Which Laptop Is Perfect For Internet Marketing?

If you work from home or you are possibly just starting out and looking to get started in the world of Internet marketing then you might be interested in shopping around for a new computer and you’re probably asking yourself, “Which laptop is perfect for Internet marketing?

Best laptop internet marketingIf you are an internet marketer or someone that works from home, you need tools to get the job done. And a good laptop is a must have for any online specialist.

It doesn’t make much sense to hold back or cut costs when it comes to purchasing a laptop. When you settle for the next-best choice just to save a few bucks, you are putting limitations on your marketing productivity. This may hinder you from producing your best work.

So, in the end, regardless of whether you choose the budget friendly laptop or the brand new, top of the line laptop, it will become your most prized possession on your journey through the working online world. Remember, your computer is critical in your work-a-day life. So choosing one that is going to have everything you need and last long enough to make the cost affordable, is critical.

You will use your new laptop daily when you work online or from home.  That is a known fact.  Better tools usually equate to better results. Think about your new laptop as a long-term investment. You’ll be investing in the short term in order to make you tons of money in the long term.

You’ve probably already made investments in the form of educational materials like online courses and books.  You’ve also paid for webinars and mentorships to guide you and reach your success goals much more quickly.  These investments have helped you grow and have the skills to succeed in your business. Think of your tech purchases as simply additional investments and the expense seems easier to swallow.

Today, we’re going to run through a handful of laptops to help you decide what’s best for you depending on what you are mainly focused on in the Internet marketing world.

A lot of the newer laptops out there can handle most of the basic tasks of the Internet marketer, but there are also some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect laptop for your use.  And the decision can significantly change how productive you are while you are working online.

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For example, while the most basic laptops will do just fine for writing blogs or doing some copy writing, you will find that you will need a lot more horsepower for editing high definition videos or working with larger resolution images.

Laptops offer excellent power and portability.  With the sheer amount of laptop models being released every year, it can be pretty difficult to make a choice from what’s available. Well, here are some quick tips to guide you in the process.

If you’re a busy blogger, content creator, SEO specialist, or if you help businesses grow through digital marketing like Search Media, the physical build of the laptop such as a good screen size and a full sized keyboard should be a priority for you.  You’ll be staring at the screen and typing away on the keyboard for several hours a day.  Know that you can work more efficiently and easily when performing multiple tasks.

Acer Aspire E 15The Acer Aspire E 15 boasts a 15.6” Full HD screen as well as a full-sized keyboard and can be your desktop replacement if you choose to go full on with the laptop lifestyle.  The laptop was built with the every-day user in mind.  It also doubles as an entertainment machine with one-of-a-kind speaker design to make sure it delivers a wide range of bass and volume to fill up the room.

Large screen sizes and full-sized keyboard usually mean heavier units.  If you’re always on the go, you don’t want to be lugging around extra pounds of tech in your bag and wearing you out.  Some Internet marketers just require the lightest laptops with extremely good battery life for checking emails, keeping open lines of communication with clients, or analyzing performance reports of the websites they manage.

Lenovo ChromebookIf you’re looking for the ultimate portable laptop, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 is less than one inch thin and weighs only 2.6 lbs.  It also acts as a 2-in-1 with a full HD touch display.  The laptop boots up in seconds, has enough processing power to multitask, and has an awesome battery life.  You’re able to easily sync your files using your Google account so you always have access to them via cloud storage.

The Chromebook may not be for everyone as it runs on an operating system different to Windows laptop or a Macbook.  Your beloved software may not run on this machine so it can be a potential limitation if you’re looking for an all-around laptop. But for fast and easy, this is a machine to consider.

Asus Pro 15 inchFor the Internet marketer who needs to prioritize performance over portability, the ASUSPRO P2540UB-XB71 is a high powered laptop equipped with a blazing fast 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor, full HD display 8GB of RAM. It has an anti-glare display with a matte surface to prevent unwanted reflections which will help reduce eye fatigue.  The P2540UB has an added layer of security to give you peace of mind for your important files with a fingerprint scanner just below the keyboard. Additionally, this laptop comes with a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphics chip with 2GB of memory to ensure you work effortlessly with video editing.

The choice of the best laptop for an internet marketer or anyone that works from home, is always going to be difficult.  There are a lot factors to consider when looking for the perfect one.

If you’re on a tight budget, then choose smart and find one that is within your current budget.  You can always upgrade later.

Ask yourself these questions to help when deciding:

  • Do you need to work with specific applications or software?
  • Does the software you need to use work across different operating systems?And will it work on the computers you are considering?
  • Does the laptop have a long term warranty from the seller?
  • Does the seller have a reputable customer service hotline?

These aren’t the only questions to ask yourself when making the final decision.  Don’t be afraid to pull out a pen and a sheet of paper and start listing down features you need, and possibly don’t need, in a laptop.  This can help clarify what is your best choice.

Once you’ve answered the questions and reviewed your options, the decision frequently becomes a lot easier for you. Good luck in your new adventures!

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