Google 101: Interesting Facts, Tips, Tricks; Stats [Infographic]

Google Funny Tricks

(Updated February, 2017) This infographic reveals few stats which are:

  • 90% is the percentage of revenue from advertising (click to tweet)
  • First Android Phone Released: September, 2008 (click to tweet)
  • Google Searches: 40,000 per second -13.5 billion/day (click to tweet)
  • 87.1% U.S People use Google in mobile phones (click to tweet)
  • Number of Google Employess : 72,053 (click to tweet)
  • If a Google employee dies, his or her spouse gets half pay for 10 years (cick to tweet)
  • 15% of Google searches each day have never been searched before (click to tweet)
  • In 2013, Google suffered a blackout that took down all of its services for 5 minutes (click to tweet)
  • Employees at Google are called Googlers, and new employees at Google are called Nooglers (click to tweet)

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Interesting History of Google

A Humble Start

Now, a large empire with sprawling offices all over the world, Google experienced a humble beginning in a small garage in 1998. It was founded by two graduate students Larry Page and Sergei Brin of Stanford University. Soon, their hard work and ability to give search results gets wide appreciation and within a year, it gets its first multiplex office named Googleplex in Mount View, California.

Various Google Products

On April 1, 2004, Google launched the now widely popular Gmail service and YouTube on 13 Nov 2006. The consistency in innovation gets reflected when in 2008; it comes with Google Chrome, a relatively fast web browser and launch Google Plus in 2011. It was in 2013, when Google suffered a major setback because of an unexpected blackout for 5 minute duration.

Google in the mobile phone territory

It will be surprising to know that Android phones that are thought to be a Google product is actually of a company Android Inc which was acquired by Google way back in 2005 at a price of 50 million dollar. Google released its first Android phone in September 2008 and is now the most preferred phone by all mobile users. Already many versions of Android OS have been launched by Google like Gingerbread, Kitkat, etc. and at present, it is buzzing high with the preparations of unveiling its Google Nexus 8.

Mind-Blowing Facts

  • Google’s main source of revenue – We all know how much Google earns, but did we know really from where Google gets its major revenue? Yes, it is from advertising and this is up to a whopping 97%! Financial service sectors contribute the most in this as much as 50 dollar per click for search related to cheapest home loans and remortgage with bad credit. Insurance sector is also a significant contributor along with others like Hosting, Software, Recovery, etc.


  • Volume of Google searches – Google searches per day stand at over 3.5 billion each and every day and in 1998, it was just an average 9,800 searches on a per day basis. Today, Google has come along a long way with an average 1.2 trillion searches per year. A single Google query asked by any user sitting in any corner of the world gets an appropriate answer in just 0.2 seconds and this is actually done by employing more than 1,000 computers by Google!


  • Extraordinary employee benefits – The Company has a sprawling office and boasts of 72,053 employees who are known as Googlers and Nooglers, if they are newbie’s. The perks that Google dishes out for its employees is unparalleled as it includes free electric cars for its car-less employees, free hair-cuts, free meals and many other attractive perks. What sets it apart from its competitors that it pays half the salary of an employee to their spouse for the next 10 years in the event of the former’s death to ensure the well-being of its employees long after they have gone.


  • Projects that failed – Google also has its share of failure as some of its ambitious projects like Google Answers, Google Videos, Google Wave fail miserably in the past.


Google Tips and Tricks to Know

Well, you know doubt know a lot about Google, but there are some trip and tricks under our Google 101 facts that can help you know more and make the most of this technology.

  • To know your IP address or geo-location, you just need to type Google Mirror in the search box and then press the ‘I am lucky button’. You need to then click on ‘My Location’ and you will get directed to page for your IP address as well as location.
  • If you want to just have fun by watching all your content upside down then just type Google Gravity and press the ‘I am Lucky Button’.
  • Google can be set as a timer by just typing “set timer as 20 min” in the search bar. Here it should be noted that instead of 20m, you can give any of your desired number and the clock will start tickling!
  • Type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and press enter to get Google flip out for you. Believe me, this can freak out your friend too if she or he is unaware of this cool trick.
  • You can also convert any currency by typing like “convert 120 dollar to inr” in the search bar in a matter of few seconds.

Google Funny Facts

  • Google got its name from the term “Googol” which literally means the one to be followed by one hundred zeros. Actually, Google is an essentially misspelled term!
  • Google even at one point of time rent out goats to overcome the problem of unwanted weeds and brushes at its office.
  • Google encourage its employees to bring dogs with them at work. Weird quite isn’t it?
  • The fist Google Doodle was a burning man symbol.

If you have any other such interesting facts, tips or tricks, then please do not hesitate to share with us.

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