10 Advantages of Cloud Computing What are the Benefits?

benefits of cloud computing

What is cloud computing?  What are the advantages of cloud computing? And just why is every business moving to cloud computing? With all the latest advancements in technology, we have witnessed amazing ways of storing and accessing data such as Cloud computing. You can define “cloud computing” as a way of storing, accessing data and programs over the internet on your computer hard drive. The word “cloud” is used as a metaphor for the internet. There so many advantages of cloud computing that you or your  business could potentially benefit from.

This technology can be summarized as computing based on the internet. In the past, people used to run programs or applications from software downloaded on a physical server or computer in their place of work but with cloud computing, you are able to access these applications and programs via the internet.

For instance, when you update your Twitter status or check your balance on your phone, you are already using cloud computing. Today, people, businesses and individuals use cloud computing to solve various challenges they face daily.  Over time, many have realized the advantages of cloud computing because it makes live much interesting.

What are Common Cloud Computing Examples?

advantages of cloud computing

Before we go to advantages of cloud computing, we have to briefly discuss some of the common cloud computing examples. At times, the relationship between local computing and cloud computing is very blurry (like in a storm…..sorry, couldn’t resist!) . This is because the cloud is a main part of almost everything on the computer these days.

Google Drive

Google cloud computing service features all storage found online and works great with cloud apps such as Google sheets, Google drives and Google docs. You can also find drive on your desktop computer that you can use on smartphones and iPad. Most Google services such as Google maps, Gmail and Google calendar are also considered a part of the Google cloud computing group.

Apple iCloud

Apple’s cloud service is mainly used for backup, online storage and synchronization of your calendar, contacts, mail and more. The data you need is available to you on your Windows device, Mac and iOS devices as well. Apple offers cloud based versions of its spreadsheet, presentation and word processor for use by iCloud subscribers.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon cloud computing offers storage to large retail entities and includes music, images and unlimited storage. Amazon cloud computing also holds anything you purchase for the Kindle and basically stores anything digital you buy from Amazon.

So, why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? Well, there are many benefits of cloud computing such as increased efficiency which can, in turn, improve cash flow for just one example of a benefit. Here are 10 top advantages of cloud computing.

10 Amazing Benefits of Cloud Computing

what is cloud computing

No Capital Cost Needed

When you need a new software, hardware or serve, you must incur an upfront capital cost of obtaining and setting up the equipment. However, when you choose to use cloud computing financing or staffing needed to make the business run is no longer your problem. Cloud computing gives you the opportunity to use the latest technology without spending a dime of your own for a capital cost. This is one of the great advantages of cloud computing, especially if your startup is still growing.

Use Less Electricity

Having your own servers and data center leads to higher electricity bills to access a cloud service provider. When you use cloud computing technology, you say goodbye to ridiculous power bills which means your business profits will be higher and expenses lower.  Your accountant will like that one!

Reduced Staff Expenses

Before cloud computing, businesses practically employed an IT staff to take care of different issues which was very expensive. Thanks to cloud computing, you get to access more experienced IT professionals without the need to spend a lot of money to hire a permanent employee. However, the use of cloud does not necessarily mean you don’t need a dedicated IT staff.  Instead, your overworked and valuable IT staff can focus on other areas in business to generate higher profits while the cloud services make sure the technology to support their efforts is in great condition.

Lowers Operating Expenses

When it comes to the advantages of cloud computing, reduction of operating expenses is worth a mention. For many businesses, one of the biggest expenses is operating costs for the IT department as well as hardware and software. Most of these expenses include physical maintenance of hardware, additional equipment on hand to fix things and upgrading both software and hardware. These operational costs add up to a monthly or annual expense but can be greatly reduced if a business embraces the efficiency of cloud computing.

what is cloud computing

Getting Rid of Downtime

When a business uses cloud computing effectively, it reduces the need of the IT staff to closely monitor servers and fix redundant issues which is a big waste of time and resources. Instead, they can use this time to improve other sections of the business.

Disaster Recovery Plans and Processes

No matter the size of a business, it needs to invest in a good disaster recovery. Unfortunately, small start ups find it challenging to find or implement a good one because most of them are expensive. Cloud computing assists these small businesses to access amazing disaster recovery resolutions that saves time and prevents upfront investment.

Automatic Software Updates

Among the many advantages of cloud computing, automatic software updates is definitely high up on the list. With cloud computing, the servers are not in the building and suppliers take the responsibility of updating them regularly with necessary software, so you don’t need to worry or waste time updating them yourself- how cool is that? This leaves you with a lot of time to concentrate on growing your business.

Amazing Security

A laptop is an amazing tool for a business but if it gets lost it can cause chaos in your business. An even greater problem, apart from it disappearing, is losing your sensitive data inside it. Cloud computing offers you amazing security when this happens because your data is stored in the cloud where you can access it no matter what happens to your laptop or computer.


Do you want to take your business to the next level and become more competitive? Opting to move to cloud computing is the gateway to success for any business. Cloud computing offer high end technology for both small and big businesses that want to grow and have higher profit margins. This technology lets small businesses have a say and compete with big boys in the market.

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Environmentally friendly

With all the discussed advantages of cloud computing for your business, moving to the cloud is not a selfish act at all. In fact this technology is environmentally friendly and that’s why many businesses have embraced it across the globe.  When the cloud is fluctuating, the servers’ capacity scales up and down to fit, so you use the energy you need thus you don’t leave a large carbon footprint. As a business, this should be important to you so as to create sustainable solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Have You Moved to the Cloud Yet?

benefits of cloud computing

And one more time – Why should I move my business to the cloud? Well, to decrease your expenses, double productivity and increase efficiency. You also can use cloud computing to increase your ability to do more with your business with fewer expenses. Whatever your reason, cloud computing enables you to focus on your growing business and many tasks are automated for you.

As long as you love to see the growth of your business, you can’t ignore cloud technology. Thanks to cloud computing, you can even give your IT staff time to learn other skills and develop within their profession. They will be able to master other skills needed by the business thus assisting it in further expansion. Today, cloud computing is not optional but a must have service that each business whether small or large needs to have in order to achieve their aims and goals while cutting costs.  What are your thoughts on cloud computing and have you and your business implemented it?

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