AVG Ultimate Review; How to Protect You and Your Computers the Easy Way!

Ransomware – It’s an increasing threat and issue made even more prominent with the recent Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks, to name just a few.  If you aren’t up to date on what ransomware is, the specific definition according to Wikipedia is:

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to the victim’s data and threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid.”


Fighting back and being protected both individually and for businesses around the world is becoming more and more important as hackers find more ways to hack computers and businesses and extort a fee from you to get your computer back to operational.  So, what can one do to help protect yourself and your computers at home and at work?

Computer security tipsYou know that we are fans of AVG anti-virus and other apps since we’ve already talked about their free anti-virus program HERE as well as including AVG in our Top Android Virus Protection Apps post HERE. And we also use their products as well, so our checking out the AVG Ultimate All-in-One Protection shouldn’t be a surprise!

What many don’t realize is that AVG is more than just anti-virus protection like we covered in the two posts mentioned above.  AVG’s Ultimate All-in-One can protect and defend you against Petya and other ransomware attacks.  But that’s not all it covers!

Avg Ultimate ReviewsTo start with, an one of my personal favorites, is that it covers ALL your devices!  That’s right *A*L*L* of YOUR devices!  Now, I don’t know your household but I know that in mine that’s over 10 items that are being covered.

Next up – internet security for both you and your family.  And kids have a way of wandering into sites and downloads that they just shouldn’t be touching.  No worries now with this coverage!

And the “tune up” for your PC is a feature I wouldn’t have even thought of being included.  I love the idea of speeding up my computer.  I remember what it was like when I bought it….and it’s definitely not performing at that level now.

Best Free Antivirus ProgramsOk, there’s a ton more but I’d be here all day if I detailed them ALL right now!  I will say, it’s a solid option for both PC and Mac users! So, here’s the list, and check AVG’s Ultimate All-in-One out now for more details.  (You can check them out HERE!):

  • Antivirus & Ransomware Protection
  • Data Safe
  • Browser and Disk Cleaner & SmartPhoto Cleaner
  • Battery Profiles
  • Anti-Theft,  App Lock & Device Lock
  • Automatic Maintenance & Startup Optimizer
  • Payments Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Software Updater
  • Camera Trap
  • Hacker Protection

AVG Ultimate

Hacking and ransomware are not just being done on big corporations, it’s reaching out to touch all of us.  And those who won’t have issues are those who are taking steps to protect themselves and their gadgets.  So, what are you going to choose starting now? (Check It Out Now!)

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