Best Cable Management, Cord & Wire Clips

Are you someone that is working remotely or interested in possibly working online or remotely? Remote work and self-employment are becoming more and more popular nowadays. With all of the easily accessible technology such as a laptop and high speed internet connection, it’s now a lot easier and possible for one to work from virtually anywhere.

How to organize your officeThe idea of a home office is a dream come true. But this perk has an ugly side to it as well. There’s a lot of factors to consider when setting up and getting started on working from home. First, you need to make sure that you can manage your time well and that looming deadlines are handled effectively. Secondly, have you thought about how you’ll handle distractions in the house? There’s always something that needs doing at home, but when working you need to ignore these items and focus.

Finally, technology can easily makes our little cozy work spot prone to clutter. Not very fond of the idea? For many, clutter can be distracting and impede how effective you are in working and getting things done. If order does matter to you, let’s take a look at a few organizational ideas and tricks that can make one’s work-from-home life easier and safer.

Make Cord And Wire Clips Your Best Friend

Cables, wires, and chargers, there’s virtually no escaping them. We all have more than we know what to do with! And actually, I’ll bet you are like me and have at least one cord tucked away that you don’t know what it goes to. And that’s ok!

So when we start to create our home work space, it can get messy and loaded with various power cords. By the time one has finished setting up even the simplest of workstations, the floor is likely to become a messy and disturbing sight. Tangled wires are not only unpleasant to look at but also create obstructions and potentially dangerous situations, especially if your home as some children or pets. Luckily, there is a solution for that.

If you have never heard of a cord organizer, you definitely have some catching up to do. As the name implies, it is used to manage your cables and wires by securing them in a fixed place on a floor, ceiling or wall (or any other surface you need to affix them to, for that matter). Such clips or organizers can be seen in a variety of shapes and sizes that match both home and businesses and are able to effectively control this clutter.

How Do Cable Clips Work?

Well, the cord clip or organizer is usually made up of two parts. The first one has the task of holding all cables and wires together in a neat and secure manner, and the second one hosts both the clip and the bundle of cables together against a desired spot out of the way of their owner (and often, completely out of sight as well, see how here). Even though there are companies which produce these two parts as separate mechanisms, a single item serving the purpose usually offers more benefits and convenience.

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An example of such one-piece wire clip would be a plastic grip with a hole in the middle, which is used to attach it to the surface by means of a nail. A word of warning that this solution might not be suitable in cases where the surface needs to remain intact.

Good Old Wrap

Twist tiesIf you don’t have a cord organizer easily available, temporary measures you can take are bundling and wrapping your wires together in order to provide some quick office optimization. Remember the twist tie that your gadgets came in with? The ones you had to remove as you were getting them out of the boxes and preparing to set them up? Don’t throw that away just yet. You can use it to hold the extra wires together even after the devices are already in use.

How? Either bind cables together or reduce the length of unsightly hanging stuff by tying loops of it together. Of course, if we are talking industrial size or amount of loose cable, you are likely to need thicker rubber ties you can adjust where necessary. You can find more ideas on how to order your cables or even go completely cord-free at You will be surprised to find how many options are available.  

Label Your Cables

LabelAnother problem you are likely to face in a sea of cables, cords and wires is a difficulty to tell which one serves a particular purpose. You can effectively deal with frustration and save time otherwise spent hunting down a particular charger by labeling them. You can either buy some write-on label tags or use whatever you have around the house that contains a writable surface you can stick to the cable.

Imagine you need to plug a hard drive or scanner you rarely use and have a box of power cords left from dozens of devices you have collected over the years. A proper label will help you identify the needed cable right away, instead of having to trace it back to its proper source.

Getting started and setup to work at home, whether it’s for your existing company or on you own is an exciting time! The key to being effective is to make sure that you realize that you ARE working and create a space that is effective for exactly that – working and getting your projects done on time! So take a few minutes to create a spectacular home office space that works best for you and keeps the clutter to a minimum.


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