Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest; Infographic

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Social MediaPinterest, a social media website that has exploded in recent years!  In fact, there are over 73 MILLION users as of February, 2015 and that number is only growing.  It’s a website that has something for everyone.  So we took some time to check out the various facts, figures and stats of what Pinterest is doing and who is using it.  We combined what we learned into a cool infographic to share all of what we learned.

We dug into this incredibly popular social media website and came up with 60 different items that we wanted to share. Armed with these stats, you are definitely able to maximize your use and success with Pinterest!

Whether you are a casual browser, business or website owner or internet marketer, this infographic is definitely something that you want to see.

History Facts About Pinterest

So check it out and let us know what you think? What did you find interesting about Pinterest? And if you enjoyed this infographic, please pin it to Pinterest, stumble it on Stumbleupon or share it on Twitter or Facebook!

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