How to Decide Between the Coolest; Best Computer Speakers

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Are you looking for the best desktop computer speakers or best gaming speakers to kick your sound up a notch?  Let’s be honest, a lot of computers have inbuilt speakers that are not the best when compared to other aspects of the same computer.  So for many people, and for a thousand different reasons, you might be looking for computer speakers for a desktop computer at home or at work or to get the best sound when gaming.

gaming computer speakersBefore we get into too many details, let’s cover some basics.

  • First, when we are talking about desktop computer speakers, we are referring to speakers that are connected externally to the computer or laptop.
  • Once these speakers are connected the inbuilt speakers of the computer are disabled.
  • However you will need to connect the external speakers to a power source to be able to use them.
  • These external speakers have amplification built in to them for a powerful sound.
  • You will come across certain advanced models that have power amplifiers for bass speakers and satellite speakers. The good thing about these speakers is that they have a woofer unit that improves the level of bass produced by the speakers.

Ok, ready to move on?

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Some people also resort to connecting their stereo systems to the computer for high quality sound output but that may not always be the best option especially if you have those old speakers with foam padding. These days you have so many options that it isn’t hard to find ones that fit in your budget whether you are looking for the best computer speakers under $100 or top of the line gaming speakers. Installing these speakers will not be a problem to setup or install as most computers already have jacks for speakers in the sound cards. The features included in the speakers can vary from brand to brand, but most of them include a 3.5mm jack for headphones, controls to change the volume levels and a LED power indicator.

More Tips on How to Buy the Best Computer Speakers:

Just because you want cool, new speakers don’t rush to buy speakers simply because you want some and you want them NOW!  I say that because I have been known (more often than once) to do exactly that! Take the time to look around, visit the online stores to learn of the specifications and the various prices. Go through the reviews left by the customers.

If you happen to be a video game lover you should go for speakers that have sub woofers and a couple of mini speakers. The mini speakers create a surround sound effect.

Placement of the speakers is also very crucial. If you want even sound distribution in your room you must place the speakers very carefully.

Lets us take a look at some of the best desktop computer speakers:

Altec Lansing MX6021

This brand is very popular and has been around for many years now. This company is known to produce speakers that boast of unmatched sound quality. Some experts have stated that this speaker is somewhat under powered when compared to the others but customers who have actually used this have stated that the speakers have surpassed their expectations.

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The bass output is solid and very strong, and this speaker can out do any other brand by leaps and bound. These speakers are available at a reasonable price and are the best 2.1 speakers to have been ever made.

Creative Inspire P580

Creative is always known for producing some of the best gaming computer speakers and so this particular model does not disappoint in any way. Whether it is for video games or whether you would like to listen to an ear splitting guitar solo these speakers will do more than that.

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The depth of the output is simply amazing and so without any hesitation you could put this right on top of the list of things that you want to buy in the near future.

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Harman Kardon Elegant

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The overall performance of these Harman Karon speakers is simply outstanding. It is interesting to note that for these speakers some of the pros in the industry have stated that they are underperformers but the customers are very happy with the performance. The design is great, the sound quality is great and they cost less than $100 – All reasons why you might want to buy them!

Altec Lansing VS2421

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Another fantastic speaker from Altec Lansing and this brand never gets their product wrong. These speakers not only boast great looks but of high quality, distortion free sound. These speakers come with easy to use controls that adjusts the level of bass or treble. The good thing about these speakers is that the power supply is inbuilt so all you have to is connect it to the socket and it is ready to be used. These speakers produce very realistic sound quality.

Philips MMS 321

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These speakers from Philips are undoubtedly the very best to have been released in the market. The quality of sound is nothing short of brilliant. These speakers are really loud with all the volume you need and the best thing is that the sound does not crack at all. There is no distortion. The speakers cost about $500 and they are worth every penny. If you are looking for best gaming computer speakers this brand is what you should be looking at.

Altec Lansing FX3022

ALtec Lansing SpeakersThis is another speaker from Altec Lansing and is considered to be a huge improvement over the others.  The good news is this speaker is available in a comfortable price range which makes it affordable for the average Joe. The sound quality is crisp and free from any distortion; the base response is to die for. Over all the speaker is excellent and you should consider buying it without any hesitation.

Logitech Z-560

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These speakers from Logitech look fabulous and they sound even better. The speakers are capable of producing nice bass, midrange and very clear highs. The 5.1 speakers can produce good depth and these speakers are very loud so volume won’t be an issue!

So these are considered to be best computer speakers for gaming or at home use in the market right now and are very popular with the general public. With all these options, it’s easy to find the best budget computers speakers all the way up to higher priced options that will work for you!

Which ones do you like best?  Let us know in the comments below!



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