The Do’s and Don’ts of Domain Name Registration

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Believe it or not, the tool that you will most benefit from and that is worth every penny that you invest in it isn’t one of the many business apps to keep business operations organized and running smoothly, or an elaborate CRM and CXM team and plan. Those are all important in and of themselves, however, the most important business element that you can have is your website. This is where business begins and ends.

Of course there are many strategic ways to engage your customers to click on and stay on your website, but the very first thing that anyone is going to see and engage with is your company name, and consequently, your domain name.

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but your domain name needs to be very well thought out. Indeed, it can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. It may not be the most attractive of topics, but going about registering your domain name the right way can make a big difference to the overall performance of your website. So, here is a list of actions you should do and not do for you to consult.

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Do Personalize, Don’t Go Generic

Although there is an obvious draw to registering for a free domain name, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the domain name that you want to choose. A free generic domain name that won’t generate much web traffic will most certainly not be of any benefit. Depending on what your business is trying to achieve, sometimes a country specific domain name, a new top level domain (nTLD), or something that is more affordable, are all worth the investment.

Ultimately you want your domain name to be something that people will remember and will be inclined to click on. By adding a location or other personalized elements in your domain name, you generate a more unique and memorable domain name. Also, if you choose something country specific, you are more likely to get the traffic from that specific target market than on a more generalized domain ending.

How to keep your domainsDo Lock It, Don’t Leave it Open to be Moved

The ability for domain names to be transferred to different registrars is actually a good thing for a web owner. However, if you want to ensure that your domain name doesn’t for some reason or another get accidentally transferred, it is a good idea to have it locked. This way it becomes impossible for your domain to be moved without first being unlocked.

Do Set Up Auto-Renewal, Don’t Let Your Domain Expire

Although you should have a small window to reclaim your web domain once it has expired, it is not worth the risk. Since the option is usually available and is easy, it’s worth it to just set up the auto-renewal feature on your domain name contract. If you end up no longer needing it, it is easy to cancel. But don’t leave it up to chance or you might lose it, and with it, your whole website.

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