Top Five Kitchen Stand Mixer Reviews

Kitchen aid mixer review
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(Updated September, 2017) Curious to see which are the best Kitchen Stand Mixers?  Well, that’s why we create our stand mixer review, we wanted to know as well!

We all have a TON of kitchen appliances, gadgets and gear. So you ask yourself, why do you need a stand mixer? Well, my answer is that until you have tried one, you will never know what you have been missing! A good kitchen stand mixer not only saves you time but also energy. Stand mixers are very versatile. First off, it kneads homemade bread better than hand mixers. They mix cake batter thoroughly and easily. Stand mixers keep your hands free while mixing leaving you free to do other tasks. And of course, they look really great on your kitchen counter and you look like a cook that knows that they are doing!

We’re here to help you know the different options and we’ve taken our team to check out and do through stand mixer reviews on the various options and in this post our research team has lined up the best stand mixers available in the market. When deciding on a stand mixer, look at key specifications like the noise level, motor power and convenience before deciding on the right one for you. Begin by checking out the functionalities and choose a stand mixer to make your life easier in the kitchen.

1) Kitchen Aid Artisan

This one is definitely the best stand mixer in the kitchen. This machine gives you a flat beater which is good enough to mix cake batter and cookie mixes. If you want to add that extra fluff to your scrambled egg, KitchenAid Artisan offers a balloon whisk for that and meringues. It has a dough hook for making loaves of bread. Kitchen Aid Artisan comes in almost 29 color options which means not only can you make your life easier with it, but also compliment your kitchen decor.

The stand point has 59 point planetary action, that means that the mixing belt hits 59 point directions to ensure your ingredients are mixed thoroughly. It can churn up to nine cups of flour at a single time. With various functionalities and capabilities, this stand mixer is bound to be your favorite tool in the kitchen. I know it is in my house! The build is metal and constructed with metal gears, therefore durability is guaranteed.

Kitchen Aid stand mixer review
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2) KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer – Best Stand Mixer

This stand mixer has a motor of 300 watts. It comes with planetary mixing action with ten different speeds. KitchenAid Ultra comes with direct drive transmission, which means there are no belts which can wear out or break. Durability is not a worry, as this stand mixer comes with an all metal body build. It is a strong cake mixer and can mix eight cups of flour at a time. The design of the mixer is such that you can add extra ingredients while the mixer is already churning.

One of the best pluses to this mixer is that you can buy several handy accessories to go hand in hand with the mixer. One example is the ravioli maker. Seriously! Now you too can easily make your own ravioli at home. If you love to make your own juices or smoothies, this mixer has a great juicer attachment to give you tasty and healthy juice mixes of your choice. If you are looking for a mixer that offers you great flexibility in terms of an all in one mixer, you will get it with the KitchenAid Ultra. This strong mixer even comes with a one year replacement guarantee.

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3) Breville Scraper Mixer Pro –

This stand mixer has load sensing technology for motor protection and 550 watts of power. Breville Scraper mixer can be a great kitchen assistant to help you mix cake batter and make bread dough without any real effort from you. If you want to multi task with a mixer, then Breville Scraper is a perfect choice for you. There is a countdown timer which you can set by pressing the arrow key up or down. The mixer uses the planetary mixing action that hits in several direction and spins either way to ensure that ingredients are mixed well completely.

This mixer does not give you the choice of colors like some companies but, frankly, this stainless steel mixer grinder goes fantastically with any kitchen decor. To sum it up this mixer grinder has variable mixing speed, load sensing and auto off technology. The easy clean finish and easy to use timer make the mixer a perfect kitchen accompaniment.

Bosch Universal Mixer
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4) Bosch Universal Mixer – 

This is one of the most powerful among the present day stand mixers. It has an 800 watt motor and can mix a whopping 15 cups of flour at a single time. This mixer is probably the best for bread making, as it can even knead the toughest bread dough.

Design wise Bosch Universal is not as flashy as its counterparts but no mixer can beat its power. For dessert or cake mixing this mixer can be slightly excessive. But if bread making is your forte then you do not have to look beyond this mixer. You get a bowl scrapper, double beater and a dough hook as additional attachments with this mixer. You can buy and attach a food slicer/shredder or juicer separately.

The manufacturer’s website is well developed and ought to have all the answers for your queries. Also of note, you have the option to extend your warranty coverage from one to two years.

Cuisinart Stand Mixer
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5) Cusinart SM Stand Mixer – Best Stand Mixer Under 200

This stand mixer is sure to give other stand mixers a tough fight. It makes your time in the kitchen easy as well as enjoyable. It comes with a powerful motor and has the option to attach several accessories. It has a large 5.5 quart bowl which helps in making double recipes a breeze. If you mix multiple batches at a time that is a feature to really consider! Coming from a large family, cooking in large quantities is important and this feature will come in really handy. This stand mixer has 12 different mixing speeds to give you the choice based on what speed you require for different ingredients. To prevent splattering this mixer grinder provides a handy splash guard.

If your recipe calls for precision, this stand mixer has a countdown timer of 15mins. Cuisinart is equipped with auto off technology. Therefore when the motor starts heating at too high a level, it will automatically shut off. The best part is that this mixer is simple to use. Its tilt head design offers a convenient access to your ingredients in the bowl. The motor has a five year warranty and the product has a three year warranty.

The above are the top five ranked kitchen mixers based on our research of the best kitchen stand mixers. Keep your needs and budget in mind while making the decision. Do come back with your feedback and opinions and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Most of all, enjoy the ease of use and the delicious creations that come out of your kitchen now!

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