Looking for the Best In Ear Headphones 2016?

Best Ear Headphones 2016

Everyone loves in ear headphones that have good sound and bass performance. Whether you’re traveling, having fun or working out at the gym, you need a compact and modern gadget that can give superior performance while not weighing you down. Having in-ear headphones that are sweat-proof is something every user would like to have. In this regard, we have compiled a list of the best in ear headphones 2016 that you should consider buying.

Polk Nue Voe Headphones

Polk Nue Voe in-ear headphones is one of the best headphones 2016. With a price tag of $130, these earphones provide the ultimate comfort for wearing all day. These top 2016 new in-ear headphones are built with armature drivers that enhance crispness.

Best headphones - Polk Nue Voe headphones
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It’s worth mentioning that they have been designed to work well with Apple products. This doesn’t mean you can’t use them with an Android or Windows phone, the only downside is that you won’t be able to adjust volume.

In most cases, in-ear headphones are never considered grand fashion pieces. However, Polk Nue Voe headphones have managed to do just that. These in-ear headphones when matched with trendy eyeglasses are very appealing. Some consider the retail cost fairly steep considering the limited features. However, Nue Voe has incredible audio and builds quality.

iBeats Headphones 

iBeats headphones has ear hooks that keep your headphones firmly in place. These headphones are light in weight, easy to wear and remove and easy to bend to fit your ear shape. If you are used to replacing busted buds over and over again, you definitely need iBeats headphones because they are durable. These in ear headphones are stylish, built to last and are engineered to deliver extraordinary HD audio from your device.

 best in ear headphones
Source: Amazon.com

iBeats has sealed in-ear construction and multiple eartip designs block out external noise so you hear more of the fine details in your music and less outside noise.

Francois et Mimi Elite Wood In-ear Earbuds Headphones

Source: Amazon.com
Source: Amazon.com

With these headphones, you can enjoy clear and crisp sound every time. The Francois et Mimi Elite Series Headphones have been engineered with the audiophile in mind. Comfortable in-ear silicone tips allow customization fit without the awkwardness and bulkiness of over-the-ear alternatives. Great for listening to music while running or exercising and even as a hands-free communication device. Other features include:

  • Hand-crafted with care from genuine wood
  • Built-in Microphone for handsfree operation
  • Crisp, clear sound every time without distortion
  • Interchangeable ear cushions included
  • Works great with almsot all devices using 3.5mm Aux input

Shure SE215

The list of 2016 new headphones would not be complete without Shure SE215 which is accredited for excellent sound performance, noise isolation and high levels of comfort. These headphones are space grey in color that is cool and translucent. The good news is that for as little as $100, you can own Shure SE215.

in ear ear buds
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If you’re always up and about, this is one of the best 2016 in-ear headphone brands that has amazing features. These in-ear headphones are highly portable and have good sound performance which makes everyone want to own them.

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Bose Freestyle

Bose products are known to have impeccable sound quality and their products are renowned. These top in-ear headphones 2016 are meant for those who love going to the gym and cost $129.

Image Source: www.mall.cz
Image Source: www.mall.cz

These headphones come with plenty of features to ensure that you have the best sound and music during a workout. Boss Freestyle is a favorite brand for gym lovers because it’s very comfortable and fits perfectly. They are moisture resistant; this means you can continue your intense workout regardless of whether you’re indoors or outside. The only disadvantage of these in-ear headphones is that they are only compatible with iOS.

Beyerdynamic Idx 160 iE

These in-ear headphones have been hailed for their stellar performance and build quality. However, issues of portability and convenience feature as the main drawbacks. The reason why this brand appears in top 2016 in-ear headphones is because they offer a perfect balance when rated in terms of design, features and sound quality.

Image Source: www.flickr.com
Image Source: www.flickr.com

Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE, have swappable ear tips, an inline remote and flat cable. These in-ear headphones cost $135. If you’re interested in owning sleek top headphones 2016, this brand will not disappoint thanks to its superior quality, booming sound and excellent performance.

Sony XBA-H1

If you’re interested in high-tech in-ear headphones that lean towards a sporty look, Sony XBA-H1 is your best bet. Not only do they work well for lovers of sporty gadgets, they also satisfactorily serve other audiences as well.

Both dynamic and amateur designs are combined together to work under a hybrid driver unit that makes sure you receive a balanced good quality sound in both ears. The result is a perfect bass sound that makes your music punchy and entertaining. Even though there are no inline controls, the good design and top notch sound ability qualifies the $ 150 price tag.


Image Source: www.amazon.uk
Image Source: www.amazon.uk

In summary, if you are looking for top-notch sound quality as your main factor for shopping for top 2016 in-ear headphones, Sony XBA-H1 is worth every dime. If you are interested in a set with some other features, it’s best to look elsewhere.

RHA T10i

Stability is one of the factors that drive buyers to purchase RHA T10i. This is because they sit firmly in the ears.

Using a unique earbud called in-ear monitors, the RHA T10i rests deeper. In-ear headphones that fit deeper have several advantages such as high quality sound thanks to the bass. However, some people may find the sound too strong especially considering its coming from small earphones.

best in ear headphones
Image Source: flickr.com

RHA T10i appears edgy and sleek with the fine metal finish coating around the cable and drivers. If you thought ACS T1 price was insane, this is worth checking out. It’s important to mention that they aren’t custom-designed but are accompanied by numerous replacement tips just in case the default set fails to fit in your ears.


ACS T1 is the best option if you’re keen on the best in-ear headphones 2016 that will deliver nice music to your ears and keep you entertained. Many who have used ACS T1 describe the experience as the ‘real deal’ and ‘out of the world’.

Interestingly, ACS T1 is different from standard in-ear headphones you know about. ACS T1 consists of high quality ear monitors hidden in an edgy earbud-sized silicon mold that rests very well in your ear. No need to worry because these in-ear headphones fit well since you have to order a custom set from ACS so that they can design and build your specific set.

If you’re the kind of individual that pays a lot of attention to price tags, ACS T1 is way out of bounds. With a whooping price tag of $999 as of our latest for in-ear headphones, no doubt only true enthusiasts who don’t mind spending a lot can afford this gadget designed specifically for audiophiles.

Next time you’re out shopping for the top 2016 in-ear headphones, the above brands have excellent reviews, design, performance and sound quality. At the end of the day, the type and quality of in-ear headphones you choose will determine your music experience.

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