What is the Best E-Reader? Review Your Options

Best Ereader Reviews
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Are you looking to find the best e-reader tablet for yourself or to give to a book lover?  Without a doubt an ereader device is a great option that allows you to carrying as many books, magazines and other material within the confines of its cover.

In addition, how often when you are taking a break and reading are you able to read uninterrupted and not be perturbed by unnecessary interruptions. When I read on my tablet, barely ten seconds goes by before a notification pops up. I see it, if I feel like replying, I reply and then I suddenly feel like finishing the next level of the game Candy Crush. This is a frequent occurrence if you are reading on your laptop, tablet or phone. The world of books is glorious, when you go deep into the story and live with it for some time. That is why when it comes to reading; I prefer my ereader to a tablet or smartphone.

Best Ereader Reviews
Courtesy of adamr

If you compare ereaders with other smart gadgets, they may not have all the functionality of some other options. But, thanks to technology, these devices allow you to live peacefully without notifications popping up every few minutes so you can savor and enjoy the book, magazine or whatever you are reading at the time. The best ereaders in the market have batteries that last for weeks.

Good ereaders have an E Ink screen that is not harsh on the eyes. And with the number of products we use these days that are hurting the eyes, a product that isn’t damaging is a welcome change! They have front lit displays to make them legible in any situation and are durable so that they can last for months in your bag. I mean, if you are going to have an ereader you may as well be able to carry it with you so that you can read and enjoy the latest book or magazine whenever you have a few minutes!

However, choosing the best ereader for you is not quite as easy as it once was. You now have more than hundred e-readers and ereader tablets to choose from. While e-readers have dropped in price over the last few years, many e-readers are under $100, but higher end models can go as high as $250. So you want to check out the different options and prices to decide which one offers the best functionality for you and your family. I have lined up the best ereaders of 2017 that are available in the market today.


ereader review Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite WiFi

I can easily rank it first in my countdown, without any fear of controversy. Of course it has close competition, especially from Kobo, but Amazon surely scores more in collection of books. Be it the best seller lists, classic lists or the popular books, Amazon always ranks with its collections. Not only that prices are generally lower than its competitors. Due to this factor, Amazon is always at a war with its publishers. But when all is said and done, Amazon has the cheapest price and the biggest library.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a winner. It is thin, 6 inches for the display and a small device with smart Iink screen that weighs 7.3 ounces and holds over 1,000 books. The touchscreen responds fast as you swipe between pages. If you type in a search in the bookstore, the result is pretty fast. You can read on Paperwhite even in the darkest room without your eyes getting hurt. Amazon has created a social network for ardent readers to share their reading interests.

The X ray feature in this e-reader is fantastic. If you long press on a location, it will remind you of what you are reading. You can drag to highlight passages or tap on a word for definition. You will have few fonts and text size to choose from when reading. It is a package which has everything you need in an e-reader and at an affordable price.

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Kobo Aura H20

Kobo H2O ereader reviewKobo has a strong e-reader line up. In fact, they have 6 different e-readers to choose from! The Aura H20 is a big, thick and totally water proof e-reader. Can you believe it? It works well even when it lands underwater. It is one feature which Kindle cannot match. It is not as sleek as Kindle, rather bulkier but has a 6.8 inch touch screen and a long battery life. The best thing about Kobo is its pocket integration. That means you can save your preferred pages and articles and they will automatically appear on your Kobo screen.

The Kobo Aura H2O has a no glare screen even in bright sunlight. Oh, so much better than screens of a few years ago! The system comes with 4 gigs of onboard memory (or about 4,000 books) and you can expand that to store up to 30,000 with a micro SD card.

If you are searching for a book or article, Kobo will take you through its book shelf pretty fast. There are over 4 million book options available. Kobo has a commendable open file support. That means if you want to buy books from Google, Sony or any other store, Kobo will support you on that. On the other hand Kobo’s self book store is not as vast and is more expensive than Amazon.

So if you are looking out for a solidly built, super fast and one of the best e-reader devices you should go for Kobo AuraH20.

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Amazon Kindle Voyage reviewsAmazon Kindle Voyage ($199)

If price is not an issue, then Amazon Voyage may be considered the best ereader in the marketplace. It is small with a very well constructed body. The screen of Voyage compliments the body perfectly. If you use it you will quickly see its fantastic elements. The touchscreen has higher resolution and the screen light is notably nice. But for these niceties you have to shell out double the value of Paperwhite. So if you want to save money to buy books, then I would suggest you look at the Paperwhite instead of Voyage. After all, the reading experience is the main goal of choosing an e-reader.

Buttons Chk Today's PricesKobo Aura ($99)

Kobo Aura best ebook readerIn response to the arrival of the Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo has launched Aura. Kobo is known for its open file system but Aura scores in its collection of self published books too. But still if it’s the bookstore that matters most to you, more than open file support, then I suggest sticking with the Kindle.

Buttons Chk Today's PricesAmazon Kindle ($79)

This is a solid base model Amazon Kindle ereader tablet that’s definitely going to cover reading and other tasks.  It’s one of the earlier styles that Amazon offered and has a great price point. This Kindle is one of the cheapest models of e-readers at Amazon.  I mean, we can’t blame Amazon for pushing their own products can we? ????

Sometimes if you upgrade to a more expensive model, you do it for the better features that the product offers.  If you compare this model with the Paperwhite you might see some feature similarities. But certainly Kindle does not have the ‘easy on eyes’ light quality of the Kindle  Paperwhite. That can make huge difference if you like reading for hours at a time. When it comes to long reading, the light changes the game. So if you can afford a higher price point, I suggest you go for the Amazon Paperwhite e-reader which you can see HERE.

Nook Glowlight reviewsBarnes and Noble Nook Glowlight ($99)

The Nook ereaders and the Glowlight model has ranked as on of the best ereader tablets in the market. These ereader tablets generally get pretty high ratings and reviews from users as well.

With Amazon and Kobo launching back to back power packed e-readers, Glowlight does promise to offer something worth mentioning. This one holds about 2,000 books, is about 18% lighter than its predecessor and the charge supposedly can last for up to 8 weeks. If you are traditionalist, go for Glowlight but keep in mind the Nook line has been and still is in a state of flux.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook reviewSamsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook ($149 – $299)

There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy e-readers but, as I said in the introduction, a tablet can never be an e-reader. I personally feel that you should go for an exclusive e-reader rather than a tablet cum ereader. However, there will always be those that debate the ereader vs tablet, so you can decide which is best for you.

If you want to buy a tablet there are many good tablets available in the market (And we’ve reviewed several of them!). Still if you are looking for something that covers both the qualities of an e-reader as well as a tablet, then there is nothing better than Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 comes in a 7 inch and a 10.1 inch version. Some say bigger is better but that would be for you to decide!

Buttons Chk Today's PricesThis best e-readers review covers the best in the market today! While I personally love the feel of a book in my hands, I also love my e-reader. It makes it easy for travel, kids, family and a myriad of other uses. So let us know which one you choose and how you like it in the comments below!

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