12 Android PDF Reader Apps 2017 for the Reader in You

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(Updated February, 2016) With PDF fast becoming the de facto e-book format for corporations, institutions, universities, publishing companies, individuals and others around the world, the official PDF Reader launched by Adobe is no longer the only resource for reading these files.

Here, it deserves mention that PDF files have never been a preferred format and have always been problematic for the end users who have wanted more than what Adobe had on its cards.

Things have now changed and you can get instant access to powerful Android PDF reader apps and suites that pack in the extra punch with features like image/text filtering bookmarking, text search/ selection, comments and other annotation tools.

Take a closer look at the top 12 Android PDF reader apps and chose the one that best meets your requirements.

That said, it’s indeed time for some reading!

Adobe Reader– Free

Adobe Reader App

The very first pre-eminent option is the Adobe Reader. As far as its features are concerned, Adobe has most of the standard features of a PDF Reader and a whole lot of other features too. This PDF reader is mostly used for business reasons and is highly recommended for all other users as well.

AnDoc- PDF & DJVU Reader– Free

AnDoc- PDF & DJVU Reader

AnDoc claims to be unique because it is simple to use. This app is able to open and view all PDFs as well as DJVC files, but that’s all it can do. It does not have many features and is useful for basic reading only.

CamScanner– Phone PDF Creator- Free /optional and $49.99 yearly

Cam Scanner appCamScanner is not a typical app. It cannot read PDFs that are meant for mobile storage; however, you can use your mobile camera like a scanner to scan the documents and save them on your phone in a PDF format.

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ezPDF Reader- Multimedia PDF– Free or $3.99

ezPDF Reader- Multimedia PDFezPDF is more or less like the Adobe Reader as it primarily serves business needs. But then, it does not have as many features as the Adobe Reader and cannot be used as a reader for advanced needs. The significant features of ezPDF are its multimedia and ePub support. And yes, the “Form Filler “ too!

Foxit MobilePDF – Free

foxit reader for androidFoxit is a reader side PDF reader but also has certain features that support business users. It includes annotation features and supports the signing of PDFs too. Ranking high on the list of best Android PDF reader apps in 2014, it offers cloud support that enables it to open PDFs– quickly and easily.

Kingsoft Office+ PDF– Free

Kingsoft Office+ PDF androidKingsoft is mainly an office app but also boasts of some features that deal with PDF files. It has the basic functionalities like opening a PDF file or saving a document in PDF format. If you so desire, you can read or print the files but other than that it does not have many options related editing PDFs and so forth.

MuPDF– Free

MuPDFThough the app has not been updated by the developer since a long time, the good thing is that the last update by MuPDF was really good. It offers basic features but excels in opening the files smoothly and quickly. This app can be used to fill annotation and forms.

Lirbi Book &PDF Reader– Free

Foobnix PDF ReaderAs the name suggests, PDF Reader is used to read PDF files. It has a longer list of features than any other app in the list and is used for  reading PDFs  by individuals and businesses alike.

qPDF Notes Pro PDF Reader– Free/ $2.89

This PDF reader has many features like cloud support, non- LiveCycle calculations and text reflow—which are  not easy to find in similar apps. It also boasts of tools for form filling, annotation and an editing feature , therefore making it one of the best PDF reader apps in the industry.

Radaee PDF Reader– Free

Radaee PDF reader for andorid

Radaee is a PDF reader app useful for reading. It has basic features that are mostly found in other apps as well. The app claims to be better in regards to rendering and language support, than others.

Google Play Books

Google Play BooksThis great app is Google’s answer to the demand of e-readers and can be used as a stand-alone program on your Android device. It is clean and crisp and without many frills. However its Read Aloud feature is not as good as that of other apps in the same category.

Moon+ Reader – Free

Moon+ Reader – FreeNeat user interface, smart visual as well as control options, highly customizable and packed with features like bookmark, dictionary, highlight, annotation, share, sync reading position, backup and share, access to online e-book libraries and more –this app is certainly a steal!

Your “Reading” Journey

It’s true, e-books and PDF files are increasingly popular and available.  The ability to carry a multitude of e-books in one device is truly amazing.

So, are you ready to download one of these feature-packed Android PDF reader apps and take your reading time to new levels?

Begin today!

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