Unique Mothers Day Gifts: 8 Tech Best Gifts for Moms

tech gifts for moms on Mother's Day

Did you know Mother’s Day has become one the biggest holidays for consumer spending? And in case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is soon approaching. Which means….. you need to find the best gifts for moms for Mother’s Day. Perfumes, chocolate, flowers are awesome gifts to give to your mom but it’s a great idea to branch out some years and find some really super cool and unique Mothers Day gifts. Mixing it up will keep her on her toes and you don’t have to give her more chocolates or flowers again this year.

Moms love to be pampered with cool things and they wouldn’t mind getting other techie gifts aside from the usual Apple tech gifts. Wondering which are the tech best gifts for moms? Don’t worry, we have rounded up some of this year’s best gifts for moms that will make it easy for you to treat your mother just right.

Unique Mothers Day Gifts for the Mom in Your Life:

Women’s Smartphone Charging Wallet

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Does your mom take forever to answer their phone or never answers it at all because their phone is always buried at the bottom of her purse? Well, this bag is all she needs. The mighty purse Wristlet will charge her phone on the go thus increasing the chances of her calling you later. This purse requires an adaptor for iPhone and it’s compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

This one is perfect for the mom who forgets to charge their phone or need more power longer.  It’s a simple thing to run out of power when running around for work, kids and life….who has time to charge?  Yes, that’s spoken like the Mom that I am!


Coffee Lover Mom – Unique Mother’s Day Gift?

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Perfect for a mom who loves her coffee more than anything else….at least first thing in the morning.

If your mom can’t say anything in the morning until she has a cup of coffee, a coffee maker is an idea gift. Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is a way better gift than a $100 gift card. You can invest in this high quality coffee maker for your mom to replace that boring coffee machine she has had for decades.

The Mr. Coffee programmable coffeemaker has a water filtration system ready to remove up to 97% of chlorine for better tasting coffee.  If your mom loves her coffee fancy, this machine can whip your mom’s cappuccino as well.

Pet Lover Mom

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Does your mom love her pets more than you and your siblings (or at least you think so some days…..)? Then you need to surprise them with a Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi pet camera this Mother’s day. This is one of the best gifts for moms because not only does the Wi-Fi camera allows her to stream videos of their pet when she’s away from home but the speaker lets her talk to the pet. This Petcube comes with a laser toy for pets to chase around.  We definitely think that this one qualifies as one of the more unusual Mothers Day gifts that you can choose!

A Mom Who Doesn’t Love Wasting Any Drop of Wine

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Although this gift doesn’t come with a bottle of wine (we wish that it did), Vineara World’s First Electronic Wine aerator or dispenser comes in handy especially if your mom loves wine. This electronic device turns aerating wine into a push button experience. All you need to do is to insert this battery powered device into your mom’s favorite wine bottle of wine and it will dispense a glass of wine like it’s had enough time to breathe.

For a Plant Lover Mom

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Does your mom have a green thumb? Well, she will greatly benefit from and love this Parrot Flower Power. When she sticks this device in the soil, she will know her Torenia better than ever. The Parrot Flower Power sensor beams information about the soil’s moisture, temperature and the amount of light the flowers are getting to her Smartphone.  This device features Bluetooth 4.0 with free dedicated iOS and Android App that reminds your mom when to water the plants or alerts her if the plants are not receiving enough light.  So for those looking for a unique flowers gift idea, here’s one with a bit of a twist!

For a Mom Who Hates Cleaning

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I don’t know about your mom, but mine hates cleaning. Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with iRobot Scooba 450 to pay her back for all those times she cleaned your room. This machine scrubs floors clean and includes a 3 cycle cleaning process pre-soaks, scrubs and squeegee finishes removing up to 99.3 % of common household bacteria. The dual compartment tank keeps clean and dirty water separated thus keeping the dirty water off the floors.

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For the Mom Who Loves To Cook

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Does your mom love trying out new recipes? Well, this will make a perfect gift this Mother’s Day. The Anova Precision Cooker lets your mom get professional level cooking results at home. To use this device, you simply attach it to a pot, put your food in a sealable bag and set the time and temperature.  The Precision Cooker circulates water around the pot while ensuring a consistent temperature throughout.

This Cooker also connects to your mom’s phone, allowing her to cook amazing meals by simply touching a button. The food is amazing, tender, and moist every time. Hopefully, you should expect her invitation for a home cooked meal that will taste like it was prepared in a fancy restaurant.

For the Stylish Tech Mom – Wearable Bracelet Charger

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This is the perfect bracelet where fashion meets tech. This unique Mothers Day jewelry is a wearable lightning cable bracelet that is a fully functional mobile accessory capable of charging, transferring data and sync. You can get your mom this awesome charging bracelet. She can wear it every day and simply charge her phone whenever she needs to. It so much easier than having to carry around a long charging wire in her purse that always get tangled up no matter how much she tries to secure it with something.

There you have it! These are the awesome best gifts for moms that you can get for her this Mother’s Day. All these gifts come in handy and will make their lives fun and easier. If you are looking for the best gifts for mom who has everything, you can be assured of find the right gift for mom from this list. Although she has not hinted what she wants, this Mother’s Day, she will definitely love receiving one of these from you this year. So, what are you waiting for, choose one of these unique Mothers Day gift ideas for your mom or the motherly figure in your life and brighten up their day.

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