Lenovo P780 VS Gionee M2; Compare & Buy

Lenovo P780 VS Gionee M2

Lenovo P780 and Gionee M2 are both quite famous brands in terms of the cell phones’ popularity is concerned. Though Lenovo P780 was launched approximately 9 months before Gionee M2 phone but both the phones have certain features similar to each other.

The two brands have launched phones which are similar in terms of the measure of display, resolution of the camera, on-board storage capacity and even the onboard RAM capacity. Despite having many similarities, there are certain differences as well.

Here, we have a detailed comparison between Lenovo P780 and Gionee M2 in order for you to know each phone in a better manner without having to even buy the phone.

Lenovo P780 VS Gionee M2

The differences in the two phones mentioned above are very subtle and yet they tend to have profound effect on the user. For a person who wants to use the phone and its camera quite extensively needs to pay great attention as the camera and processor related features need to be always kept in mind while we figure out the phone.

Here is a List of parameters on the basis of which the phones have been compared.


Battery Life ComparisionThough both the phones have similar battery strength, which is Lenovo P780 has battery strength of 4000 mAH and Gionee M2 has battery strength of 4200 mAh, but the battery of Gionee is removable while that of Lenovo the battery is not. Hence, if the battery of Gionee’s phone is damaged under any condition, you can get a new batter as replacement however, with Lenovo phone model, the user has to replace the entire phone set in order to get a new working phone.


The display of a phone is quite important as we are comparing a smart phone with camera. The display mode of Gionee M2 and Lenovo P780 is touch screen based however, the resolution of Gionee M2 phone is 480 x 854 pixels while that of Lenovo P780 is 720 x 1280 pixels which accounts for better picture quality. Gionee M2 has a 16M TFT screen while the screen in Lenovo cell phone is 16M IPS screen.


mobile CameraComparison says that both the phones have 8MP camera but the front camera is somewhat better in Gionee M2. Gionee M2 has a 3 MP front camera while Lenovo P780 phone has a 0.3 MP front camera. The difference is clear in terms of the quality of images.

Thus, Lenovo P780 phone is especially not suitable for the users who would want to take a selfie. Both the cameras sport an 8 MP camera but LenovoP780 cell phone also has an auto focus capability.

Gionee M2 camera has a feature of panorama both horizontally and vertically. However, Gionee’s counterpart does not sport such a feature in the camera. HDR, Face beauty, Eraser, 99 snaps in one click, Gesture Shot, Smile Shot are some of the features of the camera that are available only with Gionee and not with Lenovo model of phone.



Connectivity in a phone makes a phone receive and send data in the form of messages of images or any other media to another or many different phones. Therefore, the aspect of connectivity cannot be avoided. Both the phone models support headsets, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; the difference lies in the versions of Bluetooth connectivity being supported. Gionee M2 supports Version 4.0 of Bluetooth and Lenovo support version 3.0 of Bluetooth connectivity.

SIM 2 features

Though both the models of Lenovo and Gionee support dual SIM however, not all the SIMs enjoys the same extent of features. Lenovo P780 phone has a second SIM on which 3G connectivity features are not established. Both the SIMs in Gionee enjoys 3G connectivity features.


Both the models of phone in Gionee and Lenovo tend to enjoy many sensors however, there are a couple of sensors which are present in a model and absent in the other. While gyroscope is available in Lenovo P780 and not present in Gionee cell phone model, the sensor of compass is present in Gionee M2 but Lenovo P780 model is devoid of a compass.

Technical Differences

There are many similarities in the two cell phone models in terms of technical aspects. However, there are certain disparities as well. In the phone models of both Gionee and Lenovo, the operating system is Android Jelly Bean version 4.2 and a quad core processor. However, the difference lies in the speed of the processor.

While Gionee M2 sports a 1.3 GHz processor and Lenovo P780 sports a 1.2 GHz processor. The GPU is also different as Gionee has a Mali-400 GPU and Lenovo P780 has a Power VR SGX544 GPU.

The above mentioned aspects are few of the differences that the two phones Lenovo P780 vs Gionee M2 have amidst them.


The two phones Lenovo P780 and Gionee M2 may look quite similar in terms of their appearance but are quite different in terms of the feel that user gets while using them and the features that the phone sports. Comparing Lenovo P780 and Gionee M2 and finding out better of the two is subject to discussion depending on the user preferences and requirements.

If there are any more differences between that you uncover while using the phones which have been compared, feel free to let us know.


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