Total Network Inventory: Why Computer Auditing Software is Important?


Why Is Software Information Important?

When installing software, you have to ensure that its safe to use. Most companies become a victim of data breaches only because they were unable to protect their system. They would use unauthorized software without having any system to check its validity.

AuditComputer audit software such as Total Network Inventory helps users keep track of their software information. Doing this allows for users to figure out what’s being placed on their network and then make changes accordingly.

Software information is important because it lets you know what’s going to be used. By doing this, it ensures that your software isn’t harmful so that you and your employees can finish projects efficiently.

What is the Benefit of Computer Auditing Software?

When using computer auditing software, you’re giving yourself the ability to find information in minutes that would have taken hours by hand. Here are the most direct benefits you’ll obtain when using it!

Improves Data Accuracy

Paper audits aren’t just time-consuming, but you’re restricting to completing a checklist or writing notes without having evidence of what occurred. And there’s a high chance of human bias and error, as the description can be as vague or detailed as your choice.

With audit management software, you can receive evidence in real time and place any form of common file, including photos, sound recordings, and videos.

By attaching evidence is that issues can be viewed the same way by everyone on your team – you don’t have to interpret it. Also, this eliminates having to make long notes to describe an issue, which saves you a considerable amount of time.

Demonstrate Compliance

Using paper trails makes it hard to prove – One missed file can fail the audit or risk non-conformance. When the business has to comply with these standards and regulations, taking time to correct these issues will be very costly.

Software such as Total Network Inventory allows you to schedule and plan internal audits. It has automated workflows that trigger when a finding is raised. This makes it easy for users to show their commitment to company regulations and gives a complete audit trail for anyone trying to see the status of your network.

Laptop hands meetingEliminates Ambiguity

Chances are you had to create an audit for your network and realized you were pushed for time. This occurs when you have to use paperwork to rely on making updates and finding the relevant paperwork.

Due to this rushed process, you increase the chances of making a mistake and diverting your attention from your main duties. Being unable to have complete information on all of the computers in your network will cause more risks and time and force you to finish the rest of the audit.

With the right software, it eliminates the chance of ambiguity. Its software makes it easier for users to monitor every computer on their network without having to rely on paper audits.

Prevents Duplication

Every network administrator has experienced the issue of creating an audit on the site, writing out a lot of paperwork and then returning to the office to type the notes on a computer. It creates a duplication of effort which increases time and provides no value to the process.

These computer audits can take a lot of preparation. This means that you’ll have to check beforehand and use the right paperwork the first time.

Using an option such as Total Network Inventory gives you the information you need at the click of a button. It has customizable reports that make it easier to display the data visually. You don’t have to use paperwork, and it makes it a quicker process since issues can be highlighted and addressed at a reasonable time.


Every network needs to be organized in order to last for the long term. With Total Network Inventory, it gives you the tools needed to help you do so.

The best part Total Network Inventory is that it helps you keep track on the overall functioning of the organization. If any issues arise, IT administrator can take action to undo or stop any unwanted changes.

You can also make a testing environment, where you can apply the policies and make some changes in the server configuration. This allows you to evaluate the consequences of each change. This makes it easier to restore to a previous state so that your network can run smoothly and properly.

Forensics and Investigation

During investigations, computer auditing software helps you make long audit trails of certain events. You can show how a change that was made today was made by a permission change of an administrator. Finding a correlation of events is the main part of IT auditing, and it helps you notice any change through using date stamps.

Why would your company want that? In the event that your network becomes hacked, you can spot the software that caused it and make changes accordingly. By doing this, you can run a successful investigation and keep your company safe and secure from future attacks.

How does Total Network Inventory Help?

Here are some things that can help your network stay safe from attacks:

Software Audit System

Total Network Inventory has a complete PC audit utility. It captures the details on installed software and keeps a comprehensive inventory in one location. Its system audit tool keeps software titles along with the corresponding purchase details, license keys, and active installations.

And, Total Network Inventory gives you the tools needed to create a comprehensive inventory of all of the software that’s used in your company. Their PC computer audit software gives you inventory management and makes sure each product that’s purchased has a verified license.

Network PC Audit

Perform a complete audit throughout your network with PC Audit Software! When in use, Total Network Inventory searches the network to find all workstations and computers, creates a list of installed software then sends it to a centralized database.

Comprehensive Change Logs

Total Network Inventory helps users track and make changes to hardware components and software packages in the network. It starts by using a PC hardware audit and records the hardware that’s being installed and removed.

And it logs in the usage of both connected and disconnected portable devices. Total Network Inventory 3 logs in all forms of software (installed and uninstalled) and create software updates via obtaining the version number and comparing it with previous versions.

Lock computer credit cards securityReduces Security Risks

There are new security exploits that occur most of the time. When you use outdated software, you increase the chances of your organizations begin affected by them. Having computer audit software allows in determining which security patches and updates are in your computer’s organization. This helps prevent security risks on a time effective basis.

System Audit Reports

Another thing about TNI is that it helps you creates customizable reports on each system audit job. You can create comprehensive reports with a myriad of fields, print, or export the reports for later presentations.

Closing Thoughts

When using Total Network Inventory, you’ll find it easier to keep your software managed properly. Also, you don’t have to worry about hackers getting into your system, as it helps you and your IT department stay alert. Conclusively, you should try this software to see to ensure that your company can run smoothly and efficiently.


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