Make a Man Cave

While much has been made of the convenient online games and gaming options that are showing no signs of going away, when it comes to creating your at home game room, the options are huge!  And for most guys – bigger is always better.

A quick look around some of these acclaimed man caves shows that whether it’s showing off your collection of 5000 games, or even creating an eye-catching tableau of your favourite gaming characters, in order to create an impressive gaming room, it’s best not to be too shy!

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A games room’s tech is critical to its success. Many gamers pride themselves on having an array of gaming hardware that tells a story of how they progressed from the humble origins of desktop computers like the Amstrad CPC 464, to latest in next-gen technology. And being nerdish types, having the latest Oculus Rift development kit casually lying around isn’t going to harm your prospects either.

In order to match the gaming hardware, make sure that your monitor is suitably massive – no less than 48-inches please – and getting a Logitech 5:1 surround-sound speaker system with subwoofer should enable a particularly immersive gaming experience.


Gaming Options

Make a Man CaveEvery gamer prides themselves on their games collection. And even if you’ve missed out on the sale of the world’s biggest games collection, you can still make sure that you’ve got a good selection from every gaming genre to keep guests to your game room guests happy.

Obviously having a selection of shoot-em-ups like Halo is critical to ensuring that testosterone levels stay high. But for a more sophisticated gaming option, it’s important to remember that some casinos have blogs that cover some gambling mini-games as well a tips for playing, and if you have fun with those, well, then you can move on to real games of roulette, poker and blackjack at the handy online site that won’t add any clutter to your spotless games room.

Decor for a Games Room

It might be a generalization, but gamers aren’t renowned for their sense of interior design skill. However, online battle arena fans of titles like League of Legends may find some of these Game of Thrones-inspired interiors capable of providing stimulation for just one more round.

And nothing is going to ruin a particularly taxing game of Metal Gear Solid more than a beam of sunlight landing on the screen, so be sure to invest in some quality blackout blinds to ensure that you never have to see the sun again!

So regardless of whether you’re winning big on the latest gaming releases, or just polishing your Dota 2 Muggernaut, there’s plenty of ways to get the ultimate games room.  Just let us know what’s your favorite game room setup and what would be on your dream setup?