Laptops vs Tablets: Deciding on the Right One for You

tablet vs laptop

(Updated August, 2017) Are you checking out laptop vs tablet reviews and options?  Modern technology trends have greatly influenced our decisions regarding the choice of gadgets we want to own. With new trends coming into the market, consumers have plenty of choices at their disposal. When it comes to computers, a lot of buyers are often required to choose whether to purchase a laptop or tablet. It’s definitely a tough choice to make but there are guidelines that can be used to determine whether to buy a tablet or laptop.

Laptop vs Tablet Pros and Cons – 2017

To begin with, you need to understand why you are buying the computer. Laptop vs tablet purchase decisions should only be made after clearly identifying your needs and buying a gadget that will fully satisfy them.

For example, if you are deciding between a laptop vs tablet for travel – that will influence what options to consider.  In this guide, we shall discuss a few features as well as both pros and cons of laptops and tablets. Using this information, you should be able to make informed decisions. Before discussing the pros and cons of each, let’s briefly describe what a laptop and tablet are.


Since the invention of a desktop computer, the emergence of laptops quickly took center stage with the design improving significantly as time progressed. In the recent years, laptops have become lighter and better in performance.

Laptops now come in different sizes which include; full-size laptops and netbooks. A full-sized laptop is a personal portable computer whose size accommodates a full QWERTY keyboard. Some of the main features of a laptop include; CPU, RAM, hard drive, Power supply, Internet connectivity, LED, connection ports, Video Display controller among others.

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Whether you’re buying a laptop or tablet, most of the features and operating mechanisms are similar. Tablets were designed from laptops and therefore, similarities are expected.


Tablets came into the limelight after the launch of Apple iPad in 2010. Since then, numerous brands have emerged and modern computer users have fully embraced the use of tablets. A tablet computer is basically a mobile computer that is larger than a personal digital assistant or mobile phone but much smaller than a laptop.

Some people even compare laptop vs tablet vs smartphone in making a purchasing decision.  However, note that the screen size of a phone eliminates many of the uses that are available with either a laptop or tablet.

Tablets are divided into two types;

  • Post PC tablets that run on operating systems initially meant for mobile devices
  • Traditional tablet PCs that operate on desktop operating systems. Both types of laptops share the same advantages and disadvantages if you are comparing tablet vs laptop suitability.
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Tablets rely on touchscreen displays and not physical keyboards used by laptops, though they are easy enough to get an addon. Key components include; CPU microprocessor, RAM (can be expanded), hard drive, battery and power supply, USB ports, memory slots, graphic and audio controllers among others.

Let’s discuss the benefits: laptops or tablets:

Laptop Pros

While laptops are older compared to tablets, they still possess some advantages that make them superior over tablets. Experts advise buyers to go for laptops especially if their intention is to use them for work or business purposes. This is because they can handle large amounts of data and cope well with processing without compromising performance.

  • Better Performance: Laptops have been designed with better hardware utilities and therefore, outshine tablets when it comes to performance and multitasking. If you run a lot of programs simultaneously, a laptop is definitely a better choice than a tablet. Laptops are excellent for heavy internet users because they’re designed to quickly process data and store it.
  • Large Display: Because of their size, laptops have a large display compared to tablets. When it comes laptop vs tablet display, a laptop offers enjoyable and comfortable viewing. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games or viewing photos, the laptop experience is more rewarding.

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  • Easier and comfortable to use: Since laptops are designed with a full keyword and a wide screen, it’s much easier and more comfortable to use them compared to a tablet. No doubt, tablets have an appealing touch input, however, it can be gruesome to use a tablet touchscreen especially when a lot of typing has to be done. Laptops also allow a user to have a surface where they can rest their arms and wrists, health experts recommend it.
  • Durability: Since many laptops don’t rely on a touch display, they’re less susceptible to damage compared to tablets. Laptops also have been designed to withstand pressure and are not as sensitive as tablets.
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Laptop Cons

There are cases where if a comparison is made between a tablet vs laptop, a tablet becomes a better option to go for:

  • Portability issues: Initially, laptops were considered to be highly portable. However, the entry of tablets changed the perception as tablets are lighter and smaller than laptops. If you’re thinking of buying a laptop or tablet, it’s better to choose a tablet since it’s easier to move around with.
  • Short battery life: Laptops score well in performance but end up using a lot of battery power. Tablets outlast laptops because you can do much more with them before the battery goes flat. Because of their limited processing capability, they keep power for longer periods of time.
  • Inconveniences with certain software programs: There are some applications that work better on a tablet because interaction with the program is via touchscreen input. For instance, it might be easier to draw and manipulate pictures using a tablet than a laptop. However, this disadvantage doesn’t apply to laptops that have touchscreen interface.

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Tablet Pros

Tablets are definitely devices that are becoming more advanced, more powerful and more sophisticated as time goes by. There are remarkable improvements in terms of design and performance that have been achieved in the recent years.

For tablet shoppers, a more relevant comparison for them would be buying a tablet vs iPad. However, tablets have become popular especially among users who love doing simple tasks such as social networking, using email and playing games which don’t require a lot of computer memory. If you fall in this category, a tablet is the best alternative for you.

  • Tablets are very light and as such, are commonly used by people who’re always on the move. They are an excellent choice for travelers who don’t feel like carrying a laptop which is more bulky. Compared to the smallest netbooks, tablets still weigh less and can be easily handled using one hand.
  • Extended battery use: Best tablet models can comfortably sustain power for 8 hours or longer with moderate use. This is significantly longer than laptops whose battery life averages at approximately 2-3 hours. When put in stand-by mode, tablets can remain ON for several days.
  • Touch input: For users who prefer touch input as opposed to a keyboard, a tablet is ideal because it supports various applications and tasks such as image drawing and playing of games. Some people also find it faster to interact with a touch screen to perform various tasks.
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Tablet Cons

Despite the new technologies associated with tablets, they’re still considered inferior to laptops because of;

  • Lower Performance: When buying a tablet or laptop, users need to understand that laptops possess superior processing power compared to tablets. Tablets are useful for simple tasks and are not a good choice for users who love to multitask.
  • Uncomfortable to use: For those who love to use the keyboard for typing, a tablet is time consuming and cumbersome especially for users who are not used to touchscreen interfaces. There is also no place for the user to place their wrists and arms which causes a lot of physical strain. However, there are some tablets which come with an external keyboard.
  • Highly Fragile: The touch-sensitive display of tablets is weak and this makes them extremely fragile. Lack of proper care can lead to screen damage which in turn, renders the laptop unusable. To secure a tablet, users are often advised to buy screen protectors and protective covers which are an additional cost of maintenance.

If you are unsure of whether to buy a tablet or laptop, the above information should help you to make an informed decision. It is important to critically evaluate your needs and lifestyle before buying.  In the laptops vs tablet battle, either choice is perfect depending on what you need! Let us know which you prefer and why!  We love hearing your opinions.

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