11 Best Laptop Brands for 2020 with Top Rated Models & Reviews

[Updated January 2020] Choosing the best laptop brands is tough! With a wide variety of options flooding the gadget market, it often becomes challenging to know which is the best laptop brand and how to pick the top laptop brand model that’s going to meet your lifestyle best laptop brands 2017and work needs.

Whether you are a professional or a student, smartphones and tablets may be easy for you to carry and surf the internet while on the go. However, when it comes to some dedicated working and use of memory intensive applications, a laptop becomes an essential part of your lifestyle and gadget collection. For this reason, we’ve decided to highlight the best rated laptop brands on the market to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Techiesense.com brings you our best laptop brands list that are currently on the market today.  We’ve determined our ratings and rankings on the basis of laptop brand ranking, design, tech support, display and audio, configuration and most importantly, reviews from consumers.  All the marketing and promotions in the world won’t make a difference if the end user experience isn’t top notch!

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So, if you are planning to buy yourself a laptop in the near future, check out the list of the best brands of laptops discussed in detail here to learn both the pluses and the minuses of each.  In addition, some of the best laptop brands & specific models are also discussed making it even easier to find out which one is your favorite!  So whether you are looking for the best Asus laptop or want to know if Lenovo laptops are good (and they are…), we’re covering it now:

Best Laptop Brands Review

If your budget is tight and you still want a new laptop, we’ve searched for some of the top rated models that our Best Laptop Brand contenders make that are affordable and hit under a $500 price point.  These models are well reviewed, extremely popular and are solid performers that are worth considering.

Looking for the best laptops under 1000?  These winners are top rated and reviewed models that will do just about anything that you need.  And at the price point of under $1000, they are reasonably affordable and loaded with solid power and performance.  In addition, some of the models listed also hit our Best Laptops Under 700 listings, making them an even better deal!

laptop brands list

Lenovo Logo

Lenovo has been leading the top charts in laptop sales for a few years now.  The company is one of the most reliable brands selling a huge range of notebooks at a wide range of price points, most of which are quite affordable.

However, this is not the only thing that makes this laptop reliable. The tech support of this brand is top notch and unsurpassed, and this gives it an edge over other popular brands.

The models offered by this brand are loved by many for their wide key spacing and curved key shape on keyboards, pleasant audio and visual effects along with a light weight and portable design.

Best Lenovo Laptops:

Lenovo Yoga 710 13 Inch Touchscreen – Best Laptops Under 700

Best Laptop Brands Lenovo Yoga 710 Touchscreen
Lenovo Yoga 710 Touchscreen: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This is one of the thinnest and sleekest models currently available on the market. As the name suggests, the Lenovo Yoga 710 laptop is equipped with a hinge that allows it to lie flat on the surface or even bend into a tablet with stand or tent modes.

The lightweight gadget is certainly an entertainment powerhouse due to its Dolby Audio Premium as well as the eye-popping 4k high def touchscreen. It weighs in at barely 3lbs and is .56 inches thick making it extremely portable. Speedy processing and at least a 256 GB hard drive means it can work for you as well. Definitely worth checking out!


best laptop reviews

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15.6″ Business: Best Laptop Under 700

Best Laptop Reviews: Lenovo 15 inch Think Pad
Lenovo 15 inch Think Pad: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

If you are in business and want a solid performer at a very affordable price, then the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge might be one to consider.  Similar in looks to many other ThinkPad models with an upgrade to be the first Lenovo laptop from the series to have an IPS screen. The IPS screen should be a great helper not only for the traditional business tasks but also for color editing and photo manipulation.

This powerful workstation can be carried anywhere but it won’t be as light as some of the others with the size and build adding some weight.  But at these prices, it’s on the best laptop brands list as a contender.

best laptop reviews

5th Gen Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon – Best Laptops Under 2000

Best Laptops: 5th Gen Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

The latest in the ThinkPad line goes by the tagline “carbon-tough yet ultralight” and that about sums it up! This Lenovo ThinkPad X1 has a carbon-fiber reinforced chassis and is as solidly built as its predecessors.  Weighing in at 2.49 lbs and only .62 inches thin, this isn’t one that will take up a lot of room or weigh you down!

Comes with more power than ever.  Includes Windows 10 Pro, 7th generation Intel processors, lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3, and a 14″ Quad- HD display as well as 1 TB of storage, battery that can last up to 15.5 hours, Dolby audio premium + touch fingerprint reader.

best laptop reviews

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asus logo officialQuite close to the benchmark of Lenovo, ASUS is loved for its sleek design, amazing tech support and stylish, new innovations that are worth checking out. The brand has also consistently earned solid customer reviews and their support ranks pretty high as well.

ASUS has always been willing to take risks and explore various new features making it one that is associated with the production of unique models.  And that decision has paid off in a big way with several award winning laptop models.  In fact, we can’t even fit all the award winning laptops from ASUS in this post!  (So, of course, that means we’ll be adding a detailed ASUS post in the near future.)

This is certainly a brand to consider if you are considering buying a hybrid or a new laptop. The keyboard is solid and audio visuals are great especially for the higher end models. When you invest in this laptop, you’re certain to be pleased with the results and quality.

Here are a few of the best ASUS laptops & models:

Best Laptop Brands ASUS ZenBook3
ASUS ZenBook3: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

ASUS ZenBook 3 – Best Laptops Under 1000

According to Digital Trends, the “ASUS ZenBook 3 is the super-slim laptop to beat”.  And Computer magazine declares that “if you’re looking for the most mobile notebooks with uncompromised performance, the ZenBook 3 is the best choice”.

This ASUS ZenBook comes with 12.5″ Full HD Glossy Panel, Intel® Kaby Lake Core i7-7500U Dual-Core ,16GB Ram & a 512GB Hard Drive and large, responsive trackpad.

best laptop reviews

ASUS Transformer 3 Mini – Best Laptops Under 400

Best Laptops: ASUS Transformer 3 MIni
ASUS Transformer Mini: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

ASUS is now a three time winner over the last few years with their repeated wins for Best 2-in-1 Notebook Brand – Reader’s Choice awards from HardwareZone.com.

This very versatile 2-in-1 comes complete with keyboard and pen, allowing you to use it as both a laptop and a tablet.  Solid battery has proven to last with up to 11 hours of video play time. With the lightweight magnesium alloy body, the ASUS Transformer 3 Mini weighs in at less than 1.7 lbs with keyboard attached and only 0.6 inches thin.

best laptop reviews

ASUS PRO B9440 Business Laptop – Best Laptops Under 1000

Best Laptop Reviews ASUS Pro B9440 Thin
ASUS PRO B9440 Business Laptop : Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This award winning ASUS PRO business laptop is one of the world’s lightest 14 inch laptops currently on the market weighing in at approximately 2.3lbs and is only .58 inches in thickness.

When they talk of portable, this 14 inch display in its 13inch frame definitely meets the criteria.  10 hours of battery life means road warriors can power up with no worries and recharge from 0 to 50% within 30 minutes of charging. So if portability, performance and long lasting use is your criteria, check out the ASUS PRO model!

best laptop reviews

ASUS N550JV – Best Laptops Under 1000

Best laptops review ASUS FHD Touchscreen
ASUS 15 Inch Model: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Typically a gaming gadget, this ASUS N550JV laptop is a good choice for those who are looking for an ideal gaming and multimedia laptop.

Well-equipped with 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, beautiful 15 inch touch IPS screen, Nvidia graphics and quad-speakers, this laptop has an elegant aluminum design.

best laptop reviews

RANK #3 –  Best Dell Laptops

Dell LogoDell has been leading the charts for the past 2 years due to its improved tech support as well high review scores. The brand has, in recent years, been trailing a bit behind some of its closest competitors with its software and innovation. However, fans are loyol and appreciate the brand which has contributed to a good sales record.

Dell offers a wide variety of designs – from more flamboyant designs in some gaming models to classic notebook looks. Whether you are looking for the basic 14 inch notebook or a massive 18-inch, this brand has won the hearts of users with its high end performance and high quality experience.

The best Dell laptops offer a high quality typing experience and are ideally suitable for those who spend hours writing or coding. Alienware from DELL offers a wonderful gaming experience with light-up keyboards and a large touchpad.

Check out the Best Dell Laptops & Models:

Dell XPS 13 13.3″ Infinity Notebook – Best Laptops Under 1500

Top Laptops Dell XPS 13 inch
Award Winning Dell XPS 13 inch: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

The Dell XPS 13″ notebook has won more awards than any other computer or laptop in Dell’s history! It is one of the latest editions within the Dell XPS line and comes with impressive performance and a ton of raving reviews.  This Dell computer was an Innovation Awards Honoree and was awarded Best Laptop by The Verge for the 2in1 model.   It comes with top quality hardware and wonderful screen resolution.

With a touchscreen available on most models, the Nvidia Graphics card and Intel ‘s HD makes graphics a breeze. The silver case gives a sleek look and the Intel processor certainly boosts the over all performance of this laptop over some competitors.

There are a few different versions of this Dell 13 inch notebook, so make sure to choose the one that has the features & looks that you want & need!

best laptop reviews

Alienware 17 Inch Laptop – Best Laptops Under 2500

Best laptop brands: Alienware 17 inch laptop
Award Winning Gaming Laptop Alienware 17 inch from Dell: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Meet another Dell award winner! The Alienware laptop, 17 inch model, was a CES 2017 Innovations Award Honoree, beating out some good competition! The new Alienware 17 with it’s stylish silver case is designed for consumers looking for an elite gaming notebook that gives large screen gaming capability in a laptop version.  If you want high performance, and the ability to get caught up in whatever is on your screen – then this is your baby! And the answer to the never ending gamer question?  Alienware upgraded the entire ventilation system which allows your system to stay cool under extreme graphics pressure from even the toughest of games.

The newest flagship computer from gaming company Alienware, it’s also VR-capable and includes support for optional Tobii eye-tracking technology.  That opens up a new way to experience gaming and your PC.

best laptop reviews

Dell XPS 15 – Best Laptop Under 1500

Best Laptop brands Dell XPS 15
Dell XPS 15 inch: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Looking for the big sister of the Dell XPS laptop discussed above?  Then meet Dell XPS in the 15inch model.  It is aptly called one of Dell’s top machines as it delivers praise worthy performance and blazing productivity.

The 15″ display is a definite plus in my estimate and works well for those that enjoy larger screens. This Dell XPS 15  laptop comes in an attractive aluminum and carbon-fiber chassis.  It’s also an amazing multimedia powerhouse with an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU and powerhouse speakers. Heavy duty gamers might want to look elsewhere but those at a lower level of gaming should be just fine. Don’t forget to note that there are 2 versions, one of which has a touch screen.  So if that’s of interest to you in your laptop, this is a great option to consider.  Ratings and reviews showcase this one as both popular and well built.

best laptop reviews

Dell Latitude Business Ultrabook – Best Laptop Under 700

Top laptop brands Dell latitude 7000 Series
Dell Dell Latitude Business Ultrabook: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

For the business man or woman in you!  This one is a complete professional’s laptop. The Dell Latitude Ultrabook comes loaded with a rugged build and the top of class performance is hard to beat. It is worth the money that you will spend. Sturdy construction is backed by a long lasting battery life, super fast solid state drive performance and a sleek, thin design.  For road warriors that need a laptop that holds up, this is something to check out!

For those wanting a backlit keyboard, this isn’t one that you want to consider.  Note that there are 2 versions, one with a touchscreen and one without.  Obviously “with” means a price difference but these are some of the most affordable laptop options around and worth checking out! For the newer model of this Dell Latitude which fits our Best Laptops Under 1000, check out the new Dell Laptop Latitude here!

best laptop reviews

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RANK #4 – Best HP Laptop Computers

hp official logoHP has earned its reputation throughout the years. This brand has always ranked well when it comes to laptop manufacturing. Users still appreciate HP laptop designs and keyboard comfort.  While they only rank for average tech support, there is the plus that there are a ton of providers for support in most areas if you need it.

HP hadn’t really stood out from the pack but recently, they’ve come up with some interesting, new products that really stand out.  When checking reviews and feedback, Hewlett Packard laptops are generally very well received and get high marks from customers.

Some of the best laptop models from HP include:

HP Elitebook x360 – Best Laptops Under 2000

Best Laptops HP Elitebook 360
HP Elitebook x360: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

One of HP’s latest additions is the HP Elitebook x360.  This hybrid laptop took honors this year with the “Best of CES 2017: Best Convertible Hybrid Laptop” award.  HP calls it the “world’s thinnest and most secure business convertible” and no one seems to be arguing that point too hard!

With 360 degree flexibility, an aluminum unibody this 13.3 inch multi-touch screen can do most anything and weighs only 2.82lbs! Comes with 2 USB 3.0, USB Type-C, HDMI, and Micro SD ports.

best laptop reviews

HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 15.6 inches – Best Laptops Under 1500

top Laptops HP Spectre x360 15 inch
HP Spectre x360: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

HP took a risk taking the much loved HP Spectre x360 and expanding it to a 15.6 inch model!  However, it gets high marks with users, reviewers as well as from CES and other awards.

Coming in two gorgeous colors, ash silver or copper, the super thin HP Spectre weighs only 4.4 lbs for the 15.6 inch model.  With up a 16 hour plus battery life, lightning fast 7th generation Intel Core Processors, up to 16GB of RAM plus NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics cards, what’s not to love?

Please note that there’s also the 13 inch HP Spectre x360  if you want the petite version of this 2-in-1 laptop to check out that also is highly rated and reviewed (price at the time we checked was around $700).

best laptop reviews

HP 14 inch Chromebook – Best Laptops Under 500

Best laptop brands Hp Chromebook 14 inch
HP Chromebook 14 Inch: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

With it’s very sleek metal chassis, USB C ports and solid display, we are impressed.  While not the cheapest chromebook on the market, the features that it has justifies the additional costs.

This 14 inch screen Chromebook weighs only 3.74 lbs.  Standard configuration includes 4 GB ram, 1.84 GHz processor, 16 GB hard drive and upgrades are available on some models.  This HP Chromebook also comes in other colors for those that want a change of pace!

best laptop reviews

RANK #5 – Best Acer Laptop Computers

Best laptop brands AcerAcer has been producing quite a variety of impressive laptops in various categories. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated gaming laptop or a student Chromebook, Acer gives you numerous models to choose from.

Acer laptops are popular because they’re affordable. In addition, Acer support is known to be very good; it gains top support ratings for Windows based laptops in many areas and puts it in our best laptop brands rankings as well. A knowledgeable service team ensures you get timely responses to your questions through various channels.

In terms of innovation, Acer has strived to keep their standards high to ensure users always get enjoy up to date gear with all the latest and cool IT features. For gamers, Acer has already made a statement with a number of high quality gaming laptops which will be discussed below. This brand is, no doubt, one of the best for ultra portable laptops that come at an affordable price tag.

Some of the Best Acer Laptop Options:

Acer Aspire E 15 Inch Laptop – Best Laptops Under 400

Best brands for laptops Acer Aspire E 15 inch
Acer Aspire 15 Inch: Check it out on Acer for the latest price!

If best sellers is a criteria for you in your search for a laptop, then this Acer Aspire might be just what you are looking for.  Last time we checked, this was the #1 bestselling laptop on Amazon!  Now that’s saying something!

The Acer Aspire is a 15 inch laptop that is versatile and will perfectly meet your diverse daily needs. And the new Aspire E series is packed with numerous cool features. Superior performance features such as the Intel Core i3-7100U 7th generation processor, 4GB DDR4 memory and 12 hours of battery life are some of the latest features accompanying the Acer Aspire E Series. The beautiful aesthetic design is a super addition for those keen on owning a smooth and nice looking laptop. With 12 hour battery life, you get to enjoy uninterrupted high quality entertainment for about as long as you might want.

There is no doubt Aspire E series has been designed for technology lovers looking for cool multipurpose laptops packed with the latest features.

best laptop reviews

Acer Predator 17 Inch Gaming Laptop – Best Laptops Under 1500

Acer Predator 15 Inch Gaming Laptop
Acer Predator 17 Inch Gaming Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

When it comes to the Battle of the Gaming Laptops, this is another one of the contenders! If you love speed and you’re not willing to compromise, Acer Predator 17 has been designed specifically for you.

This powerful gaming notebook comes with a 7th Generation Intel Core processor accompanied by exceptional graphics supported by the new VR Ready NVIDIA Pascal architecture. With a 15.6 Inch Full HD display that uses NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, you can be assured of stellar graphics. Advanced audio capabilities and cooling effects enable this laptop to comfortably withstand intense and long gaming sessions. Predator FrostCore Technology ensures you have the necessary gaming technology infrastructure for endless fun.

You can enjoy endless sessions of games without having to worry about your laptop’s performance being compromised.

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Acer Swift 5 Laptop – Best Laptops Under 700

Best Laptops Acer Swift 3 Laptop
Acer Swift 5 14 Inch Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Are you curious why this laptop was named the Acer Swift 5? It is known for its lightning speed and comes with an ultra slim design.

With exceptional power and portability features, you can travel anywhere with this amazing gadget. Designed for maximum productivity, you can do so much with the Acer Swift 5 laptop thanks to a powerful processor and super fast wireless connection facilities. You can easily identify this notebook just by it’s stylish aluminum chassis.

Despite the fact that this 14 inch model is designed for multimedia uses, you can also use it for solid work related activities. In addition, with up to 13 hours of battery life, you’re definitely going to remain connected for a longer period of time when on the run. If you’re wondering why this laptop is so fast; it has a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB DDR4 memory and comes with 256 solid state drive. There is no doubt, Acer Swift 5 has been designed for users who value speed and productivity. Despite all these amazing features, this laptop is affordable and offers good value for your money.

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apple official logoFor many years, Apple has been considered the gold standard of the laptop marketplace. And for many end users, Apple has proven to be the best for laptop users because of its high quality and top notch technology.

There has been increasing competition in the marketplace and Apple’s rankings are not quite as high as they once were.  However, based on the reviews of this brand, it still has incredibly  impressive ratings, comments and a huge rabid fan following. The design, keyboards, display and audio are the favorites for users as well the distinctive software. Apple tech support is hard to comment upon as it’s pretty close to flawless!

Whether you are looking for a laptop for studying or working on projects with heavy software demands, Apple is definitely a good pick.

Check out some of the best models from Apple’s laptops:

Apple MacBook Air 13 inch: Best Laptops Under 1000

MacBook Air 13 Inch Best laptop brands
MacBook Air 13 Inch Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

An affordable price tag and nice specs has made this popular model a favorite choice for students and users with limited requirements.  This MacBook Air model is such a best seller that it ranks 8th in Amazon’s best selling laptops!

With the latest in WiFi support as well as the estimate 12 hours of battery life, being on the road has never been easier. This MacBook comes with killer graphics and fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors = all that power is enclosed within an incredibly thin 0.68-inch unibody that weighs only 2.96 pounds.  So carrying this Apple laptop isn’t going to be a strain!

best laptop reviews

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4-inch Laptop with Touch Bar

Welcome the latest addition to the MacBook Pro family!  This Apple laptop comes in both a 13 inch and a 15 inch model as well as in 2 colors – space gray and silver.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display
MacBook Pro 15 Inch Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Weighing in at only 4 lbs and with a sleek, thin design this latest addition to the MacBook Pro family is definitely turning heads. The touch bar is the hottest feature in this laptop – it totally eliminates the function keys!  A superb battery life, 16 Gig memory, minimum of 256GB of SSD storage, awesome looking graphics – Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching that can be upgraded. Incredible keyboard and stunning looks are the major selling points that contribute to the listing of this laptop in our best laptop brand review.

best laptop reviews

Rank #7  : MSI Laptops

MSI has been a leader and provider for other manufacturers in the world of gaming hardware and components.  More recently, MSI has ventured into the competitive laptop market as a player and has been raking in some awards for impressive gaming machines. If you’re a PC gamer, this laptop manufacturer is one that you’ve probably heard of and is worth considering if you are looking for some of the best gaming laptops in the market (and the price point is high as well)!

A lot of precision has been put into the design and manufacture of MSI laptops to ensure they fully meet the needs of users. These extraordinary gaming laptops come with exclusive features to ensure gamers have a fun-filled experience. High performing processors are built with advanced technologies to deliver super performance. The nice look, sleek designs and feel are coupled with a captivating display that makes MSI every gamers’ dream laptop. And when you compare the features and power as well as the pricing of some of MSI’s models to other gaming laptops, well, they can look even better!

Three top MSI gaming laptops to check out:

MSI TITAN 17.3 Inch Gaming Laptop – Best Gaming Laptops

Looking for an award winning, top of the line gaming laptop? Then the MSI Titan 17 inch gaming laptop might be just what you need. This multi award winning laptop has garnered a ton of awards including top marks from Laptop magazine with these comments:

Best Laptop Brands MSI Gaming Laptop Titan
MSI Titan Gaming Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

“The excellent MSI GT83VR Titan SLI, complete with new Cherry MX speed switches and dual 1080 GPUs, is what happens to gaming laptops when money is no object.”

 A hefty beast at 8.6 lbs, this MSI gaming laptop includes 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 64 GB of Ram, 1024 GB Hybrid Drive and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics.  So if speed, performance, style and results are what you are after, then this top of the line and highly rated best MSI gaming laptop might just be the one to choose!

best laptop reviews

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

If gaming is your main use of your computer, then the MSI Ghost gaming laptop is one to

best laptops MSI Ghost 15 inch
MSI Ghost 15 inch Gaming Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

check out.  With past awards from Laptop Magazine and TechRadar, the Ghost machine measure up! Compared to some models, this MSI laptop is reasonably priced and definitely worth considering.

Like most gaming computers, this 15.6 inch display one can be customized to meet your needs.  However, standard configuration can include: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor, 16 GB Ram DDR4 2133MHz, a minimum of 128GB SSD hard drive, Dynaudio Tech, slick NVIDIA Geforce GTX970M 3G GDDR5.  Also note that the keyboard is a Thunderbolt – Steel Series that comes with a full-color backlight with Anti-Ghost key.

best laptop reviews

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-029 15.6 GAMING LAPTOP

If you’re looking for an insanely powerful laptop that will deliver amazing results, MSI GE72 Apache Pro is a great choice for you. With a 6th generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor and 16 GB RAM, this 15.6 inch laptop can comfortably support intensive memory use from gaming applications.

MSI GE62 Gaming Laptop Best Laptop Brands
MSI GE62 Apache Pro 15 Inch: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This model comes with NVIDIA Geforce GTX970M 3G GDDR5 and a 15.6″ Full HD eDP Wide View Angle 1920×1080 screen which guarantees sharp and crystal clear images.  Enhanced battery life, latest CPU architecture, DDR 4 memory support, virtual surround sound and a swift, accurate and powerful backlit keyboard are some of the great features.

With this laptop, be ready to showcase your gaming skills to the world!

best laptop reviews

Rank #9: Samsung Laptops

Samsung appears to be bringing on their “A” game in the laptop marketplace!  They’ve made a lot of strides in innovation, focusing on creating highly innovative and creative products that are getting recognition from both end users as well as garnering several awards in the process. Even though this brand wasn’t considered a big player in the laptop industry before, the firm seems to have taken notice of the increasing demand for ultra modern, secure and smart looking laptops that improve productivity.

Aiming to be among the top and best for laptop users, Samsung has focused on features such as incorporating faster processors, touch display, enhanced security features, ergonomic design and longer battery life.  The results have been impressive with Samsung laptops winning some top awards against heavy competition in the laptop categories.

Some of the best Samsung laptops to choose from:

Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Laptop – Best Laptops Under 500

This dazzler has been given more awards than it can count! A few of the Samsung Chromebooks awards include:

This premium laptop looks like a laptop, it also can function as a 2-in-1 and maybe replace your tablet! The 360 degree rotating screen is slick and allows for the flip from laptop to tablet.  It’s comes standard with a pen and is a full featured laptop. An laptop that measure 12.3 inches & 2.4 lbs, it comes with 4 GB of Ram and 32 GB Flash Memory Solid State hard drive.  And for on the go use, the battery is clocked to run about 10 hours which is more than some of us some days!

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Samsung Notebook 9 15 inch – Best Laptops Under 1500

This Samsung Notebook laptop line has been a series of increasingly better and more impressive laptops which makes it an easy contender in the best laptop reviews.  The

Samsung Notebook 9 15 inch
Samsung Notebook 9 15 inch: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

15-inch model has a powerful 6th generation Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz processor and a 256GB Solid-State drive for faster processing. It also comes with a full HD display for crisp graphics and a highly interactive interface. Samsung Notebook 9 is famous for its sleek look, lightweight at 2.8 lbs and powerful processor that makes it worth every penny.

If you’re looking for a laptop with super multitasking capabilities and the best for laptop users in terms of features, this model has everything you need. An extended battery life of up to 12 hours ensures you remain connected for a long period of time.

If you prefer a smaller version of the Samsung Notebook 9, the Amazon Pick – Samsung Notebook 9 13 inch model is definitely worth checking out!

best laptop reviews

Samsung ATIV Book 9 12.2-Inch Laptop – Best Laptops Under 500

Best Laptop brands Samsung ATIV Book 9 12 Inch
Samsung ATIV Book 9: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Samsung ATIV Notebook 9 is a good choice not only because it has an excellent build quality, it also comes with numerous features. For starters, this 12.2 inch model is built with an Intel Core M 5Y31 processor. There are two options to choose from; you can either go for the 128GB SSD 4GB RAM or 256GB SSD 8GB RAM depending on your requirements. This model is famous for its sleek and lightweight design that makes it ideal for users keen to have a portable laptop.

With up to 12.5 hours of charge, you can both work and be entertained without being interrupted. In addition, the power saving mode allows an extra 1-hour of use allowing you to complete all your tasks before recharging. The WQXGA display ensures you enjoy high quality and natural looking images and videos. Overall, this is a great choice for users looking for a both work and play laptop.

best laptop reviews

RANK #10 – Microsoft Laptops

Microsoft is a new entrant in the best laptop brand competition; they haven’t been around for long in this arean. However, in the short period that they have been, this brand has quickly gained popularity getting impressive scores in manufacturing cool detachable gadgets and 2-in-1s.

Even though Microsoft has been slow to release new brands, those who’ve used the few available models & brands admit it’s not a bad choice. Whether you’re looking for a business or gaming laptop, you might want to check out a Microsoft laptop. Microsoft is known to have a good support site and solid systems to ensure you get to reap the benefits of using their laptops. Aside from being known for having the best detachable laptop, the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft laptops generally come standard equipped with powerful features. There is no doubt this brand ranks impressively in 2-in-1 innovation.

Check out Microsoft Laptops in Our Best Laptop Brands Review:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Best Laptops Under 700

Surface Pro is no doubt the latest exciting series that’s coming out of Microsoft. If you’re looking for a powerful, sophisticated and beautiful laptop, this may well be your best bet. If you are in school or have kids in school, you might find that this is the brand and model that some schools are requiring kids to have.

Laptop Brands Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Surface Pro 4 has powerful features including an Intel Core i5 6th Generation processor to support all of your processing needs. In addition, this laptop is light so portability is not an issue. Instantly switching between an ultra-portable tablet to a full laptop, this laptop’s exceptional performance is a great selling point. It is cooler, quieter and runs efficiently. In addition, it comes with new features you’ll absolutely love. The advanced technologies packed in Surface Pro 4 are aimed to enhance your user experience and offer you full value for your money.

best laptop reviews

Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 Inch – Best Laptops Under 1500

Microsoft Surface Book Laptop
Microsoft Surface Book: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Microsoft Surface Book is a good choice if you are looking for a laptop that is productive and can serve you effectively everywhere you go.  A bit more of a typical laptop design than the Surface Pro mentioned above, it’s been well received and weighs only 3.48 lbs.  Standard configuration includes: 128 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 and 13.5 inch touchscreen.

In addition, it includes the Surface Pen that helps you to take notes or draw. Whether you want to browse, work or play games all day long, Microsoft Surface Book is definitely a good choice to consider.

best laptop reviews

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RANK #11 – TOSHIBA Laptops

toshiba logoA long time favorite is struggling in the very competitive personal computer space.  The company finally made its way in the list of best laptop brands in 2015 and we’re leaving them on the list for the quality and durability of their products.  Plus, they were a favorite brand of mine in years gone by and since I am writing this post, I’m keeping them here for the good memories and the hope of a revitalization in the future.

The brand earned great reviews in past years. Gaming laptops from Toshiba have earned the reputation of being some of the the most impressive displays in the marketplace over the years.

Toshiba’s current focus is on the professional and business market.  The company is positioning itself to be a contender in that arena with the Toshiba Portégé and Tecra laptops. Based on past history, these are solid computers that will withstand just about anything that you can throw at them (or on them as the case might be….).

And, if you are in the market for a top notch, used laptop from one of the best laptop manufacturers, it’s worth checking out some of the other Toshiba models.  Workhorses plus performance and some pretty good graphics at really awesome prices might make this a contender depending on your needs.  If you are a student looking for a laptop, make sure to consider these options.

Here are the options for the best Toshiba laptops currently available:

Toshiba Tecra Laptops – Best Laptops Under 750

Toshiba Tecra Laptop
Toshiba Tecra Laptop: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

The Toshiba Tecra is 14″ Windows Notebook that comes standard build with 8 GB RAM, a 500 GB HDD as well as Intel HD Graphics 520.  This laptop earns an Amazon Choice rating because of it’s quality, reviews and affordability.

As solid performer that has earned the respect of many business people and road warriors, these are laptops that stand up to whatever you throw at them!

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Satellite Laptops & 2-in-1 –

Toshiba Satellite Radius
Toshiba Satellite Radius: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

The Toshiba Satellite line has historically been an extremely popular line for the company.  The Toshiba Satellite Radius is considered a solid contender in the 2in1 market and with great screen quality, a ton of features that makes it beat out many other, more well known products. This is a 12.5 inch notebook with the greatest as well as the latest technology.  You can add into that mix the really amazing, sleek looks. It has a comfortable keyboard and nice touch screen display well under $1000 (and some as low as 500), this model is a great deal for those looking for solid performance and features. It is also good for students and users keen on durable laptops.

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Kirabook – Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba Kirabook
Toshiba Kirabook Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

Offering a blend of lightness and the thinness of a MacBook Air and a display like that of a MacBook Pro, this superior Ultrabook brings the option of touch capability that Apple doesn’t offer. This premium notebook is indeed sexy with 7 hours battery life and 256GB SSD.  They come in a 13 inch model and have an 8 gig of memory and 256 gig hard drive.

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With these rankings, I am sure that you will be able to select the best brand of laptop depending on your needs, the purpose and, most of all, your budget. Remember, reviews play a key role and can guide you to make the best decision without having to spend a ton of time researching. And don’t forget to let us know which is your favorite from our Best Laptop Brands List as well! [Featured Image Source : Fokionas]

Best Laptops Brands Models & Reviews 2016 & 2015*


Considered the best for almost 5 years now, Apple has proven to be the best for laptop users because of its high quality and gold class standard.

If you read the reviews of this brand, it’s not often that you see any negative statements against the prestigious Apple brand. The design, keyboard, display and audio are close to the heart of its users as well as  its distinctive software. And the cherry on top is its flawless tech support.

Assuming that this brand is within your budget, this is one brand of laptops which can be good for almost every purpose, whether it is for studying or working on projects with heavy software demands.

Let us look at some of the best models from Apple’s laptop options:

  • Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13-inch – Best Laptops Under 700

Apple MacBook AirA price cut as well as a small spec bump has made this MacBook Air model a pretty sweet deal for students as well as users that are working within a certain budget.The multi-touch pad it offers is the top in laptop brands list. This model is an upgrade from the 2013 model and the performance is also an improved one.

The battery life of this model is one of the best USPs are available. We agree that this is one of the most universally well rated models that you can buy and it’s an affordable version of the MacBook Air since there are newer and much more expensive models now available.

Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13-inch Laptop

Brand & Model Apple MacBook Air
Color Silver
Dimensions & Screen Size 13.3 inches – 12.8 x 8.9 x 0.7 inches
Hard Drive 128 GB SSD
Avg. Battery Life 12 hours
Weight 3 lbs
Rating 4.7/5
check price
  • Apple MacBook Pro 15 w/ Retina Display: Best Laptops Under 700

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina DisplayA small price cut as well as a small spec bump has made this recently upgraded MacBook Air model a rather best deal for students as well as users that are working within a certain budget.The multi-touch pad it offers is the top in laptop brands list. This model is an upgrade from the 2013 model and the performance is also an improved one.

The battery life of this model is one of the best USPs are available. We agree that this is one of the most universally well rated models that you can buy.

Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop w/ Retina Display

Brand & Model Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A
Color Silver
Dimensions & Screen Size 9.7 x 14.1 x 0.7 inches – 15.4 in screen
CPU/Ram 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7/16 GB DDR3L
Hard Drive 512 GB SSD
Avg. Battery Life
Weight 4.5 lbs
Rating 4.6/5
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  • Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro – Best Laptops Under 400

Lenovo Yoga 3 ProThis Lenovo Yoga 3 is one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks in the market. This makes it convenient to carry even more than the 13 inch Mac Air from Apple.

This model is considered to be the next level of portable productivity. This 12.5 inch laptop is one of the reasons Lenovo is a part of the top laptop brands list. With its super touch design, battery saving and powerful 4th Generation Core Series Intel technology, the laptop allows you to go for touch screen options without it costing a fortune.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Brand & Model Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
Color Black
Dimensions & Screen Size 0.2 x 9.7 x 7 inches – 10.1 inch screen
CPU/Ram 1.4 GHz Atom Z8500 /2 GB SDRAM
Hard Drive 32 GB
Avg. Battery Life 18 hours
Weight 32 GB
Rating 4/5
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  •  Lenovo ThinkPad W – Best Laptops Under 500

Image Source; Amazon.com

If you are in business and do not want to compromise on your working schedule or productivity, then check out this affordable but well built model by Lenovo – the Lenovo ThinkPad W. It comes with a powerful quad Core i7 processor and is suitable for 3D and CAD applications.

This strong workstation is ready to be carried anywhere if you add a keyboard and a low light webcam.

Lenovo ThinkPad W Laptop

Brand & Model Lenovo ThinkPad W Laptop
Color Black
Dimensions & Screen Size 19.3 x 4.7 x 13.3 inches/15.6 FHD (1920 x 1080) LED Backlit Anti-Glare Display
CPU/Ram 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 / 4 GB DDR3
Hard Drive 750 GB
Avg. Battery Life
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Rating 4.0/5
check price


Here are a few of the best models in ASUS laptops:

Transformer Book TX300

This is a solid notebook and powerful tablet in one comes with a gorgeous 13.3 inch screen and Intel core i7, 128 GB SSD and 4GB RAM.  This is the best out of all Window 8 laptop tablet hybrids around if you discount its lower battery life

-Transformer Book TX300 – No Longer Available-

 – HP

HP has earned its reputation and users have always loved their designs and keyboard comfort.  With an average tech support, this brand is the one you can trust anyways due to a huge number of after service providers available for HP laptops.

  • HP ZBook 15: Best Laptops Under 500 (& up based on upgrades)

HPZbook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation
HP Zbook 15 inch laptops: Check it out on Amazon for the latest price!

This is a HP ZBook 15.6 inch workstation designed to take care of your most demanding tasks. Suitable for all types of purposes, whether for work or study, this is indeed a powerhouse with Intel 2.7GHz Core i7 Haswell processor, thunderbolt port for high speed data transfer and 16GB of RAM.

There are several configurations of this laptops available as well as several models over the last couple of years, hence the reason for the fluctuation in prices!  Remember, just because it’s an older model doesn’t mean that it won’t be a perfect performer for you and with savings of hundreds of dollars! ????

HP ZBook 15

Brand & Model HP ZBook 15
Color Black
Dimensions & Screen Size 15 x 10.1 x 1.4 in/15.6″ FHD UWVA LED Backlit Display
Hard Drive 256 GB
Avg. Battery Life
Weight 6.46lbs
Rating 3.7/5
check price
  • HP Stream 14 – Best Laptops Under 400

HP Stream 14This recently launched low-cost 14 inch Windows 10 laptop is ideal to buy if you are looking for something inexpensive yet equipped with all the latest features.

This HP Stream 14 inch is powered by Intel Celeron N3060 Core up to 2.48GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, Bluetooth and a solid Webcam

HP Stream 14

Brand & Model HP Stream 14
Color Pink, Blue & more
Dimensions & Screen Size 13.6 x 9.51 x 0.94 in/ 14.0-inch diagonal
CPU/Ram 1.8 GHz AMD/4GB
Hard Drive 32GB
Operating System Windows 10
Weight 3.86 lbs
Rating 4.5/5
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This is one top notch brand that offers high quality typing experience and ideally suitable for those who Spend hours of writing or coding. And don’t forget, Alienware from DELL offers wonderful gaming experience with light-up keyboards and large touchpad.

  • Dell Chromebook 11 (11.6-inch) – Best Laptops Under 250

Dell Chromebook 11 – 11.6-inchFor all those looking for a budget deal and love Dell, nothing can surpass this Dell Chromebook 11 which is an excellent choice to make. And at a price for a laptop under $250, it’s really hard to beat!

The major USP of this model is its battery life which is 14 hours and this is the reason it is ideal for professionals and people for all day usage.

Dell Chromebook 11

Brand & Model Dell Chromebook 11
Color Black
Dimensions & Screen Size 16.3 x 11.2 x 3 in/11.6” Anti-Glare HD LCD
CPU/Ram 2.1 GHz Intel/4 GB DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive 16 GB
Operating System Chrome
Weight 2.7 lbs
Rating 4.3/5
check price

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Dell Latitude 7440

This one is tough enough and durable in turn due to its Gorilla glass touch screen, carbon-fiber backed display and Tri-metal chassis. This is purely a business laptop with attractive design and look.

This 14 inch machine offers soft touch deck to keep the wrists comfortable while typing. This model is impressive on the inside as well with its fast Core i5 processor and full HD display.

-Dell Lattitude – No Longer Available-

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  • *These are ranked in the 2015 and 2016 order of laptop brand rankings, there were some additions and changes in 2017.

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