Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker; Review

(Updated June, 2017) We decided to do a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker review in the hopes of finding something that made our early start to the day easier and better tasting! Mornings are always hectic for everyone because there’s hardly enough time to fix breakfast. If you don’t have time to prepare and eat a full breakfast, thing again – the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker allows you to quickly and easily enjoy breakfast that will comfortably enable you to begin your day on a high note.

This sandwich maker helps you to prepare breakfast sandwiches using fresh ingredients. All that is needed is to have your bread ready and make layers with your ingredients; cheese, eggs, precooked meat are commonly used. However, you have the freedom to select ingredients of your choice.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Reviews

The five minute preparation time is reasonable for those in need of a perfectly assembled, ready to eat breakfast sandwich. Hamilton Beach sandwich maker has 3 main layers; the top lid, the egg cooking plate and the main cooking plate.

If you’re worried about cleaning the unit, you don’t need to worry because all parts are durable, non-stick metal and can be easily removed. Cleaning is a snap; you can easily clean using a napkin in between preparing sandwiches. Furthermore, the removable parts are all dishwasher safe. When using Hamilton Beach Sandwich maker, you only need to focus your cleaning on the “cooking plate” and the ring mold which are easy to clean with water or a dishwasher.

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If you love rich and healthy breakfast recipes, Hamilton Beach allows you to explore healthy alternatives and consume less processed food. The choice of sandwiches to prepare include; egg whites, low-fat cheese, whole grain English muffins or bagels, lean meat, your choice of veggies, vegetarian sandwiches among others. This sandwich maker also prepares delicious protein-packed sandwiches as well.

Hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker reviewsFor new buyers, Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker has quick and simple recipes included. This step by step guide is ideal if you wish to explore and learn how to make different types of delicious sandwiches.

With a price tag of under $25 (based on our recent check), this sandwich maker is not high-tech or a super fancy cooking gadget but perfectly satisfies the needs of those looking for quick fix tasty sandwiches. Plus with its sturdy and well-built design, it is fun and convenient to use.  Even the kids will enjoy making their own breakfast with this!

So, what can you expect from a Hamilton Beach sandwich maker?

The goal of using this sandwich maker is to prepare sumptuous breakfast sandwiches like those found in fast food restaurants. There’s no major skill or equipment required to prepare a tasty snack; frying pans, toasters and egg rings can do this. However, Hamilton Beach simplifies the process by not only reducing preparation time but adding some fun to the entire experience. So if you fear cooking, no need to worry because this gadget doesn’t require you to cook; you only need to master a simple sandwich assembly process.

Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com

Easy Steps: How to Make a Sandwich with Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker Instructions

Preparing a sandwich with Hamilton Beach is simple:

  • Begin with the base of the muffin or bread and add cheese, vegetables, meat or ingredients of your choice on top.
  • Once you’re done, close the first layer and place the egg on the next layer and put another piece of bread on top of the egg.
  • Once the second layer is completed, close it up and place the assembled sandwich in the gadget for about five minutes.
  • The aim is to ensure the bread is toasted, the egg is cooked and the sandwich is hot.
  • Remove the sandwich by sliding the bottom part. Your sandwich is ready to eat.

One thing to note, the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker can be challenging to use especially for those who need to prepare several sandwiches. Since it takes approximately 5 minutes to prepare a single sandwich, it’s time consuming and cumbersome for those who need multiple sandwiches. That’s part of the reason why they came up with the Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker  which you can see above and check out more on that product here! However, on a lighter note, this unit is an excellent choice for kids especially for parents who want to ensure their kids eat healthy sandwiches.

Allowing picky kids to prepare their own sandwiches just like the ones served in kid favorite fast food restaurants enables them to become more responsible, proactive and adventurous when it comes to cooking.

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Given the fact that Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is simple to use, you can allow your kids to safely use it. However, they need to be older and understand the risks involved. If they’re young, adult supervision is still needed because the unit gets hot. Young kids can be guided to become creative and choose their own ingredients to make healthy and tasty sandwiches with little effort. And don’t forget, this sandwich maker is well known for making excellent after-school snacks.


Image Source: Amazon.com
Image Source: Amazon.com


Since the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is small; the advantage is that you can comfortably carry it with you on trips and make sandwiches while camping (yes, we’re assuming you have outlets where you camp ???? ) or on vacation.

This unit is ideal for people with allergies who are advised against using communal toasters and microwaves. Besides making breakfast sandwiches, some users have managed to successfully prepare hot ham-and-cheese sandwiches on biscuits or English muffin pizzas. This proves that Hamilton Beach sandwich maker is not just restricted to making breakfast sandwiches.

This sandwich maker only works with bread and ingredients that fit in the unit. It is therefore important to keep this in mind when buying your bread and other sandwich ingredients.  Our recommendation is to focus on using English muffins or mini-bagels for the best options and fit. I

Another tip to remember is that it is important to butter the muffin before placing it in the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker. A lot of people like how the cheese is melted and gets crispy. The egg also doesn’t slip out from between the layers when you’re enjoying your sandwich so long as the preparation steps are well adhered to.

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In summary, based on our Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker review, we feel the sandwich maker is an excellent gadget for any home because it is super quick when preparing sandwiches, it’s affordable and easy to use. Plus, the quality and taste of sandwiches prepared by this unit is excellent.

Furthermore, this brand has a good safety record and scores impressively when it comes to durability and ease of use. Cleaning the unit is simple and straightforward either with water or a dishwasher. The only major downside is that it can be hectic to use especially if you need to fix several sandwiches within a short period of time, so definitely consider the Hamilton Beach Double Sandwich maker option if that’s your situation! Bon appetit!

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