10 Best Free Music Download App for Android

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(Updated August, 2017) Looking for the best free music download app for Android?  We all love listening to good music. In recent years, a lot of music fans have changed and embraced modern ways of listening to music.

The emergence of smartphones has greatly revolutionized and inspired modern music trends with listeners enjoying their music on cool devices as well as enjoying the freedom to download it from the internet. It is amazing how we can comfortably carry around our smartphones and still use them as our primary media players. If you’re looking for the best free music apps for Android, there are plenty of apps to choose from the internet.

Google Play Store is a major resource and home for thousands of apps. Luckily, Android has also stepped up its efforts thanks to a number of community developers who have come out to build highly customized apps for Android users. Before the introduction of apps, music listeners had a hectic time transferring music files from a laptop or PC to the phone.

Using the best free music player for Android, you’re free to download music directly from the internet to your smartphone. All you need to have is an Android phone and a stable Wi-fi connection to get instant access to your favorite music.

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There are both free and paid music download apps for Android. When choosing, you need to be specific and also determine the authenticity of the app you want to download. Doing this is important because some apps are a hoax and when clicked on, redirect you to unrelated links. The complete list of best free music streaming app for download is long; it’s impossible to discuss all the apps. However, we have selected the top 10 most popular best free music apps for android. Before downloading from the app store, it’s wise to double check the features of the app; some allow for unlimited music downloads (they’re the best).

1. Rhapsody

Image Source: Rhapsody.com
Image Source: Rhapsody.com

For those of us that loved this app, it’s time to say goodbye!  Rhapsody is now Napster – more on that later.

If you’re looking for a top rated best free music app for Android 2015, Rhapsody is very popular and widely respected for its awesome internet music downloading capabilities. Using this app, you can comfortably download millions of music tracks accompanied with great features such as superior audio quality and song radio. Rhapsody comes with audio EQ, artist videos and sleep timer.The ability to come up with your own sound track and create playlists for your various moods makes Rhapsody rank as a top free music app for android. If there’s no active internet connection, you can still play music files that you had downloaded previously and use them offline. Using this app, you can listen to radio by choosing any song or artist.

2. Anghami

Image Source: Anghami.com
Image Source: Anghami.com

Just like Rhapsody, Anghami is associated with a huge number of downloads; this is good news for music lovers keen on variety. Nowadays, it is a smart move to choose the best free music app for Android that allows for endless downloads. There are millions of both international and Arabic songs easily available free of charge; furthermore, Anghami facilitates fast and simple sharing of music files with your friends as well as a personal DJ support. This app comes in two versions; Free and Subscription version. Users on the Pro version have unlimited offline access (no need for 3G/4G connection).

3. Blur Music Download

If you’re interested in a fast and simple music download tool, Blur Music Downloader is a good choice that not only allows you unparalled convenience but also spices up your music experience.  There are a few places where you can claim this app online.

In terms of speed, it’s the best free music streaming app for android for MP3 formats. The simple and extremely user interface design are some of the strongest points of this free music app. The level of permissions is low and is definitive design adds value to the entire music downloading experience. The stable search engine is instrumental to ensure that search requests are accurately and effectively handled within the shortest time.

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4. Gtunes

Gtunes is an improvement of the older “Gtunes music download” associated with superior speeds and stellar performance compared to the previous version. For users keen on having the best free music player for Android, this app is 100% free, with no hidden costs. However, when using the app, you will see notification bar ads, desktop search icons and notification ads. A lot of people love this app because once songs to be downloaded have been identified; it is possible to download the entire batch with a single click. Millions of songs are available and Gtunes automatically downloads the songs to the smartphone’s SD card.

5. Sound Cloud

There are millions of users around the globe who use Sound Cloud app to download free music. On Google Play it’s listed as an Editor’s Choice and Top Developer picks, which isn’t an easy task!

There is plenty of variety with this best free music app for android tablet since users have access to various trending contemporary music genres such as house, jazz, hip hop and rock among others. Using this app, music lovers can directly post search queries for both artists and tracks.

Image Source: Commons.wikimedia.org
Image Source: Commons.wikimedia.org

Sound Cloud allows you to follow friends and artists to listen to what they are sharing. Aside from classifying tracks by genre, with WiFi or data, you can listen live online. This app enables you to skip, pause and play tracks from the lock screen. It is also possible to record sounds and share them with friends on different social media platforms plus geotag recordings with location information. Sound Cloud is definitely a smart free music app for android users.

6. MP3 Skull

Just as the name suggests, MP3 Skull is a popular free music app for Android 2017 in a variety of versions. Please note that we’ve got the latest link to this site at the time of this post!  However, it’s URL has changed a few times in the last few years and we can’t guarantee that it won’t again!  ????

Its capability to quickly search for MP3 tracks from both MP3 search engines and MP3 public sites makes the app a favorite choice for many. Using this app, you can quickly search and download free MP3 files. The choice to preview and listen to music before downloading is a great advantage for those who’d want to double-check to make sure they’re downloading the correct music files. App users can also see the lyrics of the song they intend to download if they are available.

7. MP3 Music Downloader

If you’re keen on having the best free music download app for Android with the capability to download an unlimited number of mp3 songs, MP3 Music Downloader is worth giving a try. This app facilitates downloading of unlimited mp3 tracks from different online platforms and is associated with any download restrictions. This app allows you access to legal mp3 tracks from verifiable internet sources and is packed with awesome features.

Image Source: Pixabay.com
Image Source: Pixabay.com

Some of the features of MP3 Music Downloader include; background music playback, album art, lyrics viewer, quick forward/rewind, skipping tracks, album/song/artist info editor, repeat/playlist/shuffle options and a user friendly touch control mode. Efficient audio control is achieved using a sound equalizer. AB music loop and sleep timer are extras that come with this app. For social media users, the app permits users to post to both Twitter and Facebook.

8. Songily

Songily is one of the fastest growing apps for downloading mp3 songs online. Songily doesn’t have a lot to offer in the design department but manages to more than make up for it with its simple, straightforward design and easy-to-use interface.

Song.ily music player for androidUnlike some of the other apps on this list, Songily doesn’t require you to register or sit through multiple ads to download songs. All you have to do is simply search for a song or choose from the top charts, and you can play it or download it for later use without any hassle.

9. 4shared

4shared is by far one of the largest file depositories for Android, but that’s what exactly makes it such a great app for download and listening to free music. 4shared is used by millions of people and comes with its own built-in music player that can store and download songs for offline use.

4shared music app for androidWith more than 5 million tracks and growing every day, 4shared provides a simpler way to download and stream free music. You also get 15GB free worth of storage on 4shared’s Cloud, which you can use to store songs when your phone is running low on storage.

Even though the interface looks outdated, overall, 4shared is a great app that any music lover will appreciate.

10. ITube Music Downloader

This simple and one of the best free music app for Android can easily download mp3 files and other music files direct to your android device. The features are common with other modern music download apps and they include; searching for music files using the song or artist name, add to playlist, online lyrics, preview before download, alarm or notifications as well as set as ringtone. To get the best results, you need to have a stable internet connection to realize fast download speeds.

The above best free music apps for Android devices are popular and have top ratings. However, this doesn’t mean that other apps are not effective. Every day, new music download apps are available on the internet coming with a wide array of cool features and allowing users the freedom to select their favorite music tracks and play them on their Android gadgets.  Which of these have you tried and do you recommend?

Best Music Download Apps That Are No Longer Available:

9. MP3 Music Download (HangSui)

This app has a very simple user interface but shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of capability. MP3 Music Download is commonly associated with Downloading MP3 songs from the internet though some users have claimed the app can also download YouTube music. Among the key features of this best free music player for android is that it can download MP3 music directly to SD card.

10. MP3 Music Download (BayMax Media)

-No longer available-

When using this app, you don’t need to worry about the MP3 music files because they’re all free and licensed. This best free music app for Android tablets searches and saves downloaded music files on your smartphone. Searching for files in music engines is simplified and users also get the chance to search either by specifying the album, artist or song title. In case you need to set alarms or ringtones, this app allows you the freedom to do so. Music lovers who prefer to create their own playlists with their favorite music are free to do so. MP3 Music Download is popular because it allows you to listen to the track before beginning the download process. The fast music downloader tool and the flexibility to work with different genres of music are the key features of this app.


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