The Cube Desktop 3D Home Printer Review

X cube 3D printer review
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The Cube desktop 3D home printer is a top-notch 3D printer that comes loaded with many features and awesome connectivity. If you are looking for a multi color printer which is easy to use, Cube pro 3D printer is an ideal choice.

The fact that the Cube desktop 3D home printer has features like Wi-Fi printing and large print size, has enabled it to become a favorite for many people with a home office. Because of the growing interest and increasing popularity, it’s time to complete our Cube pro 3D printer review.

Performance and Printing

The Cube Pro 3D printer is unique and comes in three versions; Cube pro, Duo and Trio. Cube Pro prints using a 3D printer head, Duo uses two printer heads and the Trio uses three printer heads. That’s all pretty logical sounding now isn’t it?

The printing quality of a Cube Pro 3D printer is excellent but the speed is somewhat slower when compared to other printers because it only handles 15 mm/s. This printer guarantees clean lines and solid surfaces.

Cartridges and Filament

Cube Pro 3D printer is compatible with both PLA and ABS. Despite the fact that the print bed is not heated, the enclosed atmosphere is heated to protect the printer form bending. Please note that if and when you run out of the starter filament cartridge, you need to purchase replacement cartridges. Although many 3D printers accept 1.75mm or 3mm cartridges, the Cube pro only accepts filament manufactured by 3d Systems or Cubify. Installing a cartridge is easy if you follow the right instructions.

X cube 3D printer review
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Printer Design

The Cube desktop 3D home printer is one of the largest and heaviest 3D printers in the market. Despite its weight, it is very easy to use for both advanced and amateur users. This desktop 3D printer features an LCD screen that provides easy navigation and control over your machine.

The Cube desktop 3D home printer is among the easiest printers that you can use immediately after setting it up. The printer’s open door is easy to open and close thus giving you full access to the interior. It also has a trap door at the top for access just in case you need to reach the area above the print head.

Accessories and Connectivity

There are so many ways to connect a Cube pro 3D printer to your PC. You can plug in a USB cable and print your files from your computer. The Cube 3D printer software enables you to save files to a flash drive and plug in for wireless printing. It is also possible to transfer files through Wi-Fi for a more convenient approach. In addition, Cube 3D printer software works well with both Mac and Windows operating systems. However, Wi-Fi only works with Windows operating system. So Mac users, you are out of luck on that one!

This cube desktop printer comes with most of the things you need to start using it;

  • a power supply,
  • roll of filament and
  • glue stick (maintenance tools

The featured software is free and easy to use. Despite the fact that this printer doesn’t have advanced CAD software features, you can easily convert files. The software lets you change colors, change quality, scale models and position models on the print plate. Additionally, the software lets you know if there are any errors and enables you to be able to estimate the printing time.

cube desktop 3D home printer
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Set Up and Installation

Normally, setting up a printer should be a smooth process that takes very little time. However, setting up the Cube desktop 3D home printer is not as simple as plugging it into the wall socket and then into your computer. No, it is a longer process that requires a few more steps for success.

To set up this printer, you should plug it in and switch on the wireless networking because the Cube pro connects via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi network is the best to use because it connects the printer to a wireless network and lets you print from everywhere. Another great way to connect is to grab your computer and connect it directly using an ad-hoc networking setup. This method works perfectly with both Mac and Windows.

cube 3d printer
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Help and Support

Depending on where you purchase your Cube pro printer, you can expect support. 3D Systems and Cubify produce most of the Cube 3D printers and provide enough support and help even for the novice user. In case you need to contact customer support, you can simply send an email or call.


-The Cube Pro 3D printer can print files through Wi-Fi for complete wireless printing for those using PCs.

-High quality prints with high dimensional stability.

-Customer/community support is excellent.

-Intuitive setup and operation.

-It is possible to can work with 3 colors at the same time or use a different support material.

-Easy post-print “clean up”


-You have to buy expensive replacement filament cartridges from the manufacturer or other sites.

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All in all, the Cube desktop 3D home printer is one of the best 3D printers because it provides a large print size, high-resolution models and Wi-Fi printing.

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