Cutting the Cable Cord; What You Need to Know

cutting the cable cord
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(Updated July, 2017) Entertainment plays a major role in our daily lives. As times goes by, people are constantly looking to new technologies with an aim of improving the quality of services offered. Over time, cable TV has dominated many households across the globe but this is beginning to change. Constantly rising prices of cable TV, taxes, poor customer service and programming packages that are not tailored to user’s needs have compelled cable TV users to think of “cutting the cable cord”. It’s unfortunate that many of us have subscribed to packages with as many as 50 even 100 channels that we don’t watch. This is not only expensive but is also highly inconvenient,  forcing consumers to begin searching for customized TV programming elsewhere.

Best TVs for Gaming jpgIf you think cutting the cable tv cord comes with too many sacrifices, you’re wrong. It’s more customer and pocket friendly as well as easier than you can ever imagine. Fortunately, there are plenty of cutting cable cord options out there. A while back, cable TV was considered the ultimate entertainment guide but this has changed especially with the introduction of high-speed broadband internet services. Services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are some of the best alternatives for those intending to cut the cable cord. Internet-based TV services is the best choice for you since you don’t have to worry about paying huge monthly costs for TV channels you don’t watch. Instead, you only pay for channels that interest you; pay only for what you watch.

However, in order to benefit the most from cutting the cord cable, you need to have a good idea and history of your TV viewing habits. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools and technologies out there which have been designed to cater for diverse needs of users. With these options, you can enhance your entertainment viewing experience and get full value for your money.

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  1. Streaming Services

Once you have cut the cord cable and acquired your hardware, it’s time to choose the type of streaming service you want to subscribe to. The 3 common options in this category include Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Let’s be honest. Choosing can be challenging since all of them offer a good service and quality content at an affordable price.


In terms of popularity, Netflix comes at the top. As opposed to month cable charges that are expensive and restrict your content variety; Netflix has a wide variety of recent TV series, excellent shows and movies. For roughly $8 per month, you get the basic tier; however, if you need multi-screen or HD streaming, choose the $9 tier.


If you’re hooked on popular TV shows, Hulu is your best choice since it has a wide variety of famous and top rated TV shows. With $8 per month, you are free to enjoy your shows. However, their movie choice is limited so you’re better off with Netflix if you’re a movie fan.

Amazon Prime Instant Video:

This service has grown in popularity in the recent years especially for cable TV users who have recently cut the cord cable in favor of other TV programming technologies. The content selection is good considering its costs approximately $99 per year for an Amazon Prime subscription.  We’ve got this in our family and love it!  In fact, it has replaced just about all of our tv viewing for some members of the family, including grandparents!


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  1. WiFi Router: TP-Link Archer C7 – Dual Band

In order to achieve smooth internet streams from your TV, you need a stable and fast internet connection. Cutting the cord on cable means you need to research well and talk with your ISP provider to ensure you have a plan that meets your needs and can work well even with multiple devices connected to the internet. You can significantly improve your wireless speeds with a quality WiFi router (TP-Link’s Archer C7) for only $100. Once you have the Archer C7, you are guaranteed good speeds over 802.11 ac (the most recent and updated wireless standard), dual-band connectivity and four Gigabit Ethernet ports (for wired connections).

  1. TV Options –  Vizio E Series

Cutting the Cable tv cordCutting the cord cable doesn’t mean you don’t have other good options to consider. The E series of Vizio TVs are an excellent option in terms of value and service. As a streaming hub, these TVs provide accurate picture and color quality that enables users to enjoy high quality entertainment on a budget. Using these smart TVs with built in internet based features and platforms, you get to enjoy high quality programming.

  1. Roku 3 Set Top Box

Roku 3 SetIf you plan on cutting the cable cord, a set top box should be the next thing on your mind. A set top box allows you stream internet-based content on your television. A lot of people are using set top boxes for their entertainment. However, it is wise to acquire one that is easy to navigate, fast and reliable in order to have maximum convenience.

The latest Roku 3 box is famous for its strong performance, friendly interface and is loaded with plenty of media apps. Furthermore, this set top box has a multifunctional remote and a comprehensive search function that ensures you have the best viewing experience. For those cutting cable cord 2015, the Roku 3 2015 model costs $100 on Amazon.


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  1. Streaming Dongle: Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming StickIf you feel that $100 for the Roku 3 set top box is expensive, the Roku streaming dongle is half the price and offers good speed. However, compared to Roku 3, it lacks bonus features but still gives you access to all apps; it also resembles a USB stick. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, there is Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick. However, Roku streaming stick still offers better utilities than the two.

  1. HBO

Here, you have several choices for specialty programming. HBO is a perfect alternative for users who’re contemplating cutting cable cord sports channels since it has live wrestling as well as sports channels such as NHL GameCenter Live, and NBA League Pass. You can also opt to buy content from platforms such as Amazon and iTunes but it’s costly.

The above cutting the cable cord alternatives only represent a portion of the services available. The best thing is to do thorough research and identify platforms that match your viewing needs.

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