5 Benefits of Using Online Signature tools

Due to the availability of online tools, many processes have become easy for individuals and businesses. Not only are processes faster and efficient, but they are also safer.
Signing documents using online tools has never been this easy. With the availability of the Soda PDF Sign PDF tool and others, you have to upload the file and then sign it. Such software and tools also allow you to share the document with other signers.
If you are thinking about using an online tool to sign documents, here are a few reasons why you should invest in it:

  1. Safety
    Electronic signatures are safer than wet signatures, meaning that it is difficult for scammers to copy them. Moreover, the document is only shared with individuals you trust. Hence, there is no way that someone else can gain access to the file. Also, once the document is signed, it is uploaded to a secure cloud account. Hence, you can retrieve it whenever you want.
    There is no way a scammer can alter the file under any circumstances. You can minimize the risk of altered documents by using online tools for e-signatures. Hence, more organizations are switching to online signatures.
  2. Audit trail
    Reliable online signature tools use an audit trail and timestamp of each sign. It ensures that the right person was able to sign the document. Each signer also has a unique identity so that no other person can sign the document.
    Verification and authentication
    In addition to this, online signature tools verify a signer before they can sign the document. There are various methods that they use. These include email verification, SMS code, one-time-passcode, etc. Hence, only the person you verify can sign the document.
  3. Saving time and effort
    One of the main reasons why people prefer online signatures is because it saves time and effort. Instead of manually delivering hard copies back and forth between the signatories, all you need to do is send it via email. It makes it easy to track the document and ensure that the right person signs the file. You can share the document via a link.
    As a business owner, using online signatures can help you streamline processes. So, if you are dealing with many customers, it is efficient and fast. In the long run, it leads to improved customer experience.
  4. Saves cost
    Another reason why you should adopt online signatures is that it saves cost. Printing documents wastes paper and ink. Moreover, it is not an eco-friendly solution. Instead, online signatures do not require any paper and save costs for businesses and individuals.
  5. Legal status
    Electronic signatures have the same authority as a wet signature. Hence, you can use an e-signature in court to defend your position. Online signatures also have an added layer of protection–encryption. The document is safe and only visible to the parties with whom you share the file.
    Online tools allow people to sign various formats of documents, including PDF, Word, and others. You can also integrate online signatures in Google Docs, MS Word, Salesforce, and other software.

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