for a design or redesign. Don’t be fooled by companies who sell their services too cheap. It’ll just be trash.

But do make sure that you get comparable pricing from a few companies so that you know what you are getting and if the price is within reason.

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Lastly, you would want a company that provides top notch services – that’s going to be more important than you may think at this time. Are their team members available? Do they keep you up to date in terms of where they are and when you can expect to see something? All very important questions and information that they ought to present up front.

You need a company or agency that provides honest work – nothing more, nothing less. There are a lot of skilled designers out there. Trust me; you have many choices if one isn’t a fit.

And that’s it.

Anyway, these are just helpful suggestions from people who actually care about your web design experience but if you feel like you should even be more cautious, then feel free to add more to our criteria.

Your website is basically your online office. Make sure it looks like you want it to and gives the image that your business deserves!

Let us know your favorite sources for getting websites and business applications created?


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