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Do you love cool startups and tech? What about the latest launches and exciting apps?

We welcome well written blog posts and articles with open arms and would love to be associated with the people who want to carve a niche for themselves in the technology blogosphere—like us. All you need to have in your bag is a passion for latest developments, technology startups and ideas related to the world of electronics, cars, automated devices, mobiles, computers…….. The list goes on.

Our Offer

We are very keen to hear from journalists, technology writers and budding bloggers who have a flair for writing and have a good command over English language. At Techiesense.com, we are not paying for any submissions or guest blogs / articles but are happy to include a mini-bio or a link to the author’s social media world.

We at Techiesense.com:

  • Allow you to showcase your original work to perfection;
  • Connect you with thought leaders and other bloggers;
  • Help you enhance your overall professional brand in the technology industry;
  • Keep you up to date with all the latest happenings, and so forth.

Your Advantage:

The question that is probably running in your mind at this stage is in regards to how you stand to benefit by writing for us? Well, along with a back link to your personal blog, you get instant access to a platform that boasts of high readership , regular submissions to keep search engines happy and a chance to promote yourself as a professional blogger. Are you still asking for more?

Way Forward…

If you wish to write for our blog, it is essential that you come up with interesting ideas that are your very own and meet our guidelines for articles. This in essence means that your articles should be applicable to our audience, not written for any promotional purposes and possess a general quality that includes sources and good grammar (as well as sentence construction). In addition, you need to provide links to your published works, a short summary of your writing experience, a short bio, and an introduction/ description of the content that you plan to write.

So, if you are geared up to be our ‘Guest Geek’ then get in touch with us on our Contact Us page. In case we like what you have to say, we will surely get in touch …….and set the ball rolling!

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