What are the 10 Best Lap Desks for Adults and Kids?

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Do you spend a lot of time on your laptop and think you need a lap desk? If so, then our best lap desks review will help!  Because you need a lap desk pillow or other style of lap desk to make you more comfortable and have less side effects from using your computer when not at a desk.

Remember, that much of the time when we use laptops on our laps we will be obstructing the fan vents and that can impact our health negatively as well. Placing a laptop on a pillow causes it to overheat and if you try to put a piece of wood under it, it won’t be a comfortable at all plus it also really doesn’t allow ventilation and air flow to keep your computer cooler. Furthermore, placing your laptop on your lap or on a pillow will not give you the best performance of your laptop. Well, anyways – we’ve given enough reasons why you might want to consider a lap desk, so let’s check out some options!

10 Best Lap Desk for 2016, 2017 And Beyond

A laptop lap desk enables you to work smoothly and your laptop gets properly aired. A lap desk pillow can give you the viewing and typing angle that is best for you as you work. Today, it is possible to find both adult and Kids lap desks. We have done comprehensive research and come up with the 10 best lap desks to help you decide on which lap desk you can get for you or your kid. These are among the top and have been positively reviews by customers and found to offer real value for money.

Cooler Master Comforter – Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

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TechieSense.comThis favorite and best lap desk contender combines both superb ergonomics and friendly design all in one. This amazing laptop lap desk is designed to provide a comfortable computing experience. With its uniquely curved and angled design, Cooler Master Comforter can be used in three different ways; on the lap, on one leg while lounging around and can be placed on a table.

The curved top surface ensures the notebook airflow while the soft underside helps to relieve stress when used on the lap. The Cooler Master Laptop Pad is compatible with notebook laptops up to 17″, and provides a stable surface for users to enjoy their notebook computers. Elegant and effective, simple yet attractive, the Cooler Master Laptop Pad is ideal for users at home to use their notebooks in complete comfort, no matter how they choose to work.

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LapGear Designer Series 300 Lapdesk Pillow Damask

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This is the best lap desk pillow ever. This lap desk has a smooth and flat surface compared to other lap desks that are slightly tilted and often cause a laptop to slide. It is lightweight so you can easily use it on the bed and laps. The pink is bright and fun and the damask pattern is incredibly cute on this LapGear Designer Series 300.  The surface is flat and smooth which makes it work great when you are relaxing on the couch and need a smooth surface to write out to do lists or grocery list.

The elastic accessory strap holds the cord in place and prevents it from sliding every time. The cushion on the bottom is super soft and comfortable, and seems to protect well from overheating.

LapGear XL Student LapDesk with Clip

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TechieSense.comOnce you are in college, late night studying is going to be common, so why not study in comfort? The XL Student Lap Desk with Clip is large enough to accommodate laptops up to 17 inches and includes a mounted clip so you can easily secure your schoolwork, notes and writing tools.

This XL Student Lap Desk with Clip lap desk keeps it all together so you can too! With this extra-large writing surface, you can get work done whether you’re in the library, the coffee shop, or your dorm. It also features premium dual bolster cushions filled with microbeads so it stays firmly in your lap, and the airflow channel helps reduce unwanted heat from your laptop so you’re always comfortable.

LapGear My Desk Lap Desk – Best Lap Desk for Bed

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This computer lap desk is not called MyDesk Desktop for no reason. Once you purchase it, you have to keep reminding your family and friends to return it once they borrow it. It features a curved edge that conforms to your lap for a cozy and the workspace is large enough to accommodate laptops up to 15 inches.

This lap desk has premium dual cushions feature an innovative airflow channel so you and your laptop stay cool and comfy. As an awesome lap desk with storage, it features 2 built in storage trays that make organization easy perfect for a toddler storing crayons and stashing paperclips etc. No matter which of the 6 vibrant colors you choose, this lightweight LapDesk is sure to become an essential in your home. The LapGear MyDesk LapDesk– it’s like it was made for you.

And it’s definitely one of the most popular options that we cover here!

LapGear Media LapDesk Exec for laptops and tablets – Best Large Lap Desk

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TechieSense.comThis amazing executive lap desk has several features that make it one of the best lap desks. The smart gear desk comes with a grid pad that prevents the laptop or tablet from sliding and a perfect fit for phones and eReader. TheLapGear Media LapDesk keeps all these devices in place firmly ensuring they are safe from falls while working or gaming.  And yes, this is one that we add to the list of the best lap desk for gaming as well as work!

Bestseller Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Lap Desk

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TechieSense.comSay goodbye to neck pain and tension from always looking down at your laptop with this lap desk. Executive office solutions laptop stand is designed to allow you to set up an office anywhere. It is easy to carry around, lightweight and features an aluminum frame.

This laptop tray makes a perfect desk for your laptop and you can use it for other several uses as well such as TV dinner tray, book tray, writing desk, projector table, tablet holder and standing desk. Quickly plug in the USB cord and turn on the ultra-quiet cooling fans to chill things out!  The Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Desk is one of the best selling and most popular lapdesks for students as well as executives!

Best Kids Lap Desks

Storage Folding Lap Desk for Kids

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This is an amazing and fun option for the best kids lap desk with enough storage for even the biggest (well, almost biggest) collectors of “stuff”. It is a portable way to work and bring everything you need with you. When you lift the desk top, you find a lot of storage compartments for pens, paper and office supplies. The legs fold flat making the trays easy to store and very portable. This Storage Folding Lap Desk Desk for Kids lap desk allows a child to work anywhere more comfortably.

So whether at home, on the road or in the car – this large lap desk will be your kids favorite accessory!  Storage Folding Lap Desk for Kids

Collapsible Folding Kid Lap Desk

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This is a portable and practical lap desk is great for kids on the go. Your kid can use this lap desk to read, do homework, write or draw on long car trips.

It’s also an amazing lap desk for bed and can be used in the backyard or anywhere. Its folding legs make it easy to pack up and take along. It feature a large writing surface that doubles as a lid to a roomy storage compartment to store papers, pencils, books and more. This kids lap desk is not suitable for use for under 3 yrs.

This Collapsible Folding lap desk  from HearthSong is made of plastic, making it easy to clean. The additional storage it has makes carrying along favorite items a breeze.

Kids On the Go Art Lap Desk

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TechieSense.comAnother incredible kids lap desk worth investing in. This comfy organizing desk goes everywhere and it’s perfectly sized for little laps. Its soft cushioned bottom provides stability and comfort.  Large writing surface features elasticized corners to hold papers or books in place. Side flaps have zippered compartments to store supplies. Nylon carry handle and fastener for side flaps for easy travel.

The Kids on the Go Art Lap Desk is a favorite with kids and parents for several years now!  And with the bright, cheery colors and polka dots – what’s not to love?

So now that you’ve seen all the cool options for a laptop lap desk, which one are you getting for yourself and which one for your child?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to see which are your favorites!  (Updated September, 2017)

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