Top Android Virus Protection Apps 2017 to Say “NO” to Security Attacks

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(Updated July, 2017) Yes, you need an Android virus protection app and yes, we’re covering several of the best Android Virus Protection Apps for 2017 right here! The idea of downloading security software on your Android device might seem a little daunting, but then, there are many good reasons to do so. Just about anyone– fraudsters included—are submitting their apps to Google Play Store and the other popular sources for downloading apps.

Sometimes, they are putting innocent users like you under stress by posting apps without pre-approval and subjecting your Windows phone handsets and iPhones to multiple risks.

Along with restricting your downloads to apps that are pre-vetted for safety, it will also do you good to install these Android virus protection apps that promise to make your device better immune to malware and other security issues alike.

The other benefits of installing a security suite at the earliest are easy access to anti-theft features; protection from malicious attacks of Trojan horse, malware, Phishing, personal information thefts; and so forth.

So, instead of waiting any longer and inviting problems your way, install the best android antivirus apps for 2017 that suits the purpose of your Android device to the hilt—you will not be disappointed.

Go Security App Review – Free w/ In App Purchases

Go Security App reviewsLoaded with what is supposed to be the fastest anti-virus app called AV-Test Full Score, our Go Security review checked out the product that is declares itself to be the “fastest virus detecting engine in the world”.  While we can’t verify that of course, we are impressed with several of the features that are becoming more important as we rely more and more on our phones having all kinds of information at our fingertips.

No Go Security App review would miss out on including 2 features for which the app is best known – real time protection against malware as well as solid performing privacy protection.  If you are wandering the web via your phone, viruses are real and easily happen with your cell phone, I don’t care which one you have!

In addition, it’s not too hard for people to snoop on you with your phone.  That’s where the AntiVirus app lock helps you limit access to some of your apps so that a random pick up by friends or foes doesn’t expose apps and access that you don’t want!


AVG Antivirus Security – Free

AVG Antivirus SecurityAVG is been into the antivirus business from the last many years and even precedes Android’s presence. AVG handles all kinds of pernicious assaults and can secure your gadget from the same.

Additionally, it can kill all undesirable assignments and confine applications when unapproved client try to take control.


Avast Antivirus Security – Free

avast antivirus for androidAVAST Antivirus has been downloaded on more 10 million android gadgets and the number is expanding with each passing day.

It’s a free antivirus and antitheft application which has been trusted by millions.

It helps securing your phone from malware and infections and additionally provides you with the power of wiping off your complete information from your gadget—from a remote location as well.

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Malware Bytes Anti-Malware – Free

Malware Bytes Anti-MalwareThe world’s best application that serves to handle malware to the extreme is currently accessible on Android devices. It filters the phone and kills any malware found on your system. It secures all personal information like photographs, features and confidential bank data and keeps your gadget totally secured.

Additionally, it confines doubtful applications to reduce any attempts to gain unauthorized control over your individual stuff.

Clean Master Phone Boost – Free

Clean Master Phone BoostClean Master, created by Cheetah Mobile, is a stand out amongst the most downloaded applications for virus protection and boasts of an impressive evaluation 4.7/5.

This application offers complete solutions for the protection of your device and aides in boosting the RAM rate, clears memory, uninstalls the application totally without deserting a sign in it, secures gadget from undesirable assaults of infection or Trojans, and so on.

Norton Security and Antivirus – Free or $29.99

Norton Antivirus for AndroidSince the last two decades, much the same as AVG, Norton is a trusted name in the world of antivirus applications, It keeps your device away from malware assaults, secures illegal sites from getting access to your gadget and a lot more. It has the capability of bolting your mobile remotely if it is lost or stolen.

Last but not the least; it helps you stop undesirable calls and SMS too.

Dr. Web V.9 Anti-infection Life Lic – $66.99

Dr. Web V.9 Anti-infection Life LicThis antivirus accompanies a cost of $69.99 for a lifetime (now that’s a steal) and secures your gadget from any kind of virtual assault. It has excellent features that include ongoing examinations with auto isolate characteristics.

Along with ensuring outside capacity, it functions as a ground in-house insect spammer and has its own firewall to ensure the total security of your gadget.

Armor for Android Antivirus – $29.99

Armor for Android AntivirusThe Reinforcement Android antivirus has a database for tackling over 1.2 million applications and more than 10000 dynamic android dangers. Apart from its antivirus system, it has certain extra features like a memory promoter, assignment executioner, and so on.

Avira Antivirus Security – Free

avira antivirus appIt keeps your mobile free from dangers like spyware, malware, infections and information robbery. Avira antivirus ensures 100 percent safety of your gadget and obstructs specific approaching calls and SMS, as blocked by you.

It has a striking feature of making a boisterous clamour (when stolen), regardless of the fact that it is in the on or off mode.

Comodo Mobile Security – Free

Comodo Mobile SecurityIn our recent Comodo mobile security review, we found that along with an awesome anti-malware protection kit, this virus protection app comes with many handy utilities that go a long way in protecting your privacy and data alike.

Furthermore, this app is among the few 100 percent free security apps in your favorite play store. Comodo performs an automatic check for updates and lists scan results in three different categories—Secure, Pending and Dangerous.

A ‘must-have’ app for all Android lovers who desire total protection.

CM Security Applock & Antivirus Review – Free

CM Security

CM Security Applock & Antivirus As its name recommends, it’s an antivirus with an applock characteristic, which is its USP. CM Security secures the gadget from noxious assaults and locks your most loved applications like Whats App, Instagram, Face book, and so forth. In our CM review, we found a lot that was worthwhile and made us sit up and take notice of the app. So if you want to know if CM Security is safe?  Our answer is yes!

In our CM Security app reviews, we checked out the cool features and the interesting functionality of catching a photo from the gadget’s front camera view if an authorized person puts three off base pass codes to gain unapproved access to your gadget.

That alone can protect and assist you in the event someone is attempting to get into your phone.

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360 Security Antivirus – Free

360 Security Antivirus app4.5/5 star surveys and more than 2 million positive reviews make this application a standout amongst the most influential applications in the antivirus domain. It secures your device from the most recent infections, Trojan, malware, and so on.

Additionally, it helps your telephone memory by cleaning hung applications and can likewise clear your gadget’s history and prepare it for better execution.

McAfee Free Antivirus and Security – Free

McAfee Free Antivirus and SecurityMacAfee’s winning Android application is the best antivirus tool that promises to secure your gadget from all internet assaults. Its antitheft features are best in class.

For instance, it discreetly takes a picture of the individual who steals your gadget. It then sends the same as an attachment to your enlisted email id and wipes off the information from your gadget.

Quick Heal Antivirus and Mobile Security – Free

Quick Heal Antivirus and Mobile SecurityThis application not just ensures your gadget from different noxious assaults, but also shields you from undesirable telesales and SMS. This application informs the client of any particular consent asked by the application that can influence your protection.

It likewise accompanies a SOS characteristic where your gadget continues sending the caution message on a predefined number during the time of crisis.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Free

Kaspersky Android appKIS accompanies an astounding number of 27 million downloads and is still counting. It accompanies a most recent antitheft result and antivirus security for Android gadgets. It comes free of cost and also offers some premium features that can be further added to secure your gadget cleverly and safely.

Its premium features include web assurance, cloud security, call and content channel for advanced mobile phone, and so forth—just to name a few.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus -Free of 100 percent detection rates, an easy-to-use interface, latest AV-Test reports and a lot more, ESET comes free and can be easily installed by visiting the Google Play Store.

It offers real-time and comprehensive scanning of all installed apps; detects malware; tackles potentially dodgy apps that try to make premium rate calls or send texts; presents an impressive suite of anti-theft features and so forth.

Ranking high on the list of the best Android virus protection apps in 2016, ESET also has a premium version that includes an app audit feature, anti-phishing protection, advanced call blocking and monitoring tools for unwarranted usage of data.

NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus – Free

NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus NQ mobile security is an award winning application which blankets each part of your Android gadget and acts as a safety feature or insurance while you use your phone –be it web surfing, online shopping, saving money over a telephone, and so forth.  It does it all in real time as well, giving you max protection.

Our NQ app review shows that the app protects your privacy and security from unauthorized snooping. This app, like others in our list is certified by AV-Test.

In our NQ mobile security review, we noted that the app also helps in boosting the pace and memory of your gadget and persistently screens for the dead applications running in the background to enhance the overall performance of your device.  Reviews show that many don’t even realize that the app is there, meaning it stays quietly in the background doing its job!

Android’s Antivirus – Free

This application was created by keeping its focus on improving the genuine Android experience. On an ongoing premise, it helps in recognizing and erasing the evident dangers from your gadget. The app reinforces your gadget and comes to your rescue when you want it the most.

Guard X Antivirus – Free

Guard X Antivirus appThis is a popular application which protects your Android gadget from all vindictive assaults. The best feature of this application is its specialized backing, where in case you feel any suspicious applications trying to take control of your device, you can take the right steps immediately.

Androidhelm’s Antivirus – $119.90

Androidhelm’s Antivirus androidAndroidhelm’s Antivirus is a bit pricey but offers a complete security solution for your android gadget. It ensures 100 percent protection from any undesirable assaults from digital world, while keeping your information sheltered at all the times.

It recognizes the remote location of your telephone when stolen and keeps you educated any further movement of the same. The app can also bolt your telephone with a pass code.

Additionally, it can wipe out all the information from your gadget at single go to keep your security in place.

Trustgo Antivirus and Security – Free

Trustgo Antivirus and Security This application comes free and secures you from Trojan and malware assaults. It screens your telephone’s battery and RAM use and continues following up on the same for better performance and a more ideal execution of your gadget.

This application also helps you to take reinforcement of your individual information during the time of crisis.

F-Secure SAFE – Free

F-Secure SAFEHighly compatible with your smart phone and tablet alike, this premium security suite protects you as well as your digital content against spyware, hacker attacks, viruses and identity thefts. It also blocks harmful applications, corrupt SMS/MMS messages and unwanted calls.

Keeping you safe from malicious web sites with total browsing protection, this is a great anti-virus to have on your device. Its award-winning technology protects you from all existing as well as new online threats—in the best manner possible.

Are you ready?

Installation of anti-virus applications on Android serves to be one of the most debatable topics; as the proponents of this popular operating platform believe that Android is much safer than all other OS Systems combined.

However, since it’s better to be safe rather than regret at later stage, it is well advised to install these highly secure Android virus protection apps at the earliest and ensure that your prized possession is totally free from any viral attack. Today.

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