10 Best Android Fitness Apps 2016 to Tip your Weighing Balance Correctly

Weighing Balance

Are you one of those fitness enthusiasts for whom the gym is a sanctuary? Imagine carrying a guide with you in your pocket– in the form of these fitness apps that will enable you to follow your fitness routine to the hilt. Whether you want to boost your performance or lose weight, its well advised get these apps to reach your goal.

Here, we have rounded the best Android fitness apps that promise support, motivation and challenges.

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Virtuagym fitness – Free

Virtuagym fitness android

This app offers hundreds of exercises and workout routines, irrespective of your fitness levels or available equipment. It offers diagrams to depict the correct form of exercises and gives you the numbers of sets and the “right” time break between the same.

Endomondo PRO – $4.50

Endomondo PRO

This is for walking, running and cycling enthusiasts. It keeps track of your distance and time and has an audio coach motivating you at every step. It even allows you to compete with the time set of other users. With this fitness app in your hand, you can explore new workout places and routines—in an easy and affordable manner.

Lose It! – Free

Lose It appIt tracks your daily intake of calories, exercises and the food that you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; thus helping you with your efforts of losing weight. The bar-code scanner helps you monitor every food item consumed by you. The existing database makes it easier to track diverse varieties of food. A great app for foodies wishing to shed off those extra calories!

Zombies, Run! – $4.02

Zombies, Run! This running app chalks out a story on the premise that ‘zombies’ are on loose, motivating you to run away from them. The audio guide updates their progress, insisting you to speed up in order to outrun them. This app has radio/voice messages interrupting your songs.

SleepBot – Free

SleepBot AndroidSleepBot tracks your sleeping patterns in terms of duration, your movements and how often you wake up in between. These sleep patterns can be viewed in graphs. It gives you accurate information of how to sleep better; thus ensuring that you don’t neglect one of the most aspects of fitness.

MapMyRide+GPS – $0.99

MapMyRideMapMyRide helps you track your speed, route, distance, time and calories. You get audio alerts that limit the constant need to look at the phone to check your progress. The leader-boards list achievements and progress of the different users, motivating you to do better.

Instant Heart Rate– Free

Instant Heart Rate app

This is a heart monitoring app that tracks your heart’s fitness. It gives accurate heart measurements, real time PPG graphs and easy ways to monitor your cardio workouts.

Workout Trainer – Free

Workout Trainer

This app gives an expansive list of exercises and workout routines, with step by step audio and video instructions. The users can create their personal routines and change them at will. This app will act like your trainer, making sure your fitness routine is never missed.

JEFIT PRO – $5.68

JEFIT PROAppropriately designed for strength training and bodybuilding, this app comes packaged with suggested exercises that target different body parts. You get instructions, a workout planner, exercise log, timers and a progress tracker. Remember that most of the suggested exercises would require proper equipments, so use this app in a gym.

Gym Workout Log – Free

Gym Workout LogThis app helps you keep a log of your workout through features like a workout planner, built-in exercises, history log pre-filling, record notification, goal tracking, chart analyzes, notes etc. It is intuitive and manages your workout routines efficiently.

Go for the Best Android Fitness Apps

With busy schedules and gruelling work hours, it is quite normal for you to neglect your fitness. However, hiding behind these excuses and refraining from workout is a thing of the past.

Now, there is no dearth of fitness apps that come with a mission to eliminate every such excuse that keep you fit and healthy.

With these apps in place, you can look forward to saying “hello” to a younger looking, more physically fit and a very attractive “YOU.”

So, stop running away from the right efforts for achieving your fitness goals. Take out those gym shoes, install these apps and get fit-today!

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