What is a SatchelBord? Something You Need Now

What is a SatchelBord?

Nowadays, people are on the move and the need to design convenient items that will make your life easier is a goal of manufacturers. Are you a student or a professional who spends a lot of time in the field? Most of us find it difficult to get a nice place to sit and work whenever we are outdoors. Due to school and career demands, most people are now expected to still remain productive while out of the class and office but face numerous challenges due to lack of a comfortable working space. Holding your laptop on your thighs and not having somewhere to sit is quite uncomfortable. Spergotech’s SatchelBord is an innovative product that helps you work comfortably regardless of where you are.

What is a SatchelBord?

That was what we wanted to know when we first heard about this thing!  So, what did we find out? This unique and well thought out bag is a 3 in 1 creation that consists of a messenger bag, mobile lapdesk and a fold-down chair. All these pieces beautifully and perfectly fit into the design of the bag.  It really is amazing how well they fit into this small space!

How Does SatchelBord Work?

The kit comes in the form of a messenger bag which, if opened, becomes a fold-down chair with a lap desk. Our one point to note is that for a large male, this sitting arrangement might be a bit of a tight fit.  The SatchelBord has numerous compartments where you can keep your books, files and pens among other items. This kit ushers in a new lifestyle that enables you to reap the full benefits of portable furniture.

Is There Any Size Limitations?

When it comes to size, anyone wider than the seat portion of the Satchelboard (about 17 inches) will probably not find it comfortable. The Satchelboard comes with backrest and straps for reinforcement to support people under 230 pounds.


Increased Productivity

SatchelBord allows you to work regardless of your location. This accessory has been specifically designed to cater to those with busy, on the go lifestyles – meaning you can take care of business anywhere.

Great Features

The SatchelBord is a great innovation that comes with a wide array of awesome features to guarantee you style and comfort while working on the move. Using your SatchelBord, you can create your own working spaces in places that lack key facilities for a comfortable work environment. A lapdesk enables you to transform any space into a working space.

Multipurpose Kit

With the Spergotech’s SatchelBord, you get an opportunity to enjoy 3 different products; a bag, lap desk and chair all integrated in a single kit. This is not only convenient but also offers you the best value for your money.


SatchelBord has a great design that makes it possible to be easily and comfortably carried around. Imagine the fun and excitement of having a desk, chair and bag for your personal stationary items all in one portable kit.  It’s super light and looks very stylish when on the go.

Caters to Varied Lifestyles

It can be used to meet the needs of different users and their lifestyles. Whether you are a student, a working professional who spends a lot of time in the field or a travelling entrepreneur, your needs are taken care of. SatchelBord has been designed to fit into the lifestyle of the modern user.

Safe to Use

The SatchelBord has been designed to offer maximum safety and protection. You can use the bag to safely carry your computer and store your accessories. Seal tight zippers, accessory pockets and internal Velcro bands provide maximum protection.

Travel in Style

If you travel frequently and require a mobile office, this kit comes with strong and comfortable shoulder straps or the option to use the bag’s handle. You can assemble your SatchelBord in less than 30 seconds making it very convenient for today’s travelers who need to travel and work at the same time.

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Different Styles and Colors

Designers of SatchelBord are fully aware we have different tastes and styles. You can choose your idea bag from the various colors available on the market. Feel free to choose the style and color that best compliments your personality.

What is a SatchelBord?If you previously faced difficulties trying to find a place to work while on the move, you don’t need to worry anymore. This kit is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to have a mobile office and work in style.   Here at TechieSense.com, we get to see and check out all kinds of products which is awesome!  This one is definitely one of the favorites of everyone here.  We’re quite impressed with it and think that you will be too!

At the moment, Satchelbord needs your support to go into full production. It will soon be available for pre-order on Kickstarter from February 27th – April 3rd.To learn more, check out SatchelBord’s Kickstarter campaign and their site here: www.Spergotech.com

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