Easy Ways Gadgets Can Help You Sleep Better

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As the internet of things makes its way further and further into our bedrooms, we thought we’d step back and check out the best gadgets on the market for getting a good night’s sleep and how they do it. Couple these great gadgets with some of our recommended fitness apps and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier, and tech-filled lifestyle. From smart mattresses to humidity control, there all kinds of gadgets that can improve our shuteye, but these are some of our favorites:

Alarm Clock Time WatchSmart Alarm Clock & Climate Control

First up on our list is Sense’s voice-activated alarm clock, which does so much more than just wake you up. As the name suggests, Sense detects the light levels, temperature, humidity, and even air quality in your bedroom. Armed with this information, users can rest easy and in an environment optimized for sleep. Sense’s alarm clock responds to simple spoken commands and monitors your sleep cycles. The device comes with both an app for your phone and a small sensor that you can clip onto your pillow to ensure you get the best night sleep.

Smart Mattresses

Given that we spend a third of our lives asleep, it’s really worthwhile investing in a good bed. While you might not consider a mattress as a gadget, advancement in memory foam technology is transforming attitudes. Owing to their excellent support and breathability, smart memory-foam mattresses are becoming all the rage and are leading the way in smart sleep. With emerging companies such as Eve offering direct-to-door delivery and a generous trial period, it’s a good opportunity to test out this cutting edge sleep technology.

And if you haven’t had a new mattress in years to decade or not had a quality mattress, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your sleep once you upgrade your mattress – there’s a world of difference!

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Cut Out the Noise and Light

For many, noise and light makes it difficult to get a solid night’s sleep.  The latest technology now offers sound and light blocking window treatments, shades and blinds so that both sound and light can’t cut into your night time dreaming.  Choices such as acoustical curtains and blinds as well as soundproof window inserts will make your room peaceful and quiet.  And these types of items don’t have to cost a fortune if you check out various discounts and coupon sites like these other options.

Stop Snoring, Sleep Better

We all claim we don’t do it, but snoring happens and mostly to other people, but aside from being an annoyance for anyone sharing a bed with you, snoring can disturb your own sleep. In some cases, heavy snoring can even be a sign of cardiovascular disease. In addition, snoring can impact and hurt the quality of the sleep that you get each night, leaving you tired, grumpy and less able to work each day.  Smart gadgets such as Nora, however, promise to make snoring a thing of the past. By tracking the sleeper’s movements and nudging them slightly when snoring, these gadgets cut down on snoring without waking anyone up. Users simply place the device under their pillow and a small pump activates once snoring is detected. The pump then raises the pillow to reflect the breathing pattern of the sleeper and gently decrease their nocturnal growling.

Getting good quality rest each night is critical to your health and daily life.  Take the steps that you need to enhance your room and your sleep.  After all, we spend about one third, or more, of our day sleeping or in our rooms – don’t we deserve to make that time the best that it can be?  Let us know in the comments below what are your favorite ways of making your room stylish, fun and helps you get a great night’s sleep?

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