Mobile Gambling Is Exploding All Over the World


The changes in technology developments has produced an incredible and dramatic shift towards using our mobile phones to the extent of doing virtually anything with them. Online gamblers have fully embraced this. Now their mobiles are their little personal casinos and their favorite tool for playing their favorite games that they had to play on their computers in their homes.

Just less than a decade ago, mobile gambling was something that was only a concept. Only a handful of online casinos or sports betting sites were releasing mobile apps for their services, and those apps usually supported only iPhones. Back then Androids were used compared less to iPhones or even Blackberry, so developers were more focused on iOS apps. As time passed by operators dropped developing casino apps and focused on providing fully optimized websites that can be used seamlessly on mobile browsers.

It is amazing that this industry is only 20 years old. The first online casino was launched in 1994 with the help of Microgaming, one of the leading casino game producers and developers. You can imagine how it actually looked like in the 1990s. It surely was a very ugly one for today’s standards. Unfortunately, there are no online records or screenshots of this casino, although it would be something interesting to see.

Anyway, back then playing online for real-money was something unimaginable because not everyone was able to gamble. If you were lucky enough to live in a city where casinos existed, like Las Vegas, you would be in heaven, but what about the rest of the world?
Fast forward to 2015 and now online gambling sites are in a battle of who will provide a more unique mobile gambling option. Being able to play from your own home or on your mobile from anywhere in the world has made online casinos the primary means of gambling. They are usually made popular by sites like, specialized sites that offer information for players from specific countries, Australians in this case, and pointing them in the right direction where they can play using Australian dollars etc. These are extremely helpful sites and usually offer info about the best mobile gambling options.

Picture2AThe spread of tablets, Smartphones and Wi-Fi has exploded to incredible proportions and all of that has worked very well for the online gambling industry to the extent of changing the online gambling market forever. Now there is virtually no gambling website that doesn’t offer its games for mobile gambling.

Picture3AGambling on your mobile or doing anything on your mobile for that matter is both convenient and practical. Mobiles have revolutionized our daily lives and help us relate with the outside world in a more interesting way, so it makes perfect since why mobile gambling has exploded all over the world. The monetization potential for gambling operators is higher than ever considering that the mobile gambling market is expected to grow at double digit rates in the next 3 years.

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