Effective Measures for Cell Phone Virus Removal

(Updated January, 2017) Amazing technology developed the Android phones and iPhones. And the downside is that others have created viruses that require cell phone virus removal options. Smartphones have become the latest pocket PCs which constantly accompany you whether at home, work or on the move. So the new age phones are almost like mini computers fitting in your purse or pocket. But unlike laptops and PCs these android phones or smartphones are far more at risk from virus than PCs or laptops. Cellphones are at a higher level of risk from a virus invasion. Malicious spyware and lethal viruses find an easy entry into cellphones resulting in phone breakdown.

Now we would all prefer problem free and seamless cell phone service. If that’s your goal then taking some early preventive measures that will pose as a barrier to those lethal viruses and keep them from entering your phone.

Cell Phone Virus Removal Options:

Let us take a look at some effective cell phone virus removal options as well as cell phone virus prevention:

1) Check for reviews before any application download

If you are about to download a new application to your phone, stop make sure to check the background of the application. If you check the apps reviews you can find if there is any report of virus or malware that the application might be carrying. If there is some negative feedback about the application, it is advisable that you stay away from that particular application. If you check accredited websites and forums, you will find accurate reports about the application. So a prior check before download is a must.

2) Check the permission list

Every app has its own permission list. The list includes certain functions which the app is capable of doing and tasks which the app is unable to do. If a certain inability seem suspicious or the permission list seems dubious, then immediately do a record check of the application. Install the application only after you get an assurance through trusted websites and forums about the application.

3) Install antivirus software

Even if you check and download an application, there remains a small chance that a virus might enter your phone. Therefore it is always best to download an anti virus software program on your phone for a thorough cell phone virus scan. Hence it is always best to install an anti virus app on your phone before you start installing other applications. One final point on that, make sure you download the latest version of the antivirus program as well.

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4) Keep your antivirus software updated

Do not sit back after installing an anti virus program and assume you are done! Antivirus applications need update after every interval or enhancement to the software. As technology is updated from time to time, even spyware and viruses become stronger and more intelligent. An outdated version of an anti virus will not be able to scan and fight overpowering viruses. So if you update your antivirus software from time to time, it will be ready to fight even powerful viruses.

Image Source: Techradar.com
Image Source: Techradar.com

5) Scan your phone on a regular basis

The antivirus software you have installed will have an option for a cell phone virus scan. Make use of this option from time to time. If you use the antivirus scan frequently, your phone will detect dangerous files to be removed immediately. Once you have scanned and removed files, switch off and switch on your cell phone. Repeat the anti scan process again just to ensure that no infected file stays remains on your cell phone.

6) Diagnose the virus in your cell phone

If you want to remove a virus in your cell phone manually then you have to first diagnose the nature of the virus that is affecting your phone. Little bit of research is required to do that for the more techie readers. Search the internet with the model number of the phone. You can then find the virus that you have on your phone as well as steps to remove it.

7) Search the user manual.

The user manual of the phone will have the details as to how you can restore your phone to default or factory settings. You might lose your files and contacts so it is better if you put them in a memory card to reinstall later. Once you have put your cell in the factory settings mode, you will get rid of the plaguing virus.

Image Source: Download.cnet.com
Image Source: Download.cnet.com

8) Detect the virus manually

The first step was to diagnose the nature of the virus. Once diagnosed, use the built in application manager in your cell phone or get it installed in your phone from a third party. What you need to do now is to follow the instruction. The goal now is to terminate the viruses detected one by one. But be careful and aware while removing infected files from phone, as there is chances that you might lose files that you need.

9) Online scanning

If detecting viruses and removing them manually seems tad bit tedious (and I couldn’t agree with you more one that!), you can go online and use cell phone virus scanning tools. Make sure that you only use tools from an accredited and trusted place. These tools can be very effective in removal of lethal viruses that have entered your expensive smartphone. But over usage of online scanners should be avoided. Make use of these tools only when required and as stated above, from top notch companies with good reviews.

10) Help from the manufacturer

If none of the above work, it is best to seek the help of the manufacturer of your phone. You can find service centers or other options from the manufacturers website. Call them or take your phone to the nearest locations and submit your phone for immediate virus treatment.

Cell phones and mobile phones are critical to most of us. They are part of our everyday work, play and activities. Making sure that it is secure and free of any virus is important to keeping your phone in top notch shape. Using some or all of these measures is sure to do just that. Which of these methods have you tried before? Let us know in the comments below.


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