14 Best Android Screen Recorders 2017 for Mind-Blowing Viewing Experiences

(Updated February, 2017)  Are you looking for popular screen recording Android apps for snapping random images on your smart phone and/or tablet? An extremely handy tool when you don’t have access to a ‘save image as’ option, a screen recorder app serves to be your best friend in need.

Read on for a carefully assimilated list of the best Android screen recorders that will make your search easy.

Screenshot ER– Free or $2.99

Screenshot ER appThis is a free screen recording app that claims to work when all similar apps fail. Extremely user friendly in nature, this app is compatible with rooted gadgets only. It is loaded with settings that allow you to capture any image you want. You are also allowed to flip and customize images.

ASC – Free

ASC is a unique Android app that comes packaged with real-time screen recording features that you can record/capture screen with your gestures.  Devoid of any annoying UI elements, it ranks among the best Android screen recorders on the racks of ‘Play Stores’, globally.

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Shou – Free

Shou recorder

Arguably the most professionally designed screen recorder for your Android device, Shou is useful for creating results that you can record and share. However, this offer is still in its beta stage and can be downloaded by joining the Shou community available on Google Plus.

Screenshot Ultimate: Free

This is one of the best screen recording apps in Android based phones. With this app, you can draw, text, edit and share multiple screenshots. It has many features and 16 different types of capture methods.

This app supports both rooted and un-rooted devices.

Rec – Free

This amazing new screen-recording app that provides an intuitive user interface, neatly packaged customizable features and un-tethered access to screen recording facilities, is a must-have too!

Screenshot: Free

True to its name, this app provides the easiest way to capture screen images. All that you have to do is click on the shot icon or press the power button with its volume down.

The app supports only rooted phones but its developers claim that it can support un-rooted handsets as well.

Z – Screen Recorder– Free

A very easy to use app, Z- Screen recorder boasts of a friendly and simple graphical user interface. You can start your recording by opening the app and pressing the record button—it’s that easy.

With this app on your device, you can play, send, browse, rename as well as delete videos from the gallery. The app requires root permission for better performance.

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SCR Screen Recorder– Free

SCR Screen RecorderLast but certainly not the least, this screen recorder is recommended for users of Android 4.0.3 and up.

There are many other options available to record the screen as well. However, the ones given above will help you with your search for the best android screen recording apps. These apps are available on Google Play and can be downloaded easily!  Go check them out today!

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